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Orange Manicures for Bright Souls

We’re pretty big fans of getting a fresh, fun, and totally funky manicure any time of year, but there’s just something about getting our nails all brightly done in the summer that’s particularly exciting. Maybe that’s because we feel like it’s finally time to use all the eye catching colours and shades that popped just a little too much in the dead of winter but really speak to our personality now that the sun is out. There are plenty of great summer colours to choose from when it comes to painting your nails, but for us there’s one clear shade that just takes the cake because it positively screams sunshine. We spend our summers completely obsessed with bright orange!

If you’re on the same page as us, here are 15 fantastic bright orange manicures that will brighten your mood and your whole look, each and every day.

1. Orange tipped French manicure

Orange tipped french manicure

Are you a pretty huge fan of the classic French manicure when it comes to shape and style but you’d rather have a little colour pop in the look rather than just working with white and blush pink? In that case, don’t be afraid to replace the tip colour with the brightest orange you can find, just like Champagne Taste, Beer Budget did here!

2. Orange velvet nails

Orange velvet nails

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who loves really unique nails, particularly if they come with a bit of awesome texture that you don’t often see around in the average manicure? Then you’re probably already familiar with the concept of velvet nails, but just in case you aren’t, here’s a great tutorial from The Daily Varnish for making that effect happen yourself! Of course the colour they show you how to work with is orange because, like we said earlier, we’re completely obsessed with it.

3. Black and orange angled tips

Black and orange nails

If you ask us, black and orange is a versatile colour combination that you can wear any time of year rather than just around Halloween as long as you do it right! Make it a more year-round look by playing with angles and getting geometric about things, kind of like how Beauty Nine to Five did here with these overlapping angular tips in black and a fantastically bright sparkling orange.

4. Orange with orchid accent fingers

Orange with orchid accent fingers

Are you in love with the idea of a nice, solid orange background for your manicure but you think perhaps spicing up at least one nail on each hand could be fun? In that case, you’ll want to find something that complements the colour you love rather than taking away from it. We think these adorable little orchids on a summery orange background, featured on We Heart Nails, are the perfect example! The shape is also surprisingly easy to make if you’re willing to be a little bit patient with yourself.