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15 Delicious Danish Recipes

If you’ve ever had a danish of nearly any kind of quality (even the store bought kind), you know as well as we do how delicious they are. Between the flaky outside and the various mouthwatering fillings you’ll find on the inside, we’re always ready for a good Danish. Do you find yourself going for the same kind every time, though?

Check out these 15 awesome Danish recipes that will open you up to a whole new world of flaky goodness!

1. Danish pastry twists

Danish pastry twistsDanish pastry twists

Here’s the very first item on the list and we’re already shaking up the classic recipe! These adorable and completely delicious little twists are made from the same pastry as classic Danishes. You might leave them simple, golden, and flaky like this or give them whichever filling is your favourite. Check the recipe out on The Daily Meal.

2. Cherry cheesecake Danish

Cherry cheesecake danish

Mommy Maleta walks you through the process of making these mouthwatering Danish that harness the same flavours as most classic recipes, but somehow a little more tasty. We almost feel guilty about how many of these we could eat in one sitting!

3. Blackberry cream cheese Danish

Blackberry creamcheese danish

Six Sisters’ Stuff has an alternative cheese and berry Danish recipe, just in case cherries aren’t your favourite! Try this yummy, flaky recipe filled with juicy blackberries instead.

4. Blackberry ginger Danish

Blackberry ginger danish

Maybe the blackberries are a great idea to you but you’re not so sure about the plain cream cheese element? Try this blackberry ginger Danish by Baking a Moment instead! This combination does more than create a yummy snack; it’s like a taste experience.

5. Cream cheese Danish rolls

Cream cheese danish rolls

Is the cheese always your favourite part of any Danish recipe you try? Why not cut out the rest of the ingredients and just concentrate on what you like most? These easy bite-sized Danish pieces by Beauty and Bedlam are filled with just the delicious cream cheese you’ve been looking forward to.

6. Prune Danish

Prune danish

Prune Danishes are a classic recipe alternative for people who aren’t quite so fond of the sweeter variations, like those with berry fillings. The prunes inside this flaky pastry have a nice flavour that’s a little more tart.

7. Peachy cheese Danish

Peachy cheese danish

Food.com reminds you that Danishes can have delicious fruity fillings without being berry based! If you like the idea of a fresh, fruity Danish but you’re not really a fan of cherries and blackberries, try this amazing peachy recipe instead.

8. Maple pecan Danish

Maple pecan danish

Have you ever tried a Danish that contains nuts? As long as you’re not allergic this maple pecan recipe is one of the most mouthwatering types of pastries we’ve ever tried! Cuisine de France shows you how to make your own complete with a braided pasty pattern.

9. Orange cheese Danish

Orange cheese danish

The Comfort of Cooking gives you another alternative fruit Danish recipe to berry fillings! This orange recipe gives you full citrus flavour balanced with cream cheese and chopped walnuts or almonds.

10. Pumpkin butter filled puff pastry

Pumpkin butter filled puff pastry

This recipe isn’t technically a classic Danish, but it is made with the same type of pastry. The pumpkin butter filling and pumpkin seed topping gives you a very autumn taste that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. See how they’re made on The Daily Meal.

11. Apple cheese Danish

Apple cheese danish

All Recipes gives you even more fruit options, just in case peaches, oranges, and berries aren’t up your alley! These Danishes are made of apples and cream cheese. We’re not sure they’re what the doctor means when he says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but we can dream, right?

12. Rhubarb and custard Danish

Rhubarb and custard danish

Do you love Danishes but wish more options that just cream cheese were available? Well, thanks to SBS, you can try making a Danish with custard instead! We love the idea of pairing it with rhubarb and a dusting of icing sugar on top.

13. Blueberry cheesecake Danish

Blueberry cheese cake danish

Do you love the berry Danish idea but prefer something other than cherries or blackberries? We’d be willing to be that this blueberry cheesecake alternative from Pepperidge Farm is exactly what you’re looking for!

14. Almond puff Danish

Almost puff danish

This deliciously nutty pastry featured on All Recipes is especially popular at Christmas time! Between the fluffy consistency, the drizzled icing, and the almond slivers on top, we can barely resist dropping everything and making it right here, right now.

15. Strawberry cheesecake Danish

Strawberry cheesecake danish

If you’re looking to make Danishes for many people rather than just individuals, try a big Danish braid like this delicious strawberry cheesecake one by Olga’s Flavor Factory! It’s the same delicious idea, just with a bigger serving size. Get sharing!

Do you have another favourite type of Danish that you don’t see here? Share it with us in the comments section!