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15 Novelty Wedding Appetizers that Come on a Stick

Choosing appetizers and hour d’oeuvres for your wedding can be a delicious but stressful process. Sure, you’ll get to sample a bunch of yummy snacks, but you might also be worrying about which options will please the most guests! In recent years, the concept of “novelty” has entered the world of wedding food and we’re pretty glad it did. Choosing an option that’s delicious to you but fun enough that almost anyone will be happy with out of sheer amusement helps you eliminate a bit of stress on your end. Some people choose a theme, some people concentrate on miniature foods, and so on.

Our favourite type of novelty wedding food comes on a stick! Check out these 15 awesome recipes that let your guests grab a snack whenever they walk by the buffet and eat it easily while they socialize.

1. Chicken stuffed waffle pops

Chicken stuffed waffle pops

Chicken and waffles is an unexpected but delicious combination in and of itself. If you put the chicken inside the waffles, however, then you’ll really surprise your guests! You’ll also give them an easier time eating something that would otherwise require a knife, fork, plate, and table. Get the recipe on Snappy Gourmet!

2. Mini burgers on a stick

Mini burgers on a stick

Hamburgers might not seem like the “classiest” option for a nice wedding reception dinner, but we find that less fancy options are somehow deemed acceptable at a special occasion if there’s something unique and novelty about them. For example, we doubt any of your guests will complain about these delicious little burger kebabs by Brides.com!

3. Mini pizza pops

Mini pizza pops

When it comes to kebab appetizers or snacks on a stick, it’s often implied that the food will be miniaturized. After all, can you imagine an entire pizza on a kebab? The Decorated Cookie suggests shrinking your recipe down into little pizza bites instead so guests can enjoy their favourite food without getting too messy in their fancy clothes.

4. Goat cheese pops with herbs, pecans, and bacon

Goat cheese pops with herbs, pecans, and bacon

Mom it Forward  Gourmet appetizers can be transformed into novelty snacks on a stick too! These goat cheese balls wrapped in bacon and encrusted in pecans, for example, are actually better served in a novelty size because they’re so rich (which is part of the reason we love them so much).

5. Salad on a stick

Salad on a stick

Do you want to give your vegetarian and health conscious guests a salad option, but you’d also really like to stick with the novelty kebab theme? Food Network saves the day by showing you how well a salad stick will actually work, even though it doesn’t sound like something you’d expect. That’s part of the fun!

6. Sushi pops

Sushi pops

Sushi is an absolutely delicious and very diet-friendly menu option, but chopsticks aren’t always friendly to fancy clothes, especially if people don’t have practice using them. Sushi rolls don’t always stay together, however, if you try to stab them with a fork. Work around these issues by serving your favourite sushi rolls on a kebab stick instead! Check the idea out on Better Recipes.

7. Ham and melon pops

Ham and melon pops

Gourmantine shows you how to make an appetizer that’s refreshing, delicious, and unique. You might not think to combine melon with smoked ham, but we think you’ll be glad that someone did once you try these! We also think your guests will agree.

8. Bacon wrapped potato bites

Bacon wrapped potato bites

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who adores nothing more than an all day breakfast? Well, it’s your wedding day, so do what you want! These delicious bacon wrapped potato sticks are an awesome addition to your appetizer menu if you choose a brunch theme. Get the recipe on The Ktchn.

9. Chinese meatballs on a stick

Chinese meatballs on a stick

Meatballs are delicious, plain and simple. Whether they’re in a pasta, serve on rice, or even just popped onto the end of a kebab stick like this Chinese recipe, meatballs are usually a big hit at any special occasion! one of our favourite novelty meatball recipes is this one from Taste Food.

10. Pineapple pork kebabs

Pineapple pork kebabs

If you’re going to go with the “on a stick” theme for your wedding menu, then Brit + Co. suggests going all out and providing your guests with delicious full-sized kebabs featuring, meat, vegetables, and fruit for a well rounded treat! We love the idea of including pineapple with these other mouthwatering flavours.

11. Drunken grapes with wine poached shrimp

Drunken grapes with wine poached shrimp

As if the idea of shrimp skewers wasn’t gourmet and delicious enough, this recipe from Showfood Chef includes “drunken grapes” too! These are flavour packed little grapes soaked in a wine of your choice. Talk about complementary tastes in one place!

12. Chicken nuggets on a stick

Chicken nuggest on a stick

El Cibo Commestibile What’s even more fun than the idea of eating delicious chicken nuggets at a fancy dinner, even if you’re a grown adult? Eating them off a stick, of course! Transforming the nuggets into little kebabs also makes them easier for dipping if you provide guests with a range of sauces to choose from.

13. Sandwich on a stick

Sandwich on a stick

The concept of a “sandwich on a stick” already sounds enjoyable in itself, but this recipe from One Charming Party takes the novelty of the fish even further! These “sandwich” kebabs are deconstructed, with each delicious ingredient skewered separately.

14. Lemongrass chicken skewers

Lemongrass chicken skewers

Lemongrass chicken is refreshing and mouthwatering, but its’ also a lot of fun when it’s served as a kebab. Providing guests their meat option as a separate skewer might also be considered courteous, however, because it lets the meat lovers take as many as they please, but it also lets vegetarian and vegan friends skip that option! Get this recipe from Served with Love.

15. Tandoori tofu

Tandoori tofu

Every wedding needs a non-meat option for those who don’t like or don’t eat animal products! That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to skimp on flavour or novelty. We eat meat, but we’re still practically salivating at the idea of these tandooir tofu skewers from Hungry Foodies Pharmacy!

Do you have another favourite kebab food that you would choose for a novelty wedding meal, but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us what we’re missing in the comments section!

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