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DIY Projects Using Toothbrushes

Despite the fact that you’ve undoubtedly spent years practicing and refining several more specialized DIY skills just like we have, do you ever get the urge to just craft something neat using a random object from around your house as a tool or supply? We get that all the time too, the most recent case happening when we thought about how much of a shame it is to waste the plastic that gets thrown away with toothbrushes so often. That’s how we found ourselves sitting down at the computer and scouring the Internet looking for ways to upcycle old toothbrushes!

1. DIY toothbrush bracelets

Diy toothbrush bracelets

Just in case you’ve actually never tried crafting with not just a toothbrush but harder plastic at all before and you can’t help feeling like you might need a bit of starter’s help, here’s an idea that works as a great first project! We love the way Awesome Ideas outlined the process of making simple wrapped bangles from boiled toothbrushes in just a few simple steps.

2. Upcycled toothbrush wall hook

Upcycled toothbrush wall hook

Just in case you love the idea of boiling and bending the plastic of an old toothbrush but you’re not so sure you’d like to wear that anywhere, here’s an idea that involves much the same technique but gives you something a little more practical by the finished product! Take a better look at Makezine to see how these fantastic repurposed toothbrush wall hooks were made.

3. Toothbrush and broken jewelry brooch

Toothbrush and broken jewelry brooch

If you’re going to turn an old toothbrush into something you might actually wear, would you much prefer to make it a little flashier and more “glam” looking than some of the options you’ve seen so far on our list? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Hometalk embellished their brooch, made from a toothbrush base, with pieces of broken jewelry to make it sparkle!

4. Rainbow toothbrush painting

Rainbow toothbrush painting

Making something out of your old toothbrush is not, of course, the only way that you can use toothbrushes in crafting! We also completely adore the idea of using them as paintbrushes for kids because different brushes give them different effects. That’s exactly what The Pinterested Parent did here when they made these wonderfully colourful toothbrush rainbows!

5. Toothbrush printed winter tree painting

Toothbrush printed winter tree painting

Just in case you really loved the idea of making some kind of painting with your kids using a toothbrush but they’re a little older and you think they’ve got the patience for a technique that takes just a little more care, here’s an awesome alternative! Check out how Crafts on Sea printed paint onto the page with their toothbrush, rather than swiping it, to make a wintery looking tree.

6. Liquid chalk and toothbrush sidewalk painting

Liquid chalk and toothbrush sidewalk painting

Of course, classic chalk drawings are a fantastic outdoor craft activity for a warm day, but if you’re never tried liquid chalk and sidewalk painting with your kids then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! Of course, the texture of the concrete is quite harsh on any brushes you might use, so we appreciated Glued To My Crafts‘ suggestion for using old toothbrushes that have already served their original purpose but will still work for this. It doubles their lifespan!

7. Toothbrush painted Easter eggs

Toothbrush painted easter eggs

Have we really caught your attention now with the idea of using old toothbrushes for paint crafts that will likely ruin the brush but you can always use more ideas than just a few? Then here’s a slightly more Easter themed idea to add to your list (since it never hurts to have ideas ready in advance of a holiday)! We like the way Art Bar painted the outsides of hardboiled eggs to give you an alternative to dyes when your kids decorate Easter eggs.

8. Electric toothbrush painting

Electric toothbrush painting

Perhaps the toothbrush you’ve got on hand to recycle is actually an electric one and you just weren’t sue that such a thing would work as a brush for painting? Well, Busy Mommy Media begs to differ! They actually have a whole kids’ crafting tutorial showing you just how awesome it really can look to paint with an electric toothbrush running in order to get some interesting lines and visual texture in the paint.

9. Use a toothbrush to remove crayon from walls

Used a toothbrush to remove crayon from walls

Besides just being useful for crafts, did you know that upcycled toothbrushes can actually be the perfect thing for DIY cleaning solutions in bad situations as well? This tutorial from Instructables that shows you the perfect technique for using a toothbrush to get crayon off of walls and doors in your home is the perfect example of what we mean.

10. Washcloth travel roll for toothbrushes

Washcloth travel roll for toothbrushes

If you’re going to start making simple crafts with your toothbrushes, why not also make a couple of easy things for your toothbrushes as well? We actually made ourselves one of these simple travel toothbrush rolls from an upcycled washcloth and now we know that our brushes and our kids’ brushes are well protected in our suitcases. Get the full instructions for making one of your own on Whimsy Love.

11. Kid-friendly toothbrush handle from popsicle sticks

Kid friendly toothbrush handle from popsicle sticks

Maybe we’ve caught your attention with this whole concept of crafting for your toothbrush all of a sudden but you’re actually on the hung for ways to make teaching your kids how to brush their own teeth even easier? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Upcycled Wonders used thick popsicle stick and elastic bands to make a handle that’s a bit easier for chubby, excited little hands to grip than the thin plastic handle some toothbrushes have.

12. DIY toothbrush rug

Diy toothbrush rug

If you’ve ever been a fan of weaving based crafts, like knitting, crochet, or macrame, then we just know this next project will be right up your alley! This fantastic DIY scrap fabric floor mat outlined step by step on Rag Rug cafe is called a “toothbrush rug” because the material it’s made with is thick enough that the common technique to get that woven effect you see is to pull the strips of fabric through the loops you’ll make using an old toothbrush almost like a crochet hook!

13. Watercolour paint splattering with a toothbrush

Watercolour paint splattering with a toothbrush

We’ve already talked a lot about using toothbrushes as a way to get different visual textures and effects in painting, but this particular technique might just be our very favourite one! We love the way My Bluprint outlines the process of using a toothbrush dipped in paint to create a splattering effect across the page. They suggest using an old toothbrush because it’s a better shape for proper gripping and flicking, and that way you’re not bending the bristles on your quality art brushes.

14. Glittery toothbrush timers

Glittery toothbrush timers

Sparkling water timers are something we actually make and use with our kids all the time! Whether we’re timing how long they need to brush their teeth or sit in a quiet spot for when they’re upset, watching the glitter settle helps the, gauge time in a way that’s calming and fun. The toothbrush comes into play in Easy DIY Crafts‘s tutorial because they use its convenient shape to paint the inside of the glitter timer’s jar a fun colour!

15. Toothbrush stylus

Diy toothbrush stylus

By now, most touch screen devices like phones and iPads are sensitive enough that using your fingers is a fine solution. For some people, however, a stylus is useful for getting more detail if they are, say, doing digital illustration. For other people a stylus is an accessibility if they have limited hand and finger mobility. In any case, we adore the way that Amino outlines the process of making your very own DIY stylus pen using tape, a cotton swab, and the plastic handle of an old toothbrush!

Have you made other awesome, crafty things from upcycled toothbrushes before that you really enjoyed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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