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15 Useful Tips for Cleaning Pots and Pans

When it comes to exciting DIY projects, the kind that centre around everyday things like cleaning your house don’t necessarily sound like the most exciting options. We know that just as well as the next person but, if we’re being honest with you, we still kind of get a thrill out of making our own cleaning supplies and learning better ways to get things done around the house ourselves without help from store bought things whenever we can. Believe it or not, there are any number of things around the house that are technically just chores but can also be turned into DIY projects. We’ve been trying out as many as we can lately because we got a little bit enamoured with the concept of DIY housework, but one of the most unique things that we’d absolutely never thought of before was cleaning our pots and pans! Until we started trying to cut chemicals and store bought cleaners out of our routine, we’d never thought about what alternatives we could use to take the really tough grease, burn marks, and stains off our metal cookware, but it turns out there are tons of options!

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of making your own pot and pan cleaners as we were, check out these 15 great tactics that will have your cooking tools sparkling and clean again in no time.

1. Vinegar and baking soda rinse

Vinegar and baking soda rinse

Would you prefer to clean your pots and pans right away, hopefully using things that you probably already have in your kitchen already? In that case, we’d suggest reaching for the baking soda you put in the door of your fridge to keep odours out and for the vinegar you bought last time you made fish and chips for your family! Apartment Therapy suggests using a combination of the two to clean scorch marks off the bottom of burnt pans by soaking the inside in a mix and then scrubbing.

2. Scrub grease off with half a potato

Scrub grease off with half a potato

Have you always wondered whether or not there’s any truth to old wives tales like all the natural cleaning myths you’ve heard but you’ve never actually tried them out? Well, here’s one that we an actually confirm for you thanks to this tutorial from Healthy Food House! They suggest cleaning grease off the bottom and inside of a pan using a potato cut in half! The starch of the potato when it’s wet will help break down the grease so you can rinse it right off.

3. Steel wool, baking soda, and dish soap for burned food

Steel wool, baking soda, and dish soap for burned food

Do you have a burned pan or pot so you were quite excited by the first option we showed you, only to be disappointed because you don’t have vinegar? Well, as long as you’ve got hot water, steel wool, dish soap, and the baking soda we mentioned, you’ve got basically everything you need! A hot soak with the baking soda and dish soap should work to lift the burned piece and the steel wool will help you scrub off whatever that doesn’t get. Check out the whole process in more detail on Preety’s Kitchen.

4. Boiling water and detergent for burnt pans

Boiling water and detergent for burnt pans

Are you still looking for different household items because you don’t have any of what we’ve mentioned so far and you’re okay with using non-food things so long as they’re effective and not harmful once you’ve washed the pan thoroughly? Then here’s one that’s just about invincible and made with laundry detergent! Find out why and how well the mixture of that and boiling water will cure the pan’s burn on DIY Cozy World.

5. Tips for natural scrubbing without scratching

Tips for natural scrubbing without scratching