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DIY Hemp Bracelet Patterns That are Great for Summer

Summertime isn’t quite here yet, but it’s never too early to start preparing awesome beach looks. If you’re anything like us, you spent your teen years wrapping and weaving hemp bracelets with all kinds of beads and angles. They’re perfect for tying on and leaving all summer and the more weathered they get, the more awesome they look.

Check out these awesome hemp bracelet designs that you’ll love whether they’re new or worn in!

1. Bead and hemp summer ankle bracelet

Bead and hemp summer ankle bracelet

Crafts Unleashed shows you how to use double stranded braiding and beads to create a delicate bracelet for your ankle.

2. Hemp button bracelets

Diy button clasp hemp bracelets

Do you prefer hemp bracelets that don’t stay on all season? These button clasp ones from Happy Hour Projects are perfect for you.

3. Simple braids and beads

Simpe braids and beads

Happy Hour Projects shows you how to make super simple hemp bracelets with braids and beads. These are great for beginners!

4. Intricate cuff hemp bracelet

Intricate cuff hemp bracelet

Are you looking for a pattern that’s a little more challenging? This intricate cuff pattern by For the Love of Scarves is nothing short of gorgeous!