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15 Super Fun Flamingo Themed Crafts

If we had to choose a particular animal, object, or shape when it comes to graphic prints, kitschy decor pieces, and so on, we would absolutely choose flamingoes 100% of the time. Between their bright pink colour and their funny physicality, there’s just something so cheerful about them they we’re kind of obsessed with! Of course, being avid crafters and DIY enthusiasts, we’ve always loved combining our creative skills with other things we adore, which is why we can often be found browsing the Internet for flamingo themed crafts that, whether we’re making it ourselves or with our kids, will be a blast to create and to use or display afterwards.

Just in case you love flamingoes just as much as we do, if not more, here 15 of the very best flamingo themed DIY projects, ideas, and tutorials we’ve come across so far!

1. Paper plate and tissue paper flamingo for kids

Paper plate and tissue paper flamingo for kids

Is it actually perhaps your kids that are all excited about flamingoes rather than you, so you’re looking for something simple, adorable, and fun to help them make that will let them celebrate their favourite animal in a creative way, even though you need it to be easy because they’re little? Then we think we’ve got the perfect idea for you! Check out how Makes and Takes made cute little cut and paste flamingos using paper plates, construction paper, and tissue paper.

2. Paint, feather, and straw flamingos

Paint, feather, and straw flamingos

Are you very interested indeed in helping your kids make crafty little flamingoes but they’re a little bit older and a lot more interested in slightly more detailed paintings than a simple cut and paste craft, even though they still adore mixed material craft? In that case, we think perhaps you’d get along a little better with this fantastic straw and feather flamingo craft that lets you and your kids blend all of those techniques together in one place! Get the full details for making yours on All Kids Are Gifted.

3. Hand drawn flamingo shoes

Hand drawn flamingo shoes

Have you beens scrolling through our list so far and thinking about how, even though you like the look of the crafts you’ve seen so far, they’re not really for you since your own DIY skills actually lie in hand drawing? Then we’d like to direct your attention to these fantastic hand drawn flamingo shoes featured on DIY Projects for Teens! They show you how to choose the right materials to make the shoes last and how to draw cute little flamingo outlines in a simple, stylish way.

4. Cute flamingo drinking straws

Cute flamingo drinking straws

If you’re going to make a paper based cut and paste craft, would you prefer it to be one that you can share with others, particularly if it helps you out with another thing you love doing, which is throwing dinners or parties and acting as a host? Then maybe you’d prefer to check out the way The Cottage Market created these fantastic pink flamingo drinking straws that add a little bit of personality and colour to any drink, whether you’re celebrating or just looking to brighten up someone’s day.

5. Flamingo themed canvas quote art

Flamingo themed canvas quote art

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about hand painted flamingo designs earlier on our list but you don’t think you’ll actually wear a pair of shoes quite so bright and graphic because your sense of personal style is a little bit more subtle than that? Then we think maybe you’d get along a little better with a project like this cute flamingo themed quite canvas featured on Crafts By Courtney!

6. Pink flamingo “junk sign”

Pink flamingo junk sign

Just in case you’re still interested in hand painting but neither of the projects we’ve shown you so far are quite speaking to what you want to create or the aesthetic of your home, here’s an option for you that’s slightly more rustic chic and purposely weathered looking! We love the way Petticoat Junktion painted a miniature mural of flamingos bathing on a piece of repurposed driftwood hung up with rope.

7. Pink flamingo summer snow globes

Pink flamingo summer snow globes

If you’re going to make a DIY project from scratch that’s all based around something as kitschy and visual as flamingoes, would you prefer to just accept that aesthetic and make something that goes all out to embrace it? Then we think perhaps you’ll get a kick out of how Gray Malin created summery “snow” globes that feature tropical palm trees and and cheerful flamingoes inside, instead of snow flakes and snowmen as you’d usually see.

8. DIY flamingo marquee light

Diy flamingo marquee light

If there’s one thing we’ve been excited to see rising in the DIY world right now (and admittedly a little bit obsessed with), it’s homemade marquee lights! We’ve always loved the movie-style, Hollywood aesthetic of the pre-made marquees in stores but we find they never have them in the shapes we like. We doubt you’ll be surprise to learn, then, that we were ecstatic to learn about this DIY flamingo marquee light outlined step by step on Brit + Co.

9. Flamingo pom poms card

Flamingo fur pom poms card

If you’re going to make fantastic DIY flamingo crafts, would you prefer to make something beautiful that you can share with other people around you in order to spread the bright cheer that flamingoes bring with them? Then maybe you’d be best to make a series of beautifully handmade flamingo themed greeting cards like these ones featured on Design for Soul! They show you how to create the bodies out of fluffy pink crafting pom poms, as well as how to add features using lovely watercolour paints.

10. DIY flamingo pencil holder

Diy flamingo pencil holder

If you’re in love with flamingoes because of their bright colour and goofy appearance and how cheerful seeing them makes you feel, why not think about using them as a theme in a space in your life that could use a little brightening up? Then maybe they’d be the perfect thing for creating a happy area around your work desk! A Kailo Chic Life guides you step by step through the process of making a flamingo shaped pencil holder that’s also decorative and funky.

11. Pink flamingo snow globe ornaments

Pink flamingo snow globe ornaments

Were you pretty intrigued indeed by the idea of making pink flamingo snow globes, but you can’t help but feel that you’d actually really enjoy that contrast created between some faux snow and a sun, summery looking flamingo? Well, we can’t say we blame you; the more colourful and nonsensical our crafts are, the more we find we love their kitsch appeal! That’s why we were such huge fans of this adorable flamingo snow globe ornament craft outlined step by step on Club Crafted.

12. Raining flamingos mobile

Raining flamingos mobile

Have we caught your attention quite well with this funny concept of flamingoes and precipitation but none of the options you’ve seen so far have quite convinced you to choose them and start gathering supplies? Then here’s another amusing craft for your consideration! Morena’s Corner outlines the surprisingly simple process of creating a cute hanging mobile created from starched scrap fabric and cotton in order to look like hearts and flamingoes raining down from a fluffy cloud.

13. Flamingo wall hangers

Flamingo wall hangers

Are you actually such a lover of kitsch and camp that you’re still scrolling through our list hoping to find an even more ridiculous flamingo themed craft to really create a statement in your home? Then we think you sound like the perfect person to give these hilarious flamingo jewelry hangers made from old fashioned plastic lawn ornaments a try! Have you ever seen old movies from the 70s and 80s where trailer park home had all kinds of themed garden ornaments outside? That’s precisely what Aww Sam suggests using to give yourself a little more hanging storage. They even though you how to make one that lights up!

14. Flamingo perler bead decoration

Flamingo perler bead decoriation

Are you actually still scrolling the list in hopes of finding an idea that’s a little better for older kids, but still falls into the category of “fun kids’ crafts”, just to make sure they enjoy themselves on a rainy crafternoon? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Vivaciously created adorable flamingo ornaments from classic perler beads!

15. Flamingo and tiara bunting

Flamingo and tiara bunting

In our house, just about every person living here has a small obsession with party buntings. The difference between us and other people we know, however, is that we love to make them and keep them up whether there’s a party happening or not; we just happen to think they’re fantastic decor at any time! That’s why we were so excited when we came across these fantastic DIY flamingoes alternating with tiaras along a bunting string, as outlined nice and simply by The Crafty Mummy.

Do you know a fellow crafter and DIY enthusiast who adores flamingos just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of new ways to combine the things they love most!

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