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DIY Farmhouse Tables for Your Rustic Dinning Room

In a house that has a rustic aesthetic, nothing drives the atmosphere home quite like a wonderfully weathered homemade farm table. Of course, because farm houses are all historically decorated so differently, with lots of personal touches and kitschy details, there are just about countless ways to make a farmhouse table of your own. We’ve been toying with the idea of taking that challenge on ourselves lately, so we’ve spent a lot of time researching techniques and styles to ensure we make something we really love.

Just in case you’d like to try making your very own farmhouse inspired table as well, here are 15 of the best designs and most helpful tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Three part rustic table

Three part rustic table

Have you got some woodworking experience but you know that building an entire table of your own from scratch will still be quite a challenge for you? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this tutorial outlined in detail by Popular Mechanics. They show you how to construct a table that’s primarily created from only three main parts!

2. Light wood picnic table

Light wood picnic table

In our grandparents’ old farmhouse, the main dining area was filled by an old wooden picnic table. This might have become the kind of piece you’d normally see outside at parks now, but back then it was better for fitting a large, busy family at during big dinners with lots of dishes. Love Grows Wild shows you how to make one in the old style with benches that pull in and out.

3. Natural top with painted legs

Natural top with painted legs

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who is constantly torn between your love for natural wood and finishes but also your appreciation for colours and a good tone pop in decor schemes? Then we have a feeling you’ll adore the way Instructables teaches you to make a natural wood tabletop that has crisply painted legs for contrast.

4. Wide stained wood picnic table

Wide stained wood picnic table

Just in case you’re very interested in the indoor picnic table style indeed but you’re just not sure the light wood works for you, or perhaps you’d prefer a wider table because you’ve got the space to work with, here’s another fantastic tutorial from DIY Pete! They show you how they chose their recycled wood selections and attached multiple beams with wise to get a tabletop and benches the size they really wanted.