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Unique Ways to Repurpose Wooden Crates

Have you suddenly found yourself with a surplus of wooden crates at home or at work? Do you feel too guilty about throwing them out, but you’re not entirely sure what to do with them instead? This is where your DIY and crafting skills come in handy!

Check out these 15 useful ways to repurpose a wooden crate in your home.

1. Children’s toy box

Children's toy box

At Home in Love suggests attaching four wheels and creating a cushioned top for the crate and turning it into a toy box! Lift the lid and put the toys inside, then push it out of the way or use it as a seat to read a book.

2. Crate desk

Crate desk

Are your crates very large? Try stacking two on each side for desk legs and then laying a steady board across the top for a table top! Make sure that the openings of the crates face outwards so you can use them as shelves for books or office supplies. Check out the full instructions on Desire to Inpsire.

3. Pillow and blanket storage

Pillow and blanket storage

Does your home get a little colder than you always expect in the evening, but you don’t want to leave pillows and blankets thrown haphazardly across the couch all the time? Use one of your old wooden crates as blanket storage beside the couch instead! We love how this idea from Home Depot adds a slight rustic touch to the room.

4. Hanging wall shelf

Hanging wall shelf

Brit + Co. suggests painting the top edge of the crate a bright colour, turning it on its side, and hanging it from some rope and a strong hook to make a wall leaning decor shelf! Place a small house plant, some books, or some figurines there.