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50 Tie Dye Designs To Learn How To DIY!

From t-shirts to art for the wall, there are so many ways to utilize a classic, tie dye design. They have a slightly summertime vibe but depending on your colors, you can use the style all year long. So check out these 50 tie dye designs to learn how to DIY and go pick out your paint tonight!

1. Denim Pants

Tie dye denim pants

Unique Markets made these incredible tie dye denim pants and gives us a tutorial to create our own! Check it out after the jump!

2. Jean Shirt

Diy jean shirt tie dye

Check out Honestly, WTF for another denim project. This jean shirt was given such a fun little spin!

3. Scarf

Diy revesre tie dye scarf

Brit + Co shows us how to tie dye a scarf but in a way that’s reversed! Learn something new and take a leap of faith.

4. Fold & Clamp

Diy tie dye curtains

The White Buffalo Styling Co shows us a fold and clamp technique for tie dying our favorites. And these curtains came out beautifully!

5. Bed Sheets

Diy tie dye sheets

Design Love Fest knows how to take your classic bedding to an entirely new level. Tie dye them and add a pop of color!

6. Shorts

Diy tie dye shorts

Gives some old shorts a spunky makeover with the help of Oficina Chic. It’s easier than you may think, don’t be scared!

7. Maxi Dress

Diy maxi dress tie dye

Mimi G Style tie dyed a maxi dress and took its style to an entirely new level! Learn how to do it after the jump!

8. With Ice

Tie dye ice tshirts

Brit + Co shows us how to use ice and tie dye some clothes! Check out the fantastic details and get started this weekend.

9. Ombre Dress

Diy ombre dress tie dye

Check out Brit + Co again for another dress project! Revamp an old favorite with the help of this tutorial!

10. Table Linen

Diy table linen tie dye

The Lane shows us how to dip dye a table linen! Look how funky and beautiful the slight tie dye style makes this entire scene look.

11. Headbands

Diy tie dye headbands

The Pretty Life Girls makes a fun variety of tie dye headbands that we’re loving! Check out the tutorials after the jump!

12. Tights

Diy tie dye tights

We’ve fallen head over heels in love with these tie dye tights from Tatty Devine. Turn yours into something extra special tonight!

13. Socks

Diy tie dye socks

Momtastic shows us how to tie dye our socks! And who doesn’t love a nice pair of funky socks?

14. Pillow Cases

How to make tie dye pillow cases

Yes, even your pillow cases could use an extra pop. Visit Plain Vanilla Mom and follow along with the tutorial.

15. Furniture

Diy tie dye chairs

Joann provides us with some inspiration for our furniture. Learn how to turn them into tie dye-inspired designs too!

16. Watermelon Tee

Diy watermlon tshirt

Sweet Lil You makes a watermelon tee that utilizes a tie dye design. It’s such a fun and spunky project!

17. Folding Techniques

Tie dye patterns and techniques michaelsmakers tiedyeyoursummer zpsbl2wbjst

By Stephanie Lynn will show you some folding techniques to get your tie dying off to the right start. Take the jump now!

18. Rainbow Cake

Diy rainbow tie dye cake

You can even learn to tie dye your food! Check out this snazzy recipe from Hi Sugarplum and add some color to your next celebration!

19. Swaddle Blankets

Diy swaddle blankets tie dye

Say Yes made some beautiful swaddle blankets with a tie dye finish! They’d be great DIY baby shower gifts!

20. Shoes

Tie dye rainbow shoes

A Pumpkin and A Princess teaches us how to tie dye some of our favorite shoes. Give an older, comfy pair an easy makeover!

21. Smore’s

Tie dye rainbow shoes

Studio DIY provides us with another edible tie dye project. Add some color to your bonfire with these beauties!

22. Drop Cloth Curtains

Dyed drop cloth blog

The Jungalow took some drop clothes and turned them into tie dye curtains. Grab this tutorial and make something fun for your windows or as a room partition in an afternoon!

23. Table Runner

Diy tie dye table runner

Over at Club Narwhal, you’ll find this great bit of party inspiration along with a DIY tie dye table runner that looks to be store bought! So much style!

24. Postcards

Leftover tags dyed tags

Aunt Peaches tie dyed some postcards and used them as the most beautiful tags you’ve ever seen. Take a peek at the tutorial now!

25. Place Mats

Diy tie dye place mats

We’re swooning for these color blocked tie dye place mats from Design Love Fest. The color combination is perfect too!

26. Shibori

Elle pin tiedye copy

Elle tie dyed a shibori dress for us too! Take the leap and learn how to dye in a high fashion way in a weekend.

27. Ombre Scarf

Diy ombre tie dye scarf

Here’s another scarf tutorial that takes tie dye to a new level. Learn how to do both but with an ombre effect! (via)

28. Ice Cream

Diy tie dye rainbow ice cream

American Overlook shared a video to show us how to create a rainbow, tie dye swirl right on top of our ice cream. The kiddos will love it!

29. Baby Blanket

Diy tie dye swaddle blanket

Here’s another baby blanket from Say Yes that we love. Learn how to create the more feminine version now!

30. Button Up

Diy dip dye shirt

Refinery 29 makes some chic DIY tie dye button ups you’ll want to check out. It’s just another easy way to add some color to your wardrobe.

31. Galaxy Ice Cream

Galaxy ice cream diy

Some of This and That has another edible tie dye DIY that you’re going to love. And this one includes ice cream too!

32. Throw Blanket

Diy ice tie dye blanket

JoJoTastic has a tie dye DIY that includes ice too. And this time they’re making throw blankets!

33. Ombre Tank

Diy ombre tie dye tank

You’ll always find style DIYs over at The Wonder Forest and this one is no exception. Learn how to add a bit of ombre to one of your older tanks!

34. Rainbow Socks

Diy rainbow socks

Make magazine gives us a tie dye sock tutorial too. And this time, it’s a rainbow style they’re showing off!

35. Manicure

Diy tie dye nails

Buzznet provides us with some fun nail inspiration! Your next mani or pedi could include some tie dye design.

36. Ponchos

Diy tie dye poncho

We found some great tie dye design inspiration over at Bored Art. This trendy poncho is something we believe you could whip up too!

37. Minnie Ears

Diy tie dye minnie ears

Disney shows off how you can turn your Minnie ears into ones with a bit of 60’s style. Check out the tutorial after the jump!

38. Cupcake Cones

Unicorn poop cupcake cones recipe

Even your cupcake cones could have some tie dye involved. Check out this edible DIY over at MomDot.

39. Tea Towels

Diy inidgo tie dye tea towels

These tea towels could delight your kitchen in all the right ways. Check out the details and make something to freshen up the space! (via)

40. Tents

Diy tie dye tent

Joann shows us how to tie dye our kiddos’ tents! Make that reading corner even more fun with a bit of tie dye spunk.

41. Indigo Scarf

Indigo dyed scarf diy main

Alice and Lois uses indigo dye for this entire series. And this scarf really takes the cake

42. Maxi Skirt

Diy dip dye maxi skirt

A Pair & A Spare dip dyed a maxi skirt and turned it into something brand new and beautiful. That shade of pink is absolutely swoon-worthy.

43. Leopard Spotted

Leopard spotted sneakers dream a little bigger

Check out this awesome DIY over at Dream A Little Bigger. It includes leopard prints that you can do yourself!

44. Natural Dyes

Kitchen towels

Over at Scoutie Girl you’ll find out how to dye your duds with the help of natural dye! Check out the details after the jump.

45. Easter Eggs

Diy easter egg tie dye project

Brit + Co knows how to bring this fun design to your Easter eggs too. The kiddos will love this one!

46. More Scarves

Diy ombre tie dye scarves

Visit Brit + Co again for more scarf designs we’re loving. They’re trendy and they can be handmade by you!

47. T-shirt

Diy tie dye t shirt

Check out this beautiful tie dye t-shirt! Use this as your go-to move for when you’re testing your skills when it comes to design! (via)

48. 4 Indigo Projects

Diy indigo tie dye projects

Visit Brit + Co one more time and snag these four indigo projects. The tie dye design looks great on everything!


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