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25 Colorful DIY Bracelets That Will Brighten Your Day

Why spend a fortune at the mall on bracelets when you can make your own for half the price? Plus, you can pick the exact colors that you like. Here are 25 of our very favorite colorful bracelets, cuffs and bangles from around the internet. You’ll never want to buy a bracelet from the store again!

1. Yarn Wrapped Bracelet

yarn wrapped bracelet

This bracelet is a colorful combination of gold chain and turquoise yarn, and it is incredibly easy to make. Just grab some leftover yarn from your last knitting project and begin tying it around the chain as shown over on A Pretty Fix. Make one in every color and wear a whole wrist full of them!

2. Geometric Color Blocked Bracelet

geometric color blocked bracelet

This geometric bracelet has a unique color blocked look, and although it looks like it’s beaded, it’s actually painted! All you’ll need is an old bracelet that needs a new lease on life, some painter’s tape and a few cans of spray paint. Check out the in-depth instructions over at She Knows.

3. Beaded Tassel Bracelets

colorful tassel bracelets

Tassels are stylish right now, so these brightly colored bracelets are sure to impress your friends. They are made using a basic beading technique, and then tassels are attached afterward. Head over to Working Mom Magic to find out all about the materials that work best for this project.

4. Neon Crocheted Bracelet

neon and gray bracelet

Crocheting often reminds me of grandma making doilies in her rocking chair, but this neon crocheted bracelet is nothing but modern. The tiny rose shaped rounds are made with thin cord and then sewn together. Make your way over to Gloria Fort’s blog to find out exactly how to make one yourself.

5. Leather Name Bracelet

leather name bracelet