DIY Birthday Card from Paper and Washi Tape

Just in case anyone else would like to try their hand at making a wintery birthday card too, I made sure to document all of my steps so that other crafters can follow along

To make them a card that was a little bit seasonal as well! Check out how I put together this gorgeous DIY birthday card from paper and washi tape.

Supplies White card paper Scissors A glue stick A pencil A black marker Washi tape Construction or scrapbooking paper

Let's make DIY Birthday Card from Paper and Washi Tape

Step 1

Cut strips: Turn your orange piece of paper horizontally or landscape so that its shorter end becomes its height. Cut a strip about half an inch wide from this end, using the full height of the page.

Step 2

Cut hollies: One your green piece of paper, draw and cute out the shape of seven spiky holly leaves. Set this aside with your orange flames.

Step 3

Cut berries: On your red piece of paper, draw and cut out six very little red circles to look like holly berries. Set them aside with your other pieces until you’re ready to embellish the card.

Step 4

Fold the card: Bring the shorter bottom edge up to meet evenly with the top edge and crease the fold. Unfold it again and use your scissors to cut the page in half along that line.

Step 5

Make candles: Make the candle sticks on the front of your card!

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