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15 Unconventional Ways to Use Bed Sheets

When your bed sheets have become so worn that they’re practically see through to look at, it might be time to invest in some new ones. That doesn’t mean, however, that the old ones you’ve already worn in should be thrown away!

Check out these 15 awesome (but totally easy) ideas for repurposing your old bed sheets to give them a new lease on life.

1. Ghost Halloween costume

Ghost halloween costume

Cafe Mom reminds you of the simplest idea in the book: a bed sheet ghost costume! It’s a classic idea, but one that’s still totally practical. Simply cut two eye holes and put it over your head, or your kid’s!

2. Party toga

Party toga

Have you seen awesome toga parties in the movies and now you’re ready to have on of your own? You’d better figure out how to tie one first!

3. Bed sheet apron

Bedsheet apron

If you have at least a basic knowledge of sewing, then your options for upcycling bed sheets are basically unlimited! This simple apron by Crafty Minx is useful and adorable. It’s also a great opportunity to use up scraps of other fabric for the pocket and the ties.

4. Bed sheet quilt

Bed sheet quilt

When you’re finished with a bed sheet, it essentially becomes a length of fabric like any other! That makes it perfect for creating a green, upcycled quilt. This is a great idea for your first attempt at quilting because using bed sheets you already had won’t cost you anything, making them better for practice than expensive new fabric. Check out this awesome quilt on Babble.

5. Fitted sheet garden cover

Fitted sheet garden cover

Some upcycling projects can be done without altering the sheet at all! Fitted sheets with elastic around the edge are great for covering your garden to shelter it from harsh weather, just like Whole Lifestyle Nutrition did.

6. Pillow case grocery sack

Pillow case grocery sack

If you have old bed sheets, chances are you also have the old pillow cases that came with them. Those can be upcycled too! We love this easy sewing design for a tote bag from Instructables. Fill it with small groceries, your library books, or the things you need for a beach day!

7. Bed sheet rag rug

Bed sheet rag rug

This project takes a bit of patience and attention to detail, but it’s so worth it! Craft Passion walks you through the steps of making this adorable braided mat from old bed sheets. Cut them into strips, braid the strips, and sew the lengths of braid together. We love that you can making them a bright as you like.

8. Bed sheet welcome wreath

Bed sheet welcome wreath

Two Shades of Pink shows you a great method for cutting and layering thin pieces of bed sheet so that they ruffle together like flower petals. This wreath is perfect for hanging on your door in the springtime, particularly if you add delicate material flowers like this one.

9. Bed sheet pajama pants

Bed sheet pajama pants

If you’re a little bit more advanced at sewing and know how to do things like create neat seams, then you’re all set to make these bed sheet pajama pants by Vintage Sheet Blog. We love the idea of adding a delicate little lace trim near the bottom of each leg for extra detail.

10. Bed sheet skirt

Bed sheet skirt

If you like the idea of upcycling your bed sheets into clothing but you don’t need any more pajama pants right now, try this adorable skirt idea by Choose to Thrive instead! If your sheets already have a cute trim along the edges, use that to your advantage by making it your hem. If not, you can add one using another bed sheet or scrap of fabric.

11. Bed sheet wall canvases

Olympus digital camera

Do you have a collection of old bed sheets made of awesomely bold patterns and colours? Try making them into simple canvas all art by stretching squares of sheet over the frame and gluing or stapling the fabric in the back. These are a great way to brighten up a space, especially if you create a collage with differently sized canvases. Check out how it’s done on

12. No-sew teepee

No sew teepee

The Handmade Home walks you through the process of creating this unique and completely adorable tent for your kids, making the sides out of repurposed bed sheets. Place it in the corner of the playroom or your kids’ bedroom, fill it with pillows and blankets, and set books and soft toys nearby. It’s a great spot for a little bit of quiet time.

13. Bed sheet hammock

Bed sheet hammock

Outside Mom guides you step by step through the process of making your own hammock out of an old bed sheet. We love the idea of hanging this in the garden in the summer. Imagine how refreshing your naps there will be! Just make sure you anchor the ends of the hammock steadily so it doesn’t fall down when you sit in it.

14. Ruffled heart throw pillow

Ruffled heart throw pillow

Here’s another cute but simple project for the avid sewing enthusiast! Creating a square pillow case for a decorative throw pillow is simple enough, but the layered heart ruffle in this design adds a subtle flair. Check out how it’s done on Imperfect Homemaking.

15. Vintage bed sheet cocktail napkins

Vintage bed sheet cocktail napkins

If you’re looking for a small sewing project just to get some practice in, you might as well make it something you can actually use! We love these simple bed sheet cloth napkins by Design Sponge. They’re perfect for a picnic meal on the patio in the summer.

Do you know someone who’s been thinking about donating or even throwing out old pillow cases and bed sheets? Share this post with them so they might consider repurposing the sheets instead!

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