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DIY Kitchen Counter Decor

Have you ever looked around at your nice, neat kitchen and felt like, at least visually, it was just missing a little something? We did that recently and, after staring at your space for a bit, we decided that the counter space just looked empty and a little devoid of personality. We’re luck enough to have lots of countertops to go around, so we decided it was time to make some kind of small, cute decor that fits the theme of our kitchen and gives the counters some charm.

1. DIY coffee station

Diy coffee station

Perhaps you’re actually looking for a way to improve the look and organization of your counters all at once and the first thing you’d like to tackle is your coffee machine’s area? Well, being huge coffee lovers ourselves, we can certainly understand that! That’s why we thought this adorable, nicely laid out coffee station featured on Design Improvised was such a good idea. Adding a bit of a decorative element to the way it all looks, in addition to streamlining the making process, motivates us to actually keep that spot organized and clean.

2. DIY oil and vinegar shelf

Diy oil and vinegar shelf

Maybe you’re the kind of avid cook who is always seasoning things and you’re interested in making it easier for yourself when you reach for the most popular ingredients, like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or salt and pepper? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Over The Big Moon built a simple wooden frame around and across the top of their stove’s back to make an additional little platform. It looks nice and rustic and actually gets things up off the counters!

3. DIY two-tiered wooden produce kitchen stand

Diy two tiered wooden produce kitchen stand

Well, we know this particular practical and decorative project doesn’t actually sit on your counter, but it can sure help you clear it off a little! We’re kind of obsessed with the way Kendall-Jackson upcycled old wooden crates in order to make this very farmhouse inspired produce stand that adds to the kitchen’s aestehtic but also makes the fruit and veggies your family eats every day nice and accessible but still organized.

4. Wooden EAT boards

Wooden eat boards

Would you rather make something purely decorative and nice to look at but you don’t actually have much spare counter space to work with at all? Then perhaps you can find a spare patch of wall instead! We’re huge fans of how Homedit decided to turn cut squares of reclaimed wood into some word decor that perfectly suits what goes on in a kitchen.

5. Industrial inspired wood and pipe coffee station

Industrial inspired wood and pipe coffee station