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15 Easy Healthy Hair Tips On How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Keeping your tresses tamed and manageable is important, but keeping them healthy is the number one priority. Whether you’ve got long hair extensions or a short bob, your locks needs to be taken care of. From washing it daily to what products to use and stay away from, we’ve got it all covered with our quick list. And with these 15 easy hair tips you’ll keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

1. Sleep On Silk or Satin


Reduce bedhead, split ends and keep in moisture all by just sleeping on a simple silk or satin pillow case. We found this popular brand onPinterest but there are tons of options out there for you to try and that work. It’s great for those with especially thick or long locks.

2. Massage The Scalp To Stimulate Hair Growth

Scalp massage in shower

When shampooing, pay attention to your scalp. Give it a little massage here and there to stimulate hair growth. Do it for at least one minute every time. Trust us and Prevention, your hair will thank us and you will too with the extra bit of relaxation in the shower.

3. Brush Out Your Hair Before You Shower

Comb your hair before you shower

Like Musely says, this girl may be brushing her hair out after her shower but we’re hoping she did it beforehand too. Why you ask? When hair is wet it becomes more fragile and easy to damage, don’t fight with your tangles once your head is soaked. Make sure all the knots are loose before the water hits it.

4. Protect Your Hair Beauty

Young blondy girl in sunglasses and straw hat

Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the elements too – especially the sun. And sun hats aren’t only meant to keep your skin protected.Health teaches us to be conscious and protect our tresses from the sun, chlorine (especially blondes or those with dyed hair) and salt water too.

5. Use Shampoo & Conditioner From The Same Line

Pantee shampoo and condition

This may seem like a no-brainer but try to keep your shampoo and conditioners that you’re using from the same line/brand.Style Craze advises us that staying within the same formula is important to gain all the benefits from your chosen products. Mixing up different purposes and end results will only deflate what you’re trying to achieve.

6. Say Goodbye To Tight Ponytail Holders

Don't use tight ponytail holders

Style Caster is focusing on ponytail holders and why we need to start being a bit more conscious of how tight we’re making them. When too tight, they can break off your long hair and cause split ends – and no one wants that! Also, the tighter the pony, the more you’re stretching out your hairline and may be causing your hair to thin out in the front quicker.

7. Turn On The Cold Water

Cold water for washing hair

Although a warm shower is relaxing and enjoyable, it’s the cold water that is healthier for our hair. Self reminds us that a splash of chill at the end of the shower will help our tresses shine. The cool water rinses the products off without rinsing away them moisture too.

8. Keep Your Diet Right

Healthy hair diet 2

Just like a healthy, good diet is beneficial for your body and skin, it’s beneficial for your hair as well! Taking care of your hair from the inside out is just as important as the rest of you, and there are certain things that you can eat to help pump of your locks. For example, your hair is mostly made of protein so it’s important your giving yourself enough of it and the healthiest versions of it.

9. Grab Clarifying Shampoo Once A Month

Hair clarifying shampoo

Splurging in a clarifying remedy once a month would be great for your healthy hair as well. Style Crazeexplains that this kind of treatment will remove all the excess grime and built-up in your hair from just the everyday as well as the products we use. And you’ll be surprised how much cleaner and lighter your hair will feel after a use.

10. No More Teasing – Unless Done Right

Hwo to tease hair correctly

Stay away from the teasing combs unless you know how to do it right. This causing more damage to your hair then good. But, if you take a peek at Bustle, you can learn how to tease your hair without causing a lot of that same kind of damage – in just 9 steps.

11. Pat Your Hair Dry

Pat your hair dry

Stop rubbing and start patting! Muselyteaches us the importance of patting your hair dry instead of using your towel to rub it dry. Your wet hair is fragile, sensitive and can be damaged more easily then when its dry. Be gentle!

12. Avoid Using Excess Heat

Heat style hair

This seems like a no-brainer as well but important enough to remind everyone. Heat can cause damage to our hair, especially when in excess. Use the tools and steps given to pro using protect your locks from it. Today gives us some great advice on how to fight using those straighteners everyday.

13. Tame Fly Aways With A Toothbrush

Sydne style how to tame flyaways with a toothbrush hairspray hair tricks ponytail

Toothbrushes are quite helpful in more areas in one and that includes in hair care. Shareablyis showing off how to take one and use it to our advantage when it comes to taming fly aways. Just shoot it with some hairspray and comb!

14. Get A Wide-Tooth Comb For Tangles

Wide tooth comb for tangles

Beauty Munstagives us all the details on why we should all be turning to a wide tooth comb. And they begin with how gentle they are on our scalps – which is especially nice for those of us with sensitive ones. It’s also easier to detangle our hair with one and causes less damage – among other benefits.

15. Condition Only the Ends – But Don’t Forget the Scalp

Condition the ends of your hair only

Although using conditioner from our neck down is key to non-greasy locks, we can’t forget to moisturize our scalps as well. StyleCasteradvises us how to do it all right – from top to bottom. And that includes paying even more attention to it all in the winter months.

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