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Hair Styles Involving Curls

No matter what kind of hair you have, styling it every morning can be a chore. Sometimes you’re very busy or running late and sometimes you’re just plain tired and don’t have the energy for something high effort. Other days, however, a great hairstyle that makes your mane look its best for a special day or a fancy occasion is fun to do! Depending on what texture of hair you have and how much body and volume it gives you to work with, however, the styles that look great on you and are easy to do might be different than what suits your friends. People with curly hair, for example, can do some extra unique, beautifully styled updos that people with thinner, straighter her can’t pull off without putting in a hot roller set first. Harness that natural ability and create something lovely looking whether you opt for simple and quick or elaborate and fancy!

Check out these 15 beautiful hairstyles that are absolutely perfect for big, curly hair.

1. Curly twist over ponytail

Curly twist over ponytail

If your hair has a lot of volume, even a simple ponytail can look great. Every once in a while, though it’s nice to change things up and add a subtle detail that amps the style up just ever so slightly. That’s where easy twisting techniques like this one from Hair Romance are helpful! They’ve flipped this ponytail through itself near the elastic to give it just a bit of simple character.

2. Curly low tuck

Curly low tuck

Do you like the idea of flipping and twisting your hair because sometimes you like to keep it contained and take a break for its usual wily shape and volume? There’s nothing wrong with reigning your curls in sometimes so people really get a look at your features! We love the way The Brave Life used a similar tucking twist technique as the style above, but left the ends wound in to create a low halo of hair around the back. You still get to see some pretty, curly textured framing your face, but the rest is contained neatly in a subtle roll that will hold all day if you pin it well.

3. Curly layered vertical twists

Curly layered vertical twists

Have we mentioned that we love twisting and looping techniques for curly hair? We find them helpful because the texture of your hair really lets the rolls and tucks you create show in contrast to the body of the curls you don’t catch up into the style detail. This layered tuck style lets you do lots of little hair turns vertically down the back of the head for an extra detailed look that you can either leave hanging as a ponytail near the nape of your neck or tuck under the way Hair Romance has here if you’d rather not feel your hair against your next.

4. Modern Gibson Girl

Modern gibson girl

If you’ve never heard of the Gibson Girl hairstyle, look up hair fashions of the 1930s right away! A “Gibson Girl” was a particularly styled woman of that era who held independence and feminine power as a strong value and presented herself in a stylish, confident manner. The signature hairstyle of such a girl involved built volume framing the face but swept up and away, pinning the ends in a neat bun on the back. This modern version featured on Natural Meze Curls lets you communicate yourself as a similarly strong, confident woman, but of your own contemporary era. We love the slight angle the hair is piled at, deviating slightly from the classic style but still paying it a stunning homage.