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13 Crochets Headbands You Can DIY In No Time

From winter wind to summertime bohemian spirit, we’ve got some accessories that can be made by your own two hands. These 13 crochet headbands can be DIYed in no time and add some extra pizazz to your collection of hair bits and bobbles. There’s something extra special for everyone to enjoy below – from costume-worthy to gift-worthy. Scroll through some of our favorite patterns!

1. Half-Double Cluster

Half double crochet cluster headband

Daisy Farm Crafts starts us off with a simple half-double cluster design. This headband is one of our most basic of the bunch and easy to whip up for bestie gifts or stocking stuffers. Make them in various sizes for our littlest of fashonistas too!

2. Griddle Stitch

Crochet griddle stitch winter headband

This stitch is just a bit different than its predecessor and it’s called “the griddle.” There’s a bowed accent featured in the middle and can become a dainty piece for the gals to play around with. Check out the DIY at Repeat Crafter Me.

3. Unicorn

Unicorn little headband crochet diy 2

Your Crochet created this wonderful piece of magic and thankfully shared it with all of us! Just think of how great this would be to top off a homemade unicorn costume this Halloween! Or how wonderful this would be as a gift and addition to your little one’s dress up collection.

4. The Nora

The nora headband crochet diy

“The Nora” design is a bohemian beauty that we found while persuing Hooked On Tilly. Hop on over now to check out all the crochet details and grab the pattern. In the meantime, think about whipping up extra of these as a DIY gift for the gal pals this year.

5. Crossed Pair

The crossed pair crochet headband