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12 DIY Mosaic Projects For Your Home

There’s something really magical about these glistening bits. Adding color and texture to various spaces around the house, add a regal vibe with any of these handmade additions. Check out these 12 DIY mosaic projects for your home below and get your hands dirty with creativity this weekend. Start heating up your glue guns (or getting familiar with some mod podge) because you’re definitely going to need them ready to go.

1. Table

Diy mosaic table

Running With Sisters beings our journey through the broken glass with this gorgeous side table. These designs are perfect for outdoor areas or covered porches and patios. They really evoke a sense of artistry but also an outdoor spirit.

2. Keepsake Boxes

Diy mosaic keepsake boxes

These keepsake boxes can be made with broken bits of, well, anything really. Perfect as a DIY gift or to help organize the craft room, think about your personal style when creating them. The tutorial can be found over at Instructables.

3. Tray

Diy mosaic tray

And then there’s this “sea glass” tray that we’re swooning for. If you need some accessories to spruce up the pool bar this is your ticket. You can also create something similar with a bout of pennies! Check out the process on YouTube.

4. Stepping Stones

Mosaic stepping stones

Mosaic anything looks great outside, and that’s why we’ve found so many great DIYs that include pieces that you can utilize in the yard. And that’s where these stepstones from DIY Cozy Home come in. You can create your very own “mosaic” stones with paint, beads, or any other broken bits that entice you.

5. Garden Rocks

Mosaic garden rocks diy