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16 DIY Pinatas That Will Top Off The Party Just Right

It could be for Cinco de Mayo or it could be for a birthday party, whatever the case, and whatever the ages of your guests, pinatas can be a super fun addition to the celebration! With a little creative and artsy skills, you can make one of these bits of festivity from scratch! Check out these 16 DIY pinatas that will top off the party just right and surprise everyone with the goodies inside.

1. Watermelon

Diy watermelon pinata

Oh Happy Day makes a super charming watermelon pinata that we find to be the perfect accent to your summertime shindig. Check out the details now!

2. Birthday Cake

Diy birthday cake pinatas

Run on over to Studio DIY and check out this adorable birthday cake piñata. Obviously, this is the most fitting for your next birthday party celebration – anyone of any age would love it!

3. Candy Corn

Candy corn pinata

When Halloween rolls around, why not have this at the party? Check out the tutorial over at Brit + Co and make this October a bit sweeter.

4. Diamond

Diamond pinata diy

Best Friends For Frosting made this silver diamond piñata and we’re in love. It’s the perfect topper for a bridal shower or bachelorette party!

5. Tiny Gems

Tiny gem pinatas

And if you want something smaller, these tiny gems can literally top off every guest of the night. Fill them with fun and find the details at Lovely Indeed.

6. Tacos

Diy taco pinata

Your summertime fiesta just got a whole lot better with this taco creation. Find the directions over at Studio DIY.

7. Fox

Fox pinata diy

Add a fox to the celebration. Oleander + Palm has all the details and we love how charming this fun and trendy addition will be to the party!

8. Italic Letters

Diy italic letter pinata

Oh Happy Day has some great ideas and we love how sophisticated and sweet this one is. Check it out after the jump!

9. Cactus

Diy cactus pinata

We are absolutely loving this cactus piñata from Snowdrop and Company. It too works great poolside, at a Mexican fiesta or just a classic birthday party too!

10. Rocket Ship

Rocket ship pinata diy

Oh My Handmade shows us all how to create a super innovative rocket ship piñata! What little one wouldn’t love to has this at the next party?

11. Christmas Ornaments

Diy ornament pinatas

Christmas is too a time for candy and treats to drip out of a piñata. Check out the details over at Studio DIY.

12. Conversation Hearts

Diy conversation heart pinata

Make your Valentine’s Day a bit sweeter too with a piñata at the party. Evite has the tutorial and it’s absolutely charming for the young and the more sophisticated of guests too.

13. Flamingo

Diy flamingo pinata

Studio DIY does it again with this beauty. Create a flamingo DIY with the help of this tutorial and add something extra special to your poolside celebration.

14. Moon

Moon pinata diy

Over at Oh Happy Day you can also find this sweet moon piñata. As a true topper to the night, this piece is perfect for New Year’s Eve events or other similar celebrations.

15. Eggs

Diy pinata eggs

Instead of finding eggs on Easter, why not smash them as a way to get the candy? Check out these piñata eggs over at A Subtle Revelry.

16. Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream pinata diy

Oh Happy Day has the tutorial for creating these charming ice cream cone pinatas too! We love the idea of multiple little ones for the entire party to enjoy!

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