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Cute Clothing Alterations for Fall

One of our favourite parts of fall is treating ourselves to a few new cold weather garments. It’s not every year, however, that we can afford to give ourselves a complete wardrobe makeover just for that year’s autumn season. Luckily, DIY skills can save the day in this regard!

Check out these 15 awesome ideas for making alterations, small or big, to the clothing you already have in order to give yourself new looks this season without breaking the bank on new things from the store!

1. Bedazzled trench coat pockets

Bedazzled trench coat pockets

Do you own an old trench coat that’s the perfect weight for an average fall day, but that’s a little on the boring side? Give it some sparkle and style by adding chunky rhinestones along the edges of the front pockets! See how these gorgeous jewel tone stones were attached by A Pair & A Spare.

2. Cozy layering tunic

Cozy layering tunic

This little tunic style might not keep your arms very warm, but we know that when we get chilly in the fall, it’s our torso and core that need attention! Adding a stylish extra layer at least around the middle is a fool proof way to get a cute fall look and keep yourself just slightly warmer. Check out how this design was made on Always Rooney.

3. Gold-toed combat boots

Gold toed combat boots

Sometimes the simplest alterations are the best ones, particularly if the pieces is something you really like wearing but that could just use a tiny update. These gold painted boots are the perfect example! Making the toes just a tiny bit flashier practically transforms them into a whole new pair of boots without actually having to buy a new pair before your old ones have worn out. Get the instructions from Cut Out and Keep.

4. Leather fringe skirt

Leather fringe skirt

In some places, fall is actually still quite warm! The change in weather doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop wearing shorts and skirts, but rather just that things have cooled down enough that you can wear materials that would make you sweat in the summer. Leather skirts are the perfect example! Turn an old longer styled skirt into an adorable fringed creation this fall by following the steps on A Pair & A Spare.