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The 9 Best Serger Sewing Machines to Get in 2023 (Reviews)

When we first started learning how to sew, finishing our edges neatly was possibly the last thing on our mind. We were pleased just to be able to create a basic straight seam! Now that we’ve had a few years of practice, however, we’ve decided it’s time to up our skills and start creating more well-finished pieces.

Best sergers

Rather than just learning on a serger that we’ve borrowed, rented, or sought out somewhere local and public, we’ve made the decision to purchase one of our own and really invest in our sewing in a more long term way.

Before we buy any kind of new machinery, however, we always make sure to do as much research as possible, just to make sure that we know of all our options, which models have the best features, and where we might get the best price for something. That’s how we found ourselves scouring the Internet and making a veritable guide of what’s out there!

What Is the Best Serger Sewing Machine to Buy?

Any time we’re in the market for something new and important, we really enjoy reading people’s reviews or lists of what they found when they were in the thick of their own consideration process. Eager to help other sewing enthusiasts who might appreciate reading about the sergers we liked the most, we decided we might as well share our list of options for other people to see.

Check out these nine fantastic models that just might be exactly what you’re looking for!

1. Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

Brother 1034d 3:4 thread serger with differential feed

In most cases, people using sergers are eager to work with either three or four threads, depending on their project and the kind of stitch they’re looking to use. Different things call for different numbers, however, which is why we liked this differential feed serger model fromBrother so much! It will let you work with either threeor four threads at once and making the adjustment is simple to do and intuitive to understand, just like the rest of the machine.

Besides being specifically built to work on a whole diverse range of fabrics, this machine was also designed with the intention of being simple to use for several different effects and finishes beyond just neatly cut and serged edges. It also includes simple capabilities for ruffles, gathered effects, decorative edges like scallops, and lace joins. Additionally, these features make it a useful tool for learning how to make strong spaghetti straps and other narrow shapes like tightly fitted sleeves. It comes with an easy threading system and interchangeable presser feet that are designed to make its use more customizable to whatever kind of fabric your heart is set on.


  • Can run 1300 stitches per minute.
  • Features 3 accessory feet.


  • The device is pretty loud.
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2. SINGER 14CG754 Serger Multi Thread Capability

Singer 14cg754 serger multi thread capability

Are you feeling quite intrigued by the design and versatility of the model above but you have also, in your practice and learning rounds on a borrowed machine, found that you might occasionally require a two-thread capability as well, rather than just three or four? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with a design like this one fromSINGER!

Because this machine possesses so many different thread variations, it’s also capable of helping you create a vast number or edging, hem, and seam types. These include overlocking techniques with blind and rolled hems, among others. The stitch characteristics on this machine are easily and impressively adjustable as well, from speed to length and tension. Finally, it has free arm capabilities for circular garment elements and a generously coverage based warranty on the different primary elements that le the machine function. We’d consider this one quite decently priced for all it has to offer!


  • You can adjust the stitch length.
  • The machine is portable so you can take it with you.


  • Perfect for someone who wants to learn, but may be lacking for more experienced folks.
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3. JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

Juki mo654de portable thread serger sewing machine

Although function is still your main priority, are you also looking for a very small and compact machine that’s easily portable? We’re the kind of sewing enthusiasts who have experience working on the go when it comes to things like fittings, and we also know many seamstresses who don’t have the luxury of a permanent sewing space that they can leave set up, rather than moving the machine between sessions so the space can be used for other things. That’s why this portable design fromJUKI caught our eye so well!

This machine is another one that allows you two, three,and four thread capability. As far as hems go, a rolled hem will be your best friend here since it has automatic settings to create such an element quickly and easily. One of our favourite elements of this machine, besides its portability, is the fact that all of its dials and functions are very simply colour coded. A system of bright, easy to decipher dots helps users makes the right adjustments, thread the machine with ease, and really get it working to their advantage and creative whims without much difficulty at all. It’s a great first time serger, even if it’s slightly more expensive than the one above.


  • Has a solid build.
  • Easy to use with a bit of research and video-watching.


  • Can be costly to repair, should issues arise.
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4. Janome MB-4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine

Janome mb 4s four needle embroidery machine

Are you actually an experienced sewing enthusiast who is looking to upgrade your old serger rather than just learn how to use one properly on a beginner’s model, so you’re looking toreally improve its capabilities and invest heavily in something professional and fully equipped in order to take your skills to the next level? In that case, you just might be the perfect person to give this machine fromJanome some consideration!

This fully computerized and impressively programmed andprogrammable machine is a cross between a serger and an embroidery machine, making it the professional stitch worker’s dream. Its four thread capability and large colour screen with customization and design functions makes it the kind of tool that lets you finish or hem simple edges or design an independent embroidery motif, load and alter it, and set the machine to work creating it to your specifications while you work on something else. The machine features a sizeable and effectively shaped base that gives you lots of working space, and it also works with a range of frames and hoops, even outside it’s own brand, which makes it even more diverse to use.


  • Comes with a remote computer screen to help you out.
  • Features an automatic thread cutter.


  • Can be difficult yo figure out.
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5. SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC Serger with Multi Threaded Capability

Singer professional 5 14t968dc serger with multi threaded capability

Do you have a little more experience with sergers than the average beginner and you’re concerned that all of the machines we’ve shown you so far only possess up to four thread capability, when you’ve often found yourself in need of five? In that case, we think you might find something closer to what you need in this model fromSINGER, which offers thread differentiation from two all the way to five!

This machine is a little more of an investment as far as non-computerized models go, but that just speaks to its durable quality and impressive range of professional features. Although it has several customizable stitch features that make the machine ideal for all kinds of projects, it makes things a little bit more simple to use and less manual thanks to an automatic tension adjustment system that adapts to your stitch and material type with sensors. This machine runs at an impressive 1300 stitches per minute, offers several built-in automatic hem types and edges ranging from decorative to practical, and can even be adjusted for use as a regular sewing machine for simple straight seaming as well. It even boasts an inclusive warranty!


  • Has capacity for 2-3-4-5 stitches.
  • Can create up to 1300 stitches per minute.


  • While the serger is quite versatile, it can be difficult to work with.
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6. Brother R1634D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

Brother r1634d 3 or 4 thread serger with differential feed

Are you feeling very keen indeed on investing in a quality serger but you’re working with a budget that’s a lot more strict than some of these models allow for right now? Then we’d urge you to start considering refurbished models to get what you’re looking for but for a lower price! These machines are ones that were pre-owned and then revamped, cleaned, and fixed up to perfect condition to be resold. Because they’ve been used before, they’re available at a much more affordable price, but that doesn’t meant they’re not sill high quality tools that will arrive to you in great working condition. This machine fromAmazon Renewed is the perfect example of what we mean!

In terms of the machine’s actual features, you’re really getting some bang for your buck at this refurbished price. This model is a good one for learners, as it’s more along the lines of a basic serger if you compare it to some of the models you’ve seen so far that have many more bells and whistles, but it still offers all of the fundamentals and a diverse range of capabilities. The machine boasts a durable metal frame, three to four thread stitch capability run on two needles, and a 1300 stitch speed. The whole thing is also covered by a warranty that’s still generous even considering the fact that it was pre-owned.


  • This serger is great for advanced users.
  • It’s easy to use, but needs some practice.


  • Can be a bit pricey.
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7. Janome MOD-8933 Serger with Lay-in Threading

Janome mod 8933 serger with lay in threading

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about simple to use machines that are colour coded but you just weren’t feeling entirely sold on the previous model without checking out some alternative options first? Then we’ddefinitely urge you to give this colour coded but differently laid out model fromJanome a closer look and some consideration as well.

This serger provides you with strong overlock capabilities with three or four thread options. It gives you full control of selecting thread capabilities and qualities like length, tension, and presser foot pressure thanks to easy visuals presented in a colour coded manner. The aim here was to make different systems and the limited number of manual adjustments that you’ll need to make on the machine very accessible even to learners despite the fact that the machine can absolutely produce professional quality. All of this is helped along by a differential feed feature that helps you prevent puckering and stretching in your material while you work.


  • Can work with 3-4 threads.
  • Comes with color-coded thread guides.


  • You may need to change the needles pretty fast.
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8. Crafter’s Companion Gemini Lock Pro Serger

Crafter's companion gemini lock pro serger

Are you still looking for machine that gives you something with easy colour coded visualsand affordability, but you haven’t quite found a nice, simple machine that quite hits the sweet spot for you yet? In that case, we wonder whether this design fromCrafter’s Companion, which is also durable and portable, might be a little more up your alley!

In total, this machine presents you with 16 built-in stitch settings, including overlocking done with threeor four thread stitching. This range makes sure you have your basics covered with practical automatic stitches, but also gives you a few slightly more creative or decorative options. The simple colour coded dials also give you the control to easily customize the width of your stitches up to 7mm and the length of your stitches up to 4mm. It’s a simple model to do basic flatlock as well as several kinds of hemming on, making it a good, quick finishing machine for just about any project or garment.


  • This machines comes with 16 stitch settings, including 3 and 4 thread overclocking.
  • Can stitch up to 7 mm width and to 4 mm in length.


  • New users can have a bit of a hard time figuring out this serger.
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9. SWNNE Electronic Sewing and Quilting Machine with 200 Built-in Stitches

Swnne electronic sewing and quilting machine with 200 built in stitches

This next machine option might not look like or, indeed, actuallybe a serger, but that doesn’t actually mean it lacks the capabilities that many people would classically use basic sergers for! Instead, this quite advanced and well-equipped sewing machine fromSWNNE offers you an impressive combination of built-in stitches and features that, when used in certain combinations, can do what a lot of sergers do, this time without requiring you to change and re-thread a whole second machine. This makes the model a great option for someone who in need of some of the most basic functions of a serger, could also really benefit from upgrading their sewing machine, but knows they can’t afford to do both at the same time.

Technically, this particular design is actually intended as a quilting machine! This is part of what makes it work a little more like a serger. Its automatic and built-in systems give you 200 stitch styles, eight different types of one step buttonholes, super simple and intuitive threading, and even some basic computerized stitch combination capabilities that will take some of the pressure of manual machine stitching skill off of you. Considering everything it has to offer, the price is practically a steal as well.


  • Comes with an automatic needle threader.
  • Comes with 200 built-in stitches and an LCD display.


  • The serger is not necessarily suitable for beginners.
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Do you now another sewing enthusiast and DIY lover who has been hoping to upgrade to the next step and improve their craft a little by investing in a new serger, but they also feel like they could use a little more help finding the best options out there? Share their post with them so they can see all of the options we considered too, just so they have a little more information and guidance!