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24 DIY Herb Gardens To Practice Your Green Thumb With

From the windowsill to the backyard, there are tons of ways to test your plant growing abilities – in a big or small way. Today, we’re going  with the edible route. These 24 DIY herb gardens are perfect for practicing your great thumb with and lighting up the dinner table with new ways to jazz up your homemade meals. Let’s take a look!

1. Mason Jars

Diy mason jar herb garden

Camille Styles shows us how to make mason jars chic with this beautiful walled herb garden. Test out your green thumb and breathe life into the kitchen or patio.

2. Coffee Table

Diy herb garden coffee table for outdoors 1 500x750

Shelterness has one of my favorite projects on the list! Check out the amazing details behind the construction of this coffee table herb garden!

3. Vintage Kettles

Cool vintage garden of old fashioned kettles 2 500x333

And if you hop on over to Shelterness again, you’ll find out how to use some vintage kettles and put them to good use again. If you have a more eclectic taste then this is the perfect pick for you!

4. Chalkboard Planters

Cute diy chalkboard planters3

Shelterness has the details for using chalk paint to create your herb garden as well. This is a more traditional idea but one that we love just as much!

5. Hanging

Diy hanging garden

If you’re looking for something more grandiose and more intricate, then hop on over to Homemade Modern and try your hand at making this gorgeous hanging piece!

6. Clothespins

Diy clothespin planters

Clothespins can help you out too. Just visit 7th House on the Left to grab all the details on these cuties.

7. Tin Containers

Diy herb garnden

Turn those tin containers into something brand new with help and instruction from Ewa in the Garden. We are loving this outside idea!

8. Backdoor

Diy backdoor herb garden

The Vintage Wren showed us how they make an herb garden right outside the back door. Water them everyday and grab what you need for dinner in an instant.

9. Vertical Wall

Diy vertical garden

AKA Design has another walled project to learn about and try your hand at. If you’re looking for a larger DIY to try, this is it!

10. Shoe Organizer

Diy shoe organizer

Who knew a shoe organizer could be used to grow your herbs. Check out this innovative idea at Instructables.

11. Tea Tins

16 repurposed planter

Apartment Therapy featured some vintage tea tins and how they can be used as planters too! It’s so innovative and fun!

12. Fairy

Diy fairy herb garden

Dabbles & Babbles has one the kiddos will loved to be involved in too. Your herb garden can double as a fairy garden.

13. Wine Rack

Diy wine rack herb garden

Curbly gives us a super fun Ikea hack to try out. This wine rack can easily be turn into a super modern herb garden in an instant!

14. Personalized

Diy inside herb garden

Loveshack Chic has an easier and more personalized idea featured. Pick out your papers and make your own labels as your herbs grow.

15. Industrial

Diy herb garden industrial

If you like an edgier, more industrial style, you’ll want to visit Infarrantly Creative. It’s the perfect windowsill treat or home office desk addition – just switch the succulents for herbs!

16. Starbucks Cups

Upcycled frappuccino cup mini planters

Honey & Lime shows us why we shouldn’t be so quick to throw out our Starbucks cups. Because they can obviously be turned into the perfect, “basic” planters!

17. Plastic

Diy herb garden

BHG gives us some charming, easy inspiration for the kitchen as well. Plain, white and plastic planters look beautiful on a simple wire rack as the plants start to grow.

18. Baskets

Diy herb baskets

House To Home gives us another idea that we may not think of at first. Woven baskets – of all kinds – can be planters for our herbs too!

19. Patio

Diy patio herb garnde

Check out Overstuffed if you want to create a simple patio herb garden for the entire family to help out with and enjoy. It’s easy and sweet!

20. Concrete

Diy concrete herb garden to make 2 500x686

Shelterness gives us yet another great idea – especially those with more minimal style visions. Yes, concrete too can be turned into the most perfect of planters.

21. Pallets

Pallet vertical herb garden

If you’re handy with wood pieces 99 Pallets has a project for you. This pallet design can hold every herb you’d want to grow!

22. Cedar


Angie The Freckled Rose used a simple cedar planter to create her own herb garden. We love it’s traditional sense and easy beauty.

23. Teacups

Exquisite herb home garden as mothers day decoration 4 500x750

If you want something on a smaller scale, then you’ll want to visit Shelterness just one more time. Catch the details for teacup planting now!

24. Wagon

Diy herb wagon

Precious Sister shows us how to take an old wagon and turn it into a beautiful herb garden! We are loving this unique idea and how beautiful it would be in your own yard.

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