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13 Ways To Store All Of The Kids’ Stuffed Animals

We know kiddos can cause clutter, but there’s no clutter like that of a room that’s been filled to the brim with teddy bears and all their other stuffed animal friends. It seems like an impossible feat. Where can we put all their cuddly buddies? How can we store them so they’re accessible but not filled up every corner of every room? Well, here are 13 ways to store all of the kids’ stuffed animals that actually work!

1. Hanging Layers

Diy hanging toy storage

This ladder-like innovation from It’s Always Autumn is perfect for a smaller stuffed animal collection. Hang and display your favorites and still allow the kids to grab who they want to spend time with and go! It’s a low-level craft and there aren’t too many materials needed either.

2. Sling

Scarf sling stuffed animal storage diy 2

Create a sling to display your favorites! You know what works well? A large scarf or pashmina! Check out the details at O For Owl.

3. It’s a Circus

Circus stuffed animal storage diy

You’re seeing things clearly, we promise. You can literally create a circus for your kiddos’ stuffed animals to become a part of. It’s a wonderful storage solution but one with some pizzazz! The project can be found at Hallmark.

4. Chandelier

Chandelier stuffed animal storage diy

Getting the stuffed animals up and off the floor is always a great idea. And with this one from diyinspired.com it’s done in an innovative way with a lot of premiere styling. A stuffed animal chandelier is really a little gal’s dream come true.

5.  Wire Baskets

Wire basket animal storage diy