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12 Fantastic, Fun & Easy Ways To Make Scrunchies

Our favorite hair accessory has been making a big comeback throughout the last few fashion seasons. They look great holding up our ponytails and as a fun addition to the wrist as well. What are they? They’re scrunchies of course! And you can DIY them at home. Just take a peek at these how-to’s found below.


Diy scrunchies

Martha Stewart gives us one of the best scrunchie tutorials on the list. If you’re looking for a really simple way to whip up a collection of sorts, this is where you should begin. It’ll work with all fabrics, prints, and the like!


Diy velvet scrunchies

Then there are the velvet scrunchies we’re all swooning for. And Domestic Bliss Squared will give us all the know-how behind their creation. Don’t worry this fabric can easily be worn year round.


Diy scrunchies from scrap fabric

A Little Craft In Your Day has a great tutorial as well – it’s explicit and super easy to follow. All you need to begin with are some scrap pieces of fabric – any materials, colors, patterns, or textures. Grab your sewing machine and get to work!


How to make scrunchies

Over at Melly Sews you’ll get some good direction as well. This is a sewing project you can do by hand if you’re feeling up to it. Take the leap and check out the instructions now.


Diy tie scrunchies

If you’re looking for a tutorial that will get your one of the adorable tie scrunchies then SewCanShe will do it for ya. You’ll need a pencil and you’ll need to know how to sew a bit to make it happen. Create a batch of these cuties as a DIY gift for a friend!


Diy scrunchies

College Fashion has you covered as well. If you’re already an avid visitor of the site, then you’ll want to check out this tutorial – for either your own needs or your girls. We’ve got our eye on this plaid design on top.


Velvet scrunchies with bow

Practical and Pretty will walk you through the makings of all kinds of scrunchies. Velvet ones get made. Knotted ties get created. And then velvet bows get created too. It’s a bout of hair accessory fun over with our friends. Just take the leap and grab the info now!


Diy scrunchies how to

Check out A Little Craft In Your Day that will also guide you nicely. Take scrap pieces of fabric you have lying around the craft room and turn them into something functional. Scrunchies are so on trend right now and so much better for our long locks than those plastic bands!


Diy unicorn scrunchies

HelloGiggles does it right as well. These beauties are dubbed the “unicorn” scrunchies. The shades are what everyone is up in arms about and the metallic fabric really pops nicely too. Jump on over and check out the video for the makings of what you see above.


Diy linen scrunchies

Linen is a great fabric for the spring and summer. Visit our favorite friends over at A Pair And A Spare for some insight on how to take that material and turn it into warmer weathered accents for your hair. That coral shade really pops – and will against all hair colors!


Diy knot scrunchies

Sew Much Ado also went with the bunny-eared trend. This is a fabulous and easy DIY to follow. Just take the leap and check out how to turn your materials into trendy new pieces for your little laides.


Home and family 5166 final photo assets

Hallmark Channel does it right as well. You can take any material and turn it into a brand new scrunchie for you or a friend to enjoy. Sequins, cotton, or our favorite – velvet – can be made using this tutorial. Hop on over and jot down the details right now!

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