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25 Gorgeous DIY Projects Using Copper

Copper has been a trendy material in home decor for quite some time now, and it’s becoming rather popular for jewelry and accessories as well. So of course, more and more DIY projects using copper have been popping up all over the internet. Here are 25 easy, gorgeous tutorials that will have you loving copper just as much as we do.

1. Copper Hanging Planter

copper hanging planter

This funky hanging planter is made out of a few small pieces of copper pipe (that can be found at the hardware store) and some pink rope or clothesline. The metallic detail might be just what your space needs! Make your way over to A Bubbly Life to find out how to cut the pipes down to size to fit perfectly around your pot.

2. Copper Photo Display

copper photo display

Hang your photos in style with this super cool copper photo display. Attach your favorite photos to copper wire with tiny clothespins to create a unique wall hanging that will be much cheaper than buying lots of frames. And you can make it any size to fit the wall where you plan to hang it. Get the tutorial here.

3. Copper Pipe Necklace

copper necklace

Sick of wearing the same old necklace you end up putting on every day? Mix it up with this funky statement necklace made out of copper pipe pieces. Just string the copper sections onto some rope and you’ll be ready to go.  Make your way over to the Adventures in Fashion blog to find out how to make it.

4. Copper Accented Vase

copper vase

This might be one of the easiest tutorials in the bunch, one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” sort of projects. All you’ll need for this one is a clear vase and some copper foil tape. There are so many different patterns and looks that you could go with here… the possibilities are endless! Check out the tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.

5. Copper Blanket Holder

copper blanket holder

Keep your blankets looking neat and tidy with this gorgeous blanket holder constructed out of copper pipes. The metallic finish makes it feel quite chic, while the pipes make it super sturdy. Check out the full tutorial over at Well Made Heart. It’s so pretty, you’ll want to make one for every room!

6. Copper Paper Towel Holder

copper paper towel holder

Replace your boring old plastic paper towel holder with one of these stunning copper ones! Again, this piece is constructed out of copper piping, so it should be extremely sturdy. Head over to Squirrelly Minds to find out how to cut the pipes, what the measurements are, and how to assemble everything.

7. Copper and Rope Bracelets

copper rope bracelets

These chunky rope and copper bracelets are sure to attract attention the next time you go out on the town. Despite the complex-looking knots, they’re actually quite simple to recreate. Make your way over to Johanna Rundel’s blog to find out how to make them. And don’t forget to hit “translate” if you don’t speak her native tongue!

8. Copper Stripe Succulent Planters

DIY Copper White Succulent Planters

As if succulents aren’t already pretty enough, these copper planters will add even more pizzazz to your plants. This project uses copper foil tape again… what a versatile material! Make your way over to Homey Oh My! to find out how to create this pretty white and copper pattern on clear vases.

9. Copper Jewelry Dish

copper hello ring dish

Store your jewelry in style with this gorgeous copper ring dish! It looks like it might be pure copper, when in fact it is simply painted on… and a cute little saying is imprinted into the center, too. How adorable is that?! Head over to The DIY Diary to find out how to make your own “hello” jewelry dish.

10. Copper Candlestick Holder

copper candle stick holder

Embrace your modern side by making one of these gorgeous copper candlestick holders. Here we have another project that uses the ever-versatile copper pipe. A few of these would look lovely all in a row on a long dining room table. Check out the tutorial at the Morning Creativity blog.

11. Copper and Rope Mirror

copper rope mirror

This stunning round mirror is rimmed with copper, and nautical-inspired rope is used to hang it on the wall. This is another one of those projects that is much easier than it appears… and the unlikely material that is used in this case is copper snail and slug barrier! Get the tutorial at Makers Society.

12. Copper Stamped Cuff Bracelets

metal stamped bracelet cuffs

Here we have a simple project that involves metal strips and alphabet stamps. The words that you stamp onto your bracelet are up to you – names, initials and short quotes would all be excellent choices. Make your way over to Paper & Stitch to find out how to recreate one of these gorgeous cuffs yourself.

13. Copper Place Card Holders

copper place card holders

These DIY copper place card holders couldn’t be any more adorable. You can make them using plaster of paris and old ice cube trays. These would also work nicely as photo holders to put on your desk or dresser. Head over to Make & Fable to find out how to recreate these holders for yourself.

14. Copper Quote Print

You Look Lovely copper printable

Remind yourself every morning that you look lovely with this glamorous quote print from Hannah at A Lovely Look. She’s created the free printable using a copper color with a faux sheen that makes it look like it’s printed with genuine copper. Download the printable file right here.

15. Copper Towel Holder Ring

towel holder copper

This modern towel ring will add a unique element to your bathroom, giving it a pop of style for an item that is usually mundane and uninspired. The addition of a strip of leather helps to add even more character. Get the super simple tutorial over at The Merry Thought. You’ll be finished in an hour!

16. Copper Pipe Table Lamp

copper table lamp

Here we have another project that uses copper piping to create a beautiful table lamp with a super stylish edison bulb. The base is made of cement, a material that pairs naturally well with copper. Make your way over to Brit + Co. to find out how to create your own copper table lamp. They have instructions for another style too!

17. Copper Bar Earrings

copper bar earrings

Bar earrings are on trend right now, and lucky for us, they’re very easy to make! These are created using very thin copper tubing and earrings backs that have been modified a bit. Head over to Almost Makes Perfect to find out how to make a pair for yourself. Or make them for a friend and put them on a hand-stamped backing as shown above!

18. Copper Plant Stand

copper wood slab plant stand

Hairpin legs are very trendy lately, but also very expensive… these are made using a plumbing material though, at a fraction of the cost. The top surface is a slab of wood – cut one yourself if you have fallen trees at your disposal, or grab one at your local craft store. Get the full tutorial over at Mountain Modern Life.

19. Copper Salt and Pepper Shakers

copper salt pepper shakers

Believe it or not, this is an IKEA hack – and it couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need are the Plats salt and pepper shakers from IKEA and some copper contact paper… make your way over here to find out how to create this gorgeous set. You could experiment with the size of the copper sheet for a different look.

20. Copper Hair Cuff

copper ponytail hair cuff

Dress up a plain old ponytail with one of these pretty copper hair cuffs. As you might have guessed, this tutorial uses a copper pipe just as many of the others do. All you’ll need to do is glue an elastic hair tie to the inside. Find the details over at Brit. + Co. along with some other ideas as well.

21. Ombré Penny Art

copper penny art

This unique copper penny art is sure to be a conversation starter, and you might even have the materials on hand already. The key is to find pennies in varying colors. Then you’ll turn a few bright turquoise using white vinegar and salt. Head over to the Doodlecraft blog to check out the full tutorial.

22. Copper Rope Necklace

rope copper necklace

This statement necklace is sure to get plenty of compliments, and will be perfect for the upcoming holiday season. You’ll need a copper plumbing elbow pipe, rope, rhinestones and a few other items to recreate the look. Make your way over to Love Maegan to find out all the details of this simple tutorial.

23. Magnetic Desk Set

magnetic copper desk set

Keep all of your office supplies organized with these simple magnetic desk accessories that are painted with shiny gold paint. Surprisingly, these are made out of basic round cardboard boxes situated upside down with magnets glued to the underside. Check out the full tutorial over at Earnest Home Co.

24. Copper Garden Markers

alphabet garden markers copper

Mark your herbs with these gorgeous DIY copper markers. They’re incredibly easy to make… all you’ll need are wire, plastic letters, paint and glue to achieve the same look for your potted herbs or vegetable garden. And they only take ten minutes to make! Get the tutorial at Julie Blanner’s blog.

25. Copper Napkin Rings

napkin rings copper

Possibly the most beautiful DIY napkin rings I’ve ever seen, these stunners are made of two simple materials – copper self-adhesive plastic, and toilet paper rolls (believe it or not)! Find the easy tutorial over at the Pysseldrommar blog. If you don’t speak Swedish, be sure to use the Google Translator.

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