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DIY Copper Eyelashes Box

There are some patterns that have been used beyond means and the mere sight of it makes you cringe, cough chevron! A quirky eyelash pattern refreshes your decor and makes life much more interesting with all the eyeballs that it is to grab!!DIY Copper Eyelashes BoxI had sketched eyelashes and cactuses on cheap porcelain mugs and ever since could not wait to try them again. Looks like my eyelashes couldn’t wait to flutter in excitement when I went to purchase a plain utility box. To make things trendy I used copper for the eyelashes and they are glistening, literally. Scroll down to know how you can make your own copper eyelashes box.Diy eyelash box materials


  • Copper Foil
  • Wooden box
  • Transfer adhesive
  • Pastel pink ( 5:1, White and pink )
  • Foam brush
  • Thin brush

DIY Copper Eyelashes Box


First things first, we will brush the entire surface of the box with some white acrylic paint, this step cannot be skipped on dark colored box. Instead of using a pastel pink, I like to take control of the shade of pink  that I want to use and hence make my own with a ratio of 5:1, white and hot pink.  After priming, let the paint dry and apply a single coat of a pastel pink of your choice.Since I had already tried eyelash pattern on a mug, I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to try it again because of how cute it looked sincerely. You may however choose to draw what you have in mind the only difference here is that you will be using glue instead of paint. It is much easier to work on it one side at a time. Draw a curve and fill in the necessary amounts of strokes. Leave that side to dry for at least 25 minutes for it to become tacky. There is a risk that the glue will come out altogether if the foil is applied before the glue has become tacky.Apply the foil over the lashes and rub over it with your thumb and gently remove the foil to reveal your copper lashes. If in the first time, your lashes are not complete apply the foil again and again until you have it all set. Repeat all the steps to complete all the sides. I left the top and bottom as it is so as to not overcrowd it.That is it you have your own eyelash box that can’t be found nowhere but at your home and is so easy to achieve. If you don’t have copper foil and transfer adhesive glue, you may draw yours with liquid copper gilding. But I must say, I love the shiny look of the foil.DIY Copper Eyelashes BoxDIY Copper Eyelashes BoxDIY Copper Eyelashes BoxWe would love to know what you think of this copper eyelashes box, Yay or Nay? Let us know in the comments section below.

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