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Pretty DIY Wedding Arches

In our family and circle of friends, this time of year is absolutely wedding season. The weather is finally nice but not too hot, the sun is out, and the flowers are all in bloom, so it’s the perfect time for a stunning wedding and reception! Because we’re the crafty one of the bunch, we’re always called in to help with DIY decor and details and this year we’ve been asked to help a friend make a lovely wedding arch. That’s why we’ve found ourselves pouring over every tutorial for arches that we could possibly find online.

1. Ribbons, stripped fabric, and pom pom trim arch

Ribbons, sripped fabric, and pom pom trim arch

Is the wedding that you’re making your arch for one that’s full of personality, charm, and colour? Then we have a feeling you just might be the perfect person to create something like this fantastic ribbon, stripped fabric, and pom poms arch featured step by step on A Practical Wedding! We love the idea of adding different types of trim depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.

2. DIY wooden wedding arbor

Diy wooden wedding arbor

Do your DIY skills lie more in your ability to work with harder materials, like doing actual building and woodworking? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Sorry Girls made themselves a fantastic wooden wedding arbor! Their basic design as you see it here might be simple but you can adorn it with all kinds of things to dress it up and embellish it.

3. Lace curtain and floral bouquet wedding arbor

Lace curtain and floral bouquet wedding arbor

When we said the word “whimsical”, did your mind automatically go to something slightly more delicate and feminine looking a bit more of a classical sense? In that case, we think perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like this lace curtain and floral wedding arch outlined step by simple step on Wedding Chicks.

4. Rounded curtain and double bouquet wedding arch

Rounded curtain and double bouquet wedding arch

Are you very interested in the idea of a floral and curtain clad arch but you’re not sure the flat-topped arbor style frames are really doing it for you visually? Then perhaps you’d prefer a more rounded shape! We’re completely in love with the way Fandel made this fantastic arch that looks almost like a permanent garden feature.

5. Roses and vines wooden arch

Roses and vines wooden arch