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15 DIY Holiday Gifts Made with Essential Oils

Like most DIY enthusiasts, we’re always tempted to give our closest family and friends DIY gifts that we spent time and care making. Because we know that many of them are health and beauty enthusiasts, we like to stick to natural homemade supplies that will help our loved ones relax over their holiday time off. We always check with them for allergies first, but the gifts are always a hit. That’s the power of gorgeous smelling essential oils!

Check out our top 15 favourite natural DIY holiday themed ideas made with essential oils for gloriously scented Christmas presents.

1. DIY lavender linen spray

Diy lavender linen spray

Wholefully suggests making a light, pleasant smelling linen spray from lavender, which is proven to have calming, relaxing effects on those who smell it. Instruct your loved ones to mist the spray lightly over their sheets or pillow cases before they crawl into bed to have the most relaxing sleeps possible this holiday season!

2. Thieve’s Spray

Thieve's spray

“Thieves’ spray” is an ancient blend of herbs, including garlic, cloves, and rosemary. For hundreds of years, it’s been believed to have some of the most effective disinfecting and sanitizing abilities around. So much so, in fact, that essential oil distributors created an oil form the combination of herbs to make that power easier to harness in your own homemade products. Mama natural guides you through the process of turning that oil into a spray that will help your loves ones stay healthy this holiday season by letting them clean things like airplane seats and other public surfaces without an alcohol scent that bugs the skin and smells strongly.

3. All natural smoothing hair serum

All natural smoothing hair serum

Among its many powers, lavender oil has the power to tame frizzy hair and fly aways! Store bought hair serums will do that too, but they tend to be oilier than homemade ones and some brands contain harmful filler products that might irritate the scalp of people with very sensitive skin. As long as you check with them about allergies first, your loved ones should be able to use this natural hair serum recipe from Body Unburdened with no problems!

4. DIY all purpose healing salve

Diy all purpose healing salve

Sometimes humans encounter scrapes, pains, and small health things that there’s no real cure for and that we just have to ride out while we wait for healing. You can help your loved ones during that process, however, by gifting them a naturally homemade organic all purpose healing salve! One Good Thing shows you how to create one that bears disinfectant properties so your minor scratches and scrapes stay clean and your skin stays as healthy as possible.