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15 Journaling Prompts That Will Inspire A Brand New You

If you’re feeling a little stuck and in your head lately, why not grab your diary or that cute, brand new notebook you picked up and utilize all of those fresh pages! These 15 journaling prompts will inspire a brand new you. Just pick one and get started pouring some emotion and ideas out onto the lines. Let’s have a peek at some of these favorited beginners we found below!

Journaling prompt ideas

1. Who do you admire most in the world?

Go ahead and write it down. Is it a family member, friend, or maybe a celebrity that you’ve looked up to as a role model for ages? Talk about why you admire them so much and how you can aspire to be a bit more like them one day.

2. What is my best childhood memory?

Dig deep for this one – or don’t. Writing down the first memory you can think of or maybe combing through some that you haven’t explored in a while, you’ll have a lot of fun reliving some of the best times from when you were a tot. And you may even remember new details this time around.

3. What’s on my “to read” list?

This one will be fun and inspiring. It’ll also get your off your tush and back to your love of reading. Go ahead and write down a new “to read” list and start checking them off.

4. What is my proudest accomplishment?

If you’re feeling a bit down or forgetful of why you’re so great – give yourself this fabulous reminder. Write down your proudest accomplishment and everything you can remember about that moment. What was it? How’d you get there? Why were you proud?

5. How can I make a positive difference in the world?

From standing up and speaking out for movements that you believe in or volunteering a bit more locally, there are tons of ways to take on a more positive approach to life. If you want to make a difference then you have to be proactive, and right now you can write out that plan for how to achieve it.

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6. What is my ideal of a successful life?

Is it a certain number in your 401k? Is it having a family or following your specific dreams? You’ll have a better route and vision for your life if you figure out what kind of “success” you want to be a part of.

7. What is my worst fear?

There are so many tough days ahead of all of us. But if we write down what we fear most, if those days ever come where we have to confront them – they may not end up being just as bad. Let it out and talk about it – even if that talk only happens between the pen and the pages.

8. Who are the three most important people in my life?

The most important aspect besides the “who” here is the “why.” Make sure you write down more than the names. Give specific examples of why these people are so important and how they’v impacted your life.

9. How can I change something in my life for the better?

We all have something we may want to change – intangibly or tangibly. If that’s a worry you have or something you’ve thought of before, this is your time to take control and do it. How do you get started? Write it down and figure it out today.

10. What are my strengths/weaknesses?

Journal prompt ideas

Here’s another way to explore yourself and give yourself a pat on the back too. Write out your strengths and weaknesses. You can even figure out how to work on those weakness and keep your strengths, well, strong.

11. What’s the best movie I’ve ever seen?

Why is it the best? Is it something you can watch over and over again? Is there a reason you think it’s the absolute best? Explain.

12.  How do I think others would describe me?

This one may be a bit fun. You can even make this a more interactive prompt. Write down all the details that you think would come and then ask friends and family members to see what they say. You may surprise yourself.

13. What is my biggest regret & how would I change it?

Even if you’re a person who “lives with no regrets” you may find this one helpful. It’s a great way to explore some subconscious feelings and learn a bit about what to do if there’s a “next time.”

14. What did I want to be when I grew up?

Maybe you’re already grown up and you’ve become a teacher, a writer, an actress, or a nurse. Or maybe you’re a high school student trying to figure out the future. Travel back in time and talk to your journal about the dreams “little you” once had. Are they the same? Are they different? What’s changed?

15. Where do I want to travel to?

Finally, write down all the places you want to travel. You could even make a collage of every destination if you’d like. Write down specifics – eateries, museums, and the like. And then write down why you want to go and take a look.

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