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15 Quick and Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Parents usually feel better sending lunches off with their kiddos. You know exactly what they’re eating and that they’re getting enough to keep them satisfied throughout the day. First days are creeping back slowly and it’ll be time to make new grocery lists soon. Take a peek at out list of 15 quick and healthy back-to-school lunch ideas that all the kids will love.

1. Monster Sandwiches

Monster sandwiches for school lunches

Land O’ Moms starts us off with a spooky surprise. It’s perfect for around Halloween or just as a fun addition to the lunchbox. Give the kiddos a scream with their fav sandwich – jazzed up just a bit.

2. Crescent Roll Hot Dogs

Crescent roll hot dogs

These are easy to whip up ahead of time and then wrap up in everyone’s lunchbox. Send it off with some spicy mustard or ketchup for dipping. Check out the details by visiting Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

3. Avocado & Cream Cheese Sandwich

Veggie sandwich

Sweet Potato Chronicles put together a concoction that may sound a little odd but tastes delicious and it’s super kid-friendly. Avocado and cream cheese (with some added veggies for color) is a great way to get the taste buds tingling and provide something new for lunch.

4. Cold Pasta Salad

Cold pasta salad

Cold pasta salad is such an easy route to take for the entire family and their meals for the week. Whip it up ahead of time and you’ll have enough for everyone to enjoy. This recipe can be found at Meet the Dubiens.

5. Build-A-Taco Bento

Build a taco bento box