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15 Stylish and Easy-to-Make Bracelets!

Diving in and creating anything from scratch can be incredibly rewarding, but when you can adorn yourself with your projects, they become even more special. And today is all about those types of afternoons – spent conjuring up beautiful pieces of jewelry. The focus here is on the bracelets, here are 15, stylish and easy-to-make DIY ideas!

1. Wrapped Bangles

DIY Wrap Bangles

Honestly WTF made this adorable wrapped bangles with so much pizzazz and personal style. We love the charms that were chosen!

2. Jeweled Paracord

DIY Paracord Bracelet

And here we have another beautiful idea from Honestly WTF where she uses paracord as the base. And then bejewels it!

3. Beaded Cuff

DIY Bead Bracelet

Prettyfulz made this gorgeous beaded cuff and shows us exactly what we need to use and what we need to do to make one at home!

4. Plastic Canvas

plastic canvas bracelet diy

Over at Crafts Unleashed you can learn how to make this kid-friendly, plastic canvas bracelet. Just like the posts says, it’s the perfect summertime or camp craft!

5. Nautical Rope

Beaded Nautical Rope DIY Bracelet

Check out OOH for this adorable DIY! Create your very own nautical rope bracelet for yourself or use it as a birthday gift for a loved one!

6. Tassels

Tassel DIIY Bracelets

Studs and Pearls made these pearl and tassel bracelets.  We love the creativity behind the mix and how it combines both sweet and funky elements.

7. Beaded Ring

Here’s an outside-the-box project to dive into. Create a beaded bracelet and ring duo like this gorgeous piece from Into Mind.

8. Leather Bow

Leather Bow Bracelet DIY

Oh The Lovely Things made this charming leather bow … for your wrist! Check out how to recreate one of these cuties for yourself and maybe even gift it to someone special!

9. Neon Rope


It’s hard not to swoon over these neon rope cuffs. Hop on over to Miss Kris and grab the instructions on how to embellish these beauties.

10. Just Leather


In just five minutes you can make this leather bracelet – thank to Artzy Creations. It’s chic, it’s modern and this too makes for a great present!

11. Classic Chain


If you’d like to start small, then this is the tutorial to begin with. This classic, simple chain bracelet from A Common Thread is so versatile – and it’s oversized!

12. 5 Pieces

eclectic bracelet DIYs

Over at A Matter of Style, you can learn how to make five different funky bracelets. Mix them, match them, gift them and create more!

13. Wooden Bangles

Wooden Bracelet DIY

These thick, wooden bangles were handpainted with creativity and inspiration. Check out Nubby Twiglet to get the details.

14. Beaded Leather

DIY Beaded Leather Bracelet

Fab You Bliss made this beaded leather bracelet! If you like it, hop on over and check out the easy tutorial!

15. Braided Cuff

Braided DIY Bracelet

We’re in love with this Honestly WTF’s braided cuff. The mixed material idea is quite stylish but always a great way to stretch your DIY skills.

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