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Awesome Crafts Made Mostly of Glue

Usually when we’re crafting, we use glue of various kinds of stick the pieces of our project together. Glue is an amazing tool for DIY but it’s not usually the focal point of the project. That is, of course, unless you’re feeling very thrifty and creative! Certain types of glue – especially hot glue – can actually be versatile when it comes to making the body of many different projects.

Check out these 15 DIY ideas that are made almost entirely of glue!

1. Nail polish snowflakes

Nail polish snowflakes

guides you through the process of making snowflakes from hot glue and adding a splash of colour using nail polish! These are a great craft for the Christmas holidays when your kids are looking to keep busy on their days off from school, and they make super cute decor around the house too. Check out how these ones were made on Muslin and Merlot.

2. Patterned wine bottle vases

Patterned wine bottle vases

You’ve probably seen DIY vases made of painted wine bottles before, but here’s a unique spin on that classic idea! After you’ve washed and dried them, but before you’ve painted them, create letters, patterns, or shapes on the surface of the wine bottle using hot glue. The thick lines of glue will stand up from the glass and dry that way. When you paint the bottles, the glue will stand out visually in a little 3D pattern. Get the full details on Home Heart Craft.

3. Painted glue gun charms

Painted glue gun charms

The neat part about hot glue is that besides being able to stick things together with it, you can actually build shapes from it too. It also paints well! That makes it a perfect, durable option for moulding little charms, like necklace pendants or brooches and pins. We adore these primary coloured ones from Lil Blue Boo!

4. Hot glue Harry Potter wands

Hot glue harry potter wands

Have you always loved Harry Potter and dreamed of being a witch or wizard? Are your kids currently reading the books for the first time and going through the biggest Potter obsession phase ever? Both of these scenarios sound like the perfect opportunity to make your very own want! Boxy Colonial suggests using hot glue to make the end of a pointed wooden dowel look knotted and textured, just like an authentic wizarding wand.

5. Hot glue coral decor

Hot glue coral decor

Do you have a room in your house that features beach and ocean themed decor? Then you might have an empty space there that could use some statement piece DIY decor like this quite realistic looking glue and paint coral reef piece by Oh Oh Blog! Build the glue up in slow layers to get the right texture and shape and then pick your colour.

6. Candy dot earrings

Candy dot earrings

Do you remember sugared candy dots that came on a roll of paper? Well, these cute little primary coloured earrings are meant to look just like those! Minted Strawberry guides you through the process of make them a great shape and a nice, shiny texture in your finished project. If these primary colours aren’t your thing, try jewel tones or neon shades!

7. Hot glue and rhinestone rings

Hot glue and rhinestone rings

Are you and your bestie looking for a fun, silly way to mark your friendship, but you’re on a tight budget? Maybe you’re just bored together one afternoon and just need something amusing to do for a couple hours. This hot glue and rhinestone friendship bracelet is the perfect mini project for the two of you! See how Dream a Little Bigger.

8. Glue spun flower vase

Glue spun flower vase

If you’re love the idea of making something decor related out of how glue but you’d like it to look a little more classy and a little less novelty, then you should definitely take a look at this gorgeous spun vase from The Budget Decorator. It’s constructed from thin layers of glue stacked vertical

9. Glue gun and chalk paint witch bottles

Glue gun and chalk paint witch bottles

Did you like the look of the 3D glue wine bottles, but you’d rather something a little more rustic and spooky looking? Then we think you’ll love this awesomely dusty looking Halloween decor idea from Magia Mia! These are made by creating a pattern on the surface of decorative jars with hot glue, then painting over all of it with chalkboard paint. Feel free to add details like sponged on dust or faux cobwebs! Perhaps if your home decor is a little bit antique and spooky looking anyways you can leave these out all year.

10. Hot glue drop earrings

Hot glue drop earrings

We adore this earring design from Four Front Doors that’s made of dried hot glue drops painted in a lovely colour gradient. The shiny seal they’ve been finished with (you might use something like Mod Podge) makes the drops look like polished rocks or marbles! We adore the light dusting of metallic gold that’s been added here.

11. Textured hot glue votives

Textured hot glue votives

Curbly guides you through the process of creating awesomely textured candle votives using hot glue and spray paint! Choose a small holder, glass, or jar that you’d like to put a candle in. Cover the surface in a squiggly, straight lined, or geometric pattern of hot glue and wait for it to dry. You can really create whatever kind of pattern you want! Once it’s dried, use tweezers to carefully peel the flexible glue off so you can pop the glass out. Spray paint the glue case, wait for it to dry, and slide the glass back in. Voila!

12. Sparkly snowflake hairband

Sparkly snowflake hairband

A Girl and a Glue Gun actually specializes in crafts and projects made out of hot glue. One of our favourite things they’ve done is this adorable layered snowflake hairband topped with a pretty later of glitter (of course)! It’s perfect for a little girl attending winter holiday parties and it’s easier to make than you’d think.

13. Rhinestoned heart necklace pendant

Rhinestoned heart necklace pendant

The best part about working with glue and hot glue is that adding embellishments, like cute little rhinestones, is so easy! All you need to do is pick a spot and pop them on. We love this smooth heart necklace idea by Innova Crafts and we also love how straight forward and helpful their tutorial is.

14. Wood grain stamp

Wood grain stamp

Are you a big fan of crafting yourself things that, in the future, will help you craft more things? We think it only makes sense! That’s part of the reasons we love making things like stencils and stamps so much. If you’re also into stamps and you’re looking for something that will help you add lots of texture to another project at once, check out this big DIY wood grain stamp by Jennifer Rizzo! You guessed it; it’s made with hot glue.

15. Ice princess crown

Ice princess crown

Did you like the idea of the snowflake hairband but your little girl is more interested in the idea of being a powerful snow queen than a snow dusted fairy? Try making this awesomely sparkled ice crown! Tikkido shows you how to make each little icicle and add sparkles in different shades of blue.

Have you made other impressive crafts and projects out of glue? Tell us about how you did them or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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