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25 Savory Crepe Fillings To Round Out Your Brunch Menu

These delicate, French pancakes can be filled with so many fun treats. From the sweetest indulgences to the cheesiest and meatiest concoctions, it’s a great way to serve a light lunch of a fun dinner for you, the family or for a few of your best friends. And with these 25 savory crepe fillings you’ll be rounding out the brunch menu quite nicely.

1. Steak, Spinach, Mushroom

Steak spinach and mushroom crepes with balsamic glaze 1

Half Baked Harvest whipped up a crepe recipe that works perfectly for a light and satisfying dinner. It’s also a great plate to serve up for friends when they’re over for a bite.

2. Shrimp & Crab

Seafood crepes

If you’re a seafood lover, pop on over to Kraft and scoop up this recipe. A bit of shrimp and crab some together in this creamy creation.

3. Smoked Salmon


Food & Wine made some crepes with smoked salmon inside. Serve these up at brunch time for an extra special treat.

4. Shrimp, Pork, Bean Sprouts


If you want another fun concoction, check out this one from Food & Wine too. Shrimp, bean sprouts and pork come together quite nicely here.

5. Lasagna

Lasagna crepes with rocotta