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25 Colorful DIY Bracelets That Will Brighten Your Day

Why spend a fortune at the mall on bracelets when you can make your own for half the price? Plus, you can pick the exact colors that you like. Here are 25 of our very favorite colorful bracelets, cuffs and bangles from around the internet. You’ll never want to buy a bracelet from the store again!

1. Yarn Wrapped Bracelet

yarn wrapped bracelet

This bracelet is a colorful combination of gold chain and turquoise yarn, and it is incredibly easy to make. Just grab some leftover yarn from your last knitting project and begin tying it around the chain as shown over on A Pretty Fix. Make one in every color and wear a whole wrist full of them!

2. Geometric Color Blocked Bracelet

geometric color blocked bracelet

This geometric bracelet has a unique color blocked look, and although it looks like it’s beaded, it’s actually painted! All you’ll need is an old bracelet that needs a new lease on life, some painter’s tape and a few cans of spray paint. Check out the in-depth instructions over at She Knows.

3. Beaded Tassel Bracelets

colorful tassel bracelets

Tassels are stylish right now, so these brightly colored bracelets are sure to impress your friends. They are made using a basic beading technique, and then tassels are attached afterward. Head over to Working Mom Magic to find out all about the materials that work best for this project.

4. Neon Crocheted Bracelet

neon and gray bracelet

Crocheting often reminds me of grandma making doilies in her rocking chair, but this neon crocheted bracelet is nothing but modern. The tiny rose shaped rounds are made with thin cord and then sewn together. Make your way over to Gloria Fort’s blog to find out exactly how to make one yourself.

5. Leather Name Bracelet

leather name bracelet

Wear your name on your wrist with this fabulously easy bracelet tutorial. Just grab some colorful leather cord and some metallic hardware, and you’ll be ready to recreate this unique piece of jewelry yourself. Head over to Happy Hour Projects to find out all the details.

6. DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

chain and string bracelet

Grab a thick chain and lots of embroidery floss for this chunky, colorful statement bracelet. The technique is really quite simple, and the result is sure to wow your friends. Make your way over to Honestly WTF to find out what materials you’ll need and how to create the knotted effect.

7. Braided Cuff Bracelet

braided cuff bracelet

This beaded cuff bracelet is really quite sophisticated, made with tube shaped beads and memory wire to give it that round cuff shape. Then it’s braided as the final step. Head over to the Tuts+ blog to find out all about this lovely project. Your friends will beg you to make them one!

8. Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

rainbow friendship bracelets

These pretty bracelets can be made in any color embroidery floss, and they look best grouped together as shown above. Make your way over to the Useful DIY website to check out the photo tutorial. They’re super easy to make… just wait until you see what they’re made of!

9. Complicated Friendship Bracelet

complicated friendship bracelet

If you grew up making friendship bracelets with embroidery floss, then you’ll love this one… a complex version of the traditional. Head over to the Hey Wanderer blog to find out exactly how to do it – the tutorial shows a photo of each step. Just be prepared to spend a little bit of extra time on it!

10. Morse Code Bracelets

morse code bracelets

Who would have thought that these bracelets hold a secret message? The Morse Code has been used to represent words and phrases in these bracelets by alternating different colors. Check out Honestly WTF to find out how to make a set and to get a link to the Morse Code translator.

11. Painted Wooden Bracelet

Painted Wooden Bracelet

This wooden bracelet has been painted with different colored stripes, in different widths… a refreshing new approach to the statement bracelet. Just grab some paint, blue painter’s tape and a brush and get to work. Check out the full tutorial over at Delineate Your Dwelling.

12. Hardware Store Bracelets

DIY hardware store bracelets

These colorful bracelets are made in part with items from the hardware store, believe it or not! The colored base is created by wrapping embroidery floss around a piece of rope, and brass “beads” are actually compression sleeves. Head over to Thanks, I Made It to find out all the details.

13. Recycled Magazine Bracelets

colorful large cuff bracelets

These bold bracelets are made out of recycled cardboard and magazines, so you can feel good that you aren’t wasting any materials! They are made using a series of rolled magazine pages, and then they are painted any way you like. Check out the instructions over at Mark Montano’s blog.

14. Rhinestone Bracelets

rhinestone bracelet diy

These dainty little pieces are perfect for those of you who love to stack a few bracelets on one wrist, especially with these pretty colors. The rhinestones come with holes through them, so they are simply slipped onto colorful cord. Head over to SwellMayde to find out more about the project.

15. Mixed Leather Bracelet

Colorful Leather Bracelet

This one is actually deceptively easy to make, because the leather cord is pre-woven… so all you have to do is pair your colors and wrap embroidery floss around to connect them. Make your way over to Gina Michele’s blog to find out exactly how to do it and to see some process photos.

16. Hair Tie Chain Bracelets

chain hair tie bracelet

This one might be my very favorite… a chain bracelet with a hair tie on the other half, which means that it doubles as both a bracelet and a hair accessory! And on top of that, it’s incredibly easy to make. Check out the full tutorial over at I Spy DIY and check out lots more photos as well.

17. Wrapped Bangles

wrapped bangle bracelets

If you have a ton of bangles that you just don’t wear anymore, this might be the project for you. These bracelets are actually old bangles wrapped with colorful embroidery floss. Make your way over to Mary and Patch to find out exactly how to wrap the floss to achieve this beautiful striped pattern.

18. Gold Tube Bracelets

gold tube bracelets

These gold tube bracelets are incredibly elegant, and they look lovely in a group with a variety of colors as shown above. And they are super simple to make! Head over to Honestly WTF to find out exactly how to create these lovely pieces of jewelry and where to get the materials.

19. Paracord Bracelets

paracord bracelets

Paracord bracelets have been popular for some time, and with good reason… they look cool, and when unwound, the strong nylon cord can be used as a survival material if you’re stuck out in the woods for whatever reason. Head over to A Girl and a Glue Gun to find out how to make one.

20. Plastic Bottle Bracelet

DIY Plastic Bottle Bracelet

Believe it or not, these wide bangles are made out of recycled plastic bottles that are cut and melted into shape! Innova Crafts made a video that will show you how to make one of these colorful pieces. Please use caution with this one, as the iron and the melted plastic can be very, very hot!

21. Painted Pattern Wooden Bracelets

DIY Painted Tribal Bracelets

These colorful wooden bracelets are made using painter’s tape adhered in a fun pattern using different paint colors… and then the resulting bracelets are stacked to form a unique look. Head over to Dismount Creative to find out exactly how to make a set of these beauties for yourself.

22. Fishtail Bracelets

DIY Fishtail Bracelet Stack

These pretty bracelets are done using a fishtail braid, similar to the way you would do a fishtail braid in your hair. These are done using two different types of colorful cord. Make your way over to Kristiina Anderson’s blog to find out exactly how to recreate this look yourself.

23. Fabric Scrap Armband

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

This unusual looking armband style bracelet is made using tons of fabric scraps, along with gold chain and buttons. It is actually one piece that’s all connected, rather than multiple bracelets. Head over to Dana’s Fashion Blog to find out how to assemble this lovely piece of jewelry.

24. Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

braided t shirt bracelets

If you have some old t-shirts lying around, cut them up into strips and make a few of these fun braided t-shirt bracelets! They are super comfortable, and quite easy to make too. Head over to Hello Natural to find out how to make them and to see more photos of the process.

25. Hex Nut Bracelets

hex nut bracelets

Last but certainly not least, these gorgeous bracelets are made using hex nuts from the hardware store along with colorful leather or suede cord and then braided. Make your way over to The Good Stuff to find out how to make them and to see lots more photos of these beauties.

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