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Cute and Creative Shadow Box Ideas

Shadow boxes are a unique way to keep memories and mementos together in a way that beautifully combines nostalgia and and decor. Whether you’re using old family portraits and keepsakes that have been preserved for years or trinkets and inspiration photos, shadowboxes let you create something that will give you good feelings every time you walk by.

Check out these 15 shadowbox inspiration photos that might give you some ideas for making one of your own!

1. Vintage key shadowboxes

Vintage key shadowboxes

Lovely Living suggests scouring your own or your family’s homes, thrift stores, and local rummage or farm sales to find old fashioned keys that look gorgeously decorative. Organize them in a deep-set frame or shadowbox to help establish a gorgeously vintage aesthetic!

2. Fabric star and favourite quite

Fabric star and favourite quite

She’s Smart chose to make a shadowbox featuring a mixture of fabrics and a beautifully printed quite. We think this idea would make a gorgeous graduation, birthday, or wedding gift featuring colours, shapes, and words that you know your loved one would appreciate or feel inspired by.

3. Buttons, spools, and sewing trinkets

Buttons, spools, and sewing trinkets

Do you know someone who adores sewing more than anything? Perhaps they’re a seamstress who lives, breathes, and makes their income from sewing and clothing design, or perhaps they’re just an enthusiast with a passion for their favourite hobby. Either way, show them appreciation for the work they’ve done for you by collecting sewing themed trinkets, stickets, and vintage spools and creating them a shadowbox! We absolutely love these textured, tactile design from All That Glitters!

4. Flowers, sheet music, and lace

Flowers, sheet music, and lace

Nelly Vintage Home suggests creating a pretty, musical shadowbox using your favourite blossoms (make sure they’re silk or dried, as real ones will die in a shadowbox), printed sheet music, and strips of lace. These things look especially lovely in a shadowbox that’s genuinely or purposely weathered looking.