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DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet

One of my very favourite things about crafting has always been upcycling. The fact that practicing DIY skills gives me the power to turn things that I might otherwise have never used or thrown out into things that are either practical or decorative thrills me a little bit. Lately, I’ve also been feeling very interested indeed in the idea of homemade, DIY, and upcycled fashion, and I’ve extended that beyond just shopping consignment stores and altering old clothing so it looks new. I’ve also fallen in love with making my own jewelry and accessories! Because my kids love making just about anything that they know I love making, I’ve also been trying to come up with adorable DIY jewelry projects that are simple enough for them to make with me. That’s how this toilet paper roll bracelet idea was born! We all ended up being so happy with the finished products, however, that each of us made several and I have actually worn mine to work without anyone even noticing that it wasn’t a bracelet I’d purchased from a store!

Toilet paper roll bracelet

As I usually do, I decided to map out the steps I took for making this project, just in case other DIY enthusiasts wanted to see how they were made and try their hand at the project as well. Check out these step by step instructions complete with photos! If you’d rather follow along with a video tutorial instead of written words, scroll to the bottom of this post to find just what you’re looking for.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • A toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Paper (multi-coloured)
  • A hole punch
  • White satin macrame cord

Step 1:

Use your scissors to cut a straight line down the side of the toilet paper roll from top to bottom. Open it out and flatten it gently but as well as you can against the tabletop, turning it 90 degrees so the cut you made now makes up the bottom and top edges of the cardboard shape. Find the middle of its width and use your scissors to cut it in half from bottom to top as well. You’ll use one of these halves to make your bangle.

Toilet paper roll bracelet materials

Toilet paper roll bracelet diy

Step 2:

Cut two rectangular pieces from your patterned paper, each one a little wider and longer and the length and width of the piece of toilet paper roll you just cut as the base of your bangle. These are what you’ll cover your cardboard bangle with to add colour and detail.

Toilet paper roll bracelet step 2

Toilet paper roll bracelet step 2a

Step 3:

Cover the outside or top of your bracelet! Start by applying glue on the inside edge at one end and anchoring your piece down there opposite how to it’ll sit against the outside of the curved piece itself. Then fold the piece back over the end onto the outside of the bracelet after applying glue al lover its outside surface. Be careful to smooth wrinkles or air bubbles out and try to keep the side edges of both pieces as straight in line as possible. Once you’ve stuck it down completely on the outside, turn the whole piece over so you can see the underside. Apply glue across the other shorter edge, opposite the one you started on, and then fold the excess paper that goes past the edge of the cardboard down and under so it matches the one on the other side and wraps flush around the cardboard’s edge. Then do the same folding and sticking process along the longer sides so they fold down overtop of the short ends.