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15 Adorable Hot Air Balloon Themed Crafts

Hot air balloons are something that most people have seen floating serenely above the ground, but that only a handful of people ever really get to experience. That doesn’t mean your kids won’t think they’re awesome! There are plenty of stories about hot air balloons in kids’ books and pictures of them on TV, so if your kids are anything like ours, they’re probably still totally into them! What’s the best way to get your kids celebrating something they like and using their imaginations? Crafting, of course!

Check out these 15 adorable hot air balloon themed crafts that you and your kids will adore making together.

1. Spinning 3D hot air balloon

Spinning 3d hot air balloon jpg

Crafty Morning guides you through the process of making simple 3D hot air balloons out of construction paper cut into a hot air balloon shape and folded in half against four other shapes in different colours! All you need next is a basket made from a toilet paper roll, some strings to attach it, and voila!

2. Cupcake liner hot air balloon

Cupcake liner hot air balloon

Are you looking for an extra simple craft that will keep your kids busy but still let them imagine themselves floating high above the ground in a hot air balloon? A simply patterned cupcake liner will do the trick! Check out how easy it is on I Heart Crafty Things!

3. Button hot air balloons

Button hot air balloons

Do you like the idea of a simple craft where the hot air balloon is made our of something else and the basket is drawn or pasted on, but you don’t have any cupcake liners handy? Try a similar technique using buttons instead! We have My Kid Craft to thank for this idea.

4. Hot air balloon bead sun catchers

Hot air balloon bead sun catchers

The Handmade Home shows you, step by step, how to arrange and melt beads into a solid hot air balloon top that lets sunlight shine through if you hang it against a window. Add a basket made of string and paper or crafting wire and felt and make yourself a gorgeous sun catcher!

5. Tissue paper water colour hot air balloon

Tissue paper water colour hot air balloon

Happiness is Homemade reminds you how much fun tissue paper “water colour painting” can be in just about any design, hot air balloons included! We love this rainbow design and we’d be willing to bet that your kids will fall in love with the hands-on process of making them as well.

6. Paper plate hot air balloon

Paper plate hot air balloon

Do you have stacks of paper plates in the pantry that you don’t often use? They’re the perfect crafting tool for all kinds of DIY projects, including hot air balloons! Check out how Brilliant Beginnings made a textured hot air balloon from two painted paper plates attached together, some pipe cleaners, and a cardboard basket.

7. Finger print hot air balloon

Finger print hot air balloon

Making a bright balloon out of other materials is always fun, but sometimes getting crafty with paint is the simplest way… and the most fun! What’s even better than simple painting? We’d sure say finger painting is, and your kids will probably agree, so take a look at this finger painting design from Crafty Morning.

8. Papier mache hot air balloons

Papier mache hot air balloons

If you’re looking for a craft that’s a little more hands-on then these beautifully simple papier mache hot air balloons are the project for you. Grab tiny baskets from the dollar store, attach them with fishing lure or clear twine, and paint them however you please, just like Minted Condition did!

9. Dr Seuss style hot air balloons

Dr seuss style hot air balloons

Do you like the papier mache hot air balloon idea but you’re interest in making ones that have a bit of a distinct style? Consider shaping and painting them to look specifically like the balloons from the iconic Dr Seuss kids’ books! Buggie and Jellybean shows you exactly how they’re done.

10. Photo hot air balloon

Photo hot air balloon

The balloon isn’t the only part of a hot air balloon that you can have fun crafting with! Eberhart’s Explorers suggests helping your kids cut and paste pictures of themselves to look as though they’re sitting in the basket taking a ride.

11. Sewn hot air balloon plushies

Sewn hot air balloon plushies

Unless your kids are a little bit older and are interested in learning to sew, this project is probably best for you. Kids could help you out and learn from watching you sew, though! These little hot air balloon plushies from Image Bon would make an adorable hanging mobile in a nursery.

12. Bubble wrap printed hot air balloon

Bubble wrap printed hot air balloon

Doing pretty much anything with bubble wrap is already a fun time, but painting with it can be even better! Help your kids paint the wrap and use it as a stamp to make a patter, then cut a balloon shape and attach a basket, and maybe even a little rider made from a spoon and some googly eyes! Check it out on I Heart Crafty Things.

13. 3D layers hot air balloon

3d layers hot air balloon

I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar shows you how to make a 3D balloon pattern similar to the first design, but featuring more colours and layers. It’s the perfect advanced version of that project for kids who are a bit older and want more of a challenge.

14. Heart doily hot air balloon

Heart doily hot air balloon

I Heart Arts n’ Crafts shows you how to use similar techniques to the project above this in order to make an adorable Valentine for a loved one. Fold and glue lace heart doilies for the balloon and use a sticker in a marching red heart shape to decorate the basket!

15. Woven paper hot air balloons

Woven paper hot air balloons

Do you remember in middle school when you used to write your friends notes and then fold the paper in creative ways before you passed them on? All Women’s Talk suggests using a similar paper folding technique to create a basket woven hot air balloon featuring a cute little paper basket! Using two different colours of paper gives it a great varying pattern.

Do you know someone who loves hot air balloons, or whose kids are currently in love with the idea of floating through the sky in one? Share this post with them for a big of crafting inspiration!

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