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15 Ways To DIY Your Own Detox Bath

Improve your health, your mood, your energy level, and make your nighttime routine is a bit more stress free by slipping into the bathtub – not with bubbles but with a bigger twist. Below you’ll find 15 ways to DIY your own detox bath. This time in the tub will help you cleanse your body by removing toxins and improving any skin issues along the way. Take a peek at the recipes we’ve found and take a dip!

1. Soothing Lavender

Soothing lavender detox bath

Not only will this refresh you but this detox bath will help to soothe your eczema too! Grab the recipe at Prime Physique Nutrition and gain more insight on why mix is so good for your overall health and skin. You’ll learn a bit more about the power of epsom salts too – if you were curious.

2. Epsom Salt & Baking Soda

Diy detox bath with epsom salt

If you’re looking for something super simple and easily personalized then check out this mix from Simple Pure Beauty. Start with epsom salt and then add any essential oils you love most. Peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, the choices are nearly endless.

3. Rosemary & Lemon

Rosemary and lemon detox bath

Mom 4 Real went with a rosemary and lemon detox recipe that we love too. This will help soothe back pain and give you a good pick-me-up after a long, tiring day. The key here is also essential oils to create the right kind of aroma.

4. Magnesium Rose

Magnesium rose detox bath

How about adding some real rose petals to your bathtub? Well, you can do it and make sure you’re getting some detox benefits as well. Bren Did went with an all-natural,magnesium rose recipe that we’re loving.

5. Ginger

Diy detox baths ginger bath soak