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Awesome Crafts Made Mostly of Glue

Usually when we’re crafting, we use glue of various kinds of stick the pieces of our project together. Glue is an amazing tool for DIY but it’s not usually the focal point of the project. That is, of course, unless you’re feeling very thrifty and creative! Certain types of glue – especially hot glue – can actually be versatile when it comes to making the body of many different projects.

Check out these 15 DIY ideas that are made almost entirely of glue!

1. Nail polish snowflakes

Nail polish snowflakes

guides you through the process of making snowflakes from hot glue and adding a splash of colour using nail polish! These are a great craft for the Christmas holidays when your kids are looking to keep busy on their days off from school, and they make super cute decor around the house too. Check out how these ones were made on Muslin and Merlot.

2. Patterned wine bottle vases

Patterned wine bottle vases

You’ve probably seen DIY vases made of painted wine bottles before, but here’s a unique spin on that classic idea! After you’ve washed and dried them, but before you’ve painted them, create letters, patterns, or shapes on the surface of the wine bottle using hot glue. The thick lines of glue will stand up from the glass and dry that way. When you paint the bottles, the glue will stand out visually in a little 3D pattern. Get the full details on Home Heart Craft.

3. Painted glue gun charms

Painted glue gun charms

The neat part about hot glue is that besides being able to stick things together with it, you can actually build shapes from it too. It also paints well! That makes it a perfect, durable option for moulding little charms, like necklace pendants or brooches and pins. We adore these primary coloured ones from Lil Blue Boo!

4. Hot glue Harry Potter wands

Hot glue harry potter wands

Have you always loved Harry Potter and dreamed of being a witch or wizard? Are your kids currently reading the books for the first time and going through the biggest Potter obsession phase ever? Both of these scenarios sound like the perfect opportunity to make your very own want! Boxy Colonial suggests using hot glue to make the end of a pointed wooden dowel look knotted and textured, just like an authentic wizarding wand.