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15 Melted Crayon Crafts

When it comes to crafting with our kids, we can always tell which kinds of DIY projects they’re going to pick from the options we give them. It’s easy to do; we know they’ll pick the most colourful crafting option ten times our of ten! Our little ones are bright, excitable kids who see the world in rainbows and that’s reflected in their sense of style, the things they love, and the things they like to make. Recently, they came across the concept of melted crayon crafts at a play date with a friend and, because the project involved using an entire range of crayons all in one place, the kids have been obsessed with the idea ever since, begging us to help them gather up as many broken crayons from their colouring boxes as we can find in order to try it out in all different ways for themselves. That’s why we’ve been searching the Internet for as many melted crayon crafting options as we can possibly find in order to bookmark them and try them out with our kids whenever they please.

Just in case you and your kids are as intrigued by the idea of making stunningly creative rainbow crafts with melted crayons as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Raining crayon silhouette canvas

Raining crayon silhouette canvas

Have the classic melted crayon canvases you’ve seen sweeping the crafting community as of late always reminded you of technicolour rain? In that case, we have a feeling you might find this adorable umbrella silhouette and melted rainbow rain art outlined step by step on Seriously, I’m Thrifty very intriguing indeed! They show you how to do it with a stencil but you could also freehand paint or draw your silhouette if you prefer, particularly if you’re a talented artist.

2. Silhouette ballerina with a melted crayon tutu

Silhouette ballerina with a melted crayon tutu

If you’re going to create stunning art that falls into your kids’ interests by harnessing the beauty of rainbow colours, would you rather keep that theme going and create an image that pays tribute to one of their favourite hobbies or activities as well? Then it’s time for the little dancer in your household to rejoice, because Ideas 2 Live 4 has the perfect inspiration project for you! Check out how they affixed crayons to a canvas in a semi-circle around the tutu of their ballerina painting, rather than all the way across the top.

3. Captain America melted crayon art

Captain america melted crayon art

Did your kids get really excited about the melted, multi-coloured rain idea, just like you thought they would, but you still can’t help but wonder whether you might be able to find an idea for the silhouette shape that they’d like even more than the one we showed you earlier on our list? Well, this one’s for the comic book and super hero lovers in your home! Take a look at how Nishtha Sisterhood painted the silhouette of Captain America protecting himself from the rainbow rain using his iconic shield.

4. Splashing crayon box art

Splashing crayon box art

Are your kids actually such huge fans of mixed media crafting that you’re not sure you even need this whole silhouette element involved in your process (even though it’s pretty neat), because you think they’d actually have more fun gluing things to their art instead? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how All Women’s Talk glued the box their now-melted crayons came in to the top corner of their canvas to make it look like the crayons and their colours are splashing out across the canvas from inside.