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15 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozier This Season

When the weather becomes a bit frightful, you’ll find all of these suggestions quite delightful. There are plenty of different additions you can include in your personal space to brighten up the welcoming appeal and warmth. And with these 15 easy ways to make your bedroom cozier this season, you’ll do it in strides. Let’s have a peek!

1. Twinkle lights, always

Twinkle lights in bedroom

Adding in some twinkle lights will always add the right bouts of romance and mystery. Turn off the lamps and ceiling fixtures and allow those smaller sparkles to light up the night. Around the headboard or windows, it’s a way to bring in the warmth.

2. Add the shag

Shag rug bedroom

Think about including a shag run, shaggy pillows, or a shaggy throw blanket into the mix. This texture creates the feeling of comfort and coziness just by adding it to the scene. You’ll want to snuggle right up to the pieces.

3. And maybe a canopy

Canopy in bedroom

If you have the space, think about adding a canopy to the bed area or a reading nook you already have set up in the bedroom. It will create an enveloping, cocoon-like feature in the space just asking for you to stumble into its comfort. Go with neutral shades to keep with the relaxing theme as well.

4. Tufted bits don’t hurt

Tufted bedroom headboard

Whether it’s a pouf or an accent chair – or even the headboard – tufted accents have a coziness all their own. They’re a bit more plush with rounded lines. And those rounded lines tell us that the space is soft and welcoming.

5. Snag a new mattress

Mattresses for side sleepers bedroom with brown leather headboard

A new mattress could do you well. Whether it’s something that’s specially-designed for side sleepers or one with extra feathers on top, find something that makes your nights infused with a bit more warmth. It’ll do you wonders!

6. Layers are nice too

Layered bedroom

Layer up the bedroom. Layer the rugs on the ground. Layer the accents on the ottomans and on the bed. Layer the walls in different fabrics and textures too. This is a great way to add coziness in all corners of the space.

7. Dress your windows, as well

Layered windows

Don’t leave your windows bare if you’re going for a cozy vibe in the bedroom. Find billowing fabrics with great texture to add that warm, enveloping welcome that you’re envisioning. Don’t be afraid to layer here either!

8. Tapestries work

Tapestries in the bedroom

Add some fabric and texture to the wall by hanging a tapestry. We love how warm and enveloping these can be as well. And the plus side is they also add ambiance and art!

9. Light up those candles

Candles in the bedroom

Candles are an obvious choice, but they’re rarely used! You don’t have to go with real flames, instead stay safe with faux choices. Either way, it’s a great way to truly set a relaxing mood.

10. Throw around some pillows

Throw pillows in the bedroom

Throw pillows are obviously welcome and wanted. Throw them on the bed. Throw them in the corners. Find some extra-plush throw pillows for the floor!

11. Include a sound machine

Sound machine in bedroom

To really set the ambiance grab yourself a sound machine! Place it on the side table and have a restful night’s sleep among all the other cozy additions you’ve adding to your space. You’ll thank us later!

12. Warm it up with hues of warmth

Warm bedroom

If you’re adding in new colors or wanted to transform the feel, think about including warmer hues into the mix. Neutrals are nice to keep the area grounded but cranberries, chocolates, and deep rust tones are wonderful as well.

13. Mix up prints

Mixed prints bedroom

Don’t be shy about mixing your prints as well. When thinks aren’t so restrictive, there’s a more carefree vibe. And when there’s a more carefree vibe, you have more space for freedom and relaxation.

14. Pay attention to texture

Mixed textured bedroom

And when you’re mixing your prints, you’ll probably mixing your textures – and that’s exactly what you want. You want a space that feels likes it’s inviting you to sit down and stay a while.

15. Unveil the beams

Exposed beams bedroom

Don’t worry about covering your beams. Again, when you have open beams in the ceiling or a sloped shape, there’s something less restrictive and modern about the style. And that just leaves more room for uneven edges and coziness.

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