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20 Cool Water Bottles To DIY and Carry Around All Week Long

We all should be trying to get our recommended daily dose of water. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to keep healthy. From our skin to our ability to focus, water intake can go a long way. And that’s why we need easy ways to keep some nearby. Check out these 20 cool water bottles to DIY and carry around all week long as you chug away on some icy, cold – and maybe even fresh fruit-infused – aqua.

1. Back To School

Diy back to school tumblers from nikki in stitches vinyl embellished water bottles

Nikki, in Stitches shows us how to make some easy and chic back-to-school bottles. Personalized them and follow the details after the jump!

2. Essential Oil

Diy water bottle 1

If you want to infuse your everyday water with a bit of essential oil, then you’ll definitely want to check out this tutorial. Find it at Young Living.

3. Personalized Disney

Diy personalized disney water bottles silhouette craft vinyl serenity now blog

Are you heading to Disney anytime soon? Check out Serenity Now for all the details involving this personalized Disney water bottle.

4. Motivational

Fruit infused brita water bottle

Over at Giggles Galore, you’ll learn how to make a water bottle that will motivate you to drink up everyday. Get your daily dose down easier with one of these.

5. Ombre Bling

Diy jeweled water bottle

Of course you could always add a bit of style to your water bottles. Some ombre bling can make staying hydrated so much prettier! (via)

6. Salt Water Etching

Etched water bottle final

Upstate Ramblings shows us how to do some salt water etching. Put your design skills to work with this one.

7. Unicorn Water

Unicorn water water bottle diy

Hop on over to Dawn Nicole Designs for your chance on unicorn water! Grab some unique inspiration with this tutorial.

8. Hearts

Diy heart water bottles

A Bubbly Life put hearts all over their water bottles. And we’re loving this sweet and easy idea used as a DIY gift!

9. With Pitcher

Motivational water bottle and pitcher

If you visit Giggles Galore just one more time, you’ll learn how to create your very own water bottle and pitcher too! Motivate yourself!

10. Referee

Diy referee water bottle

Check out these fun referee bottles! They’re perfect for birthday parties or any other kind of themed celebrations! (via)

11. More Etching

Diy etched glass water bottle

Creative Green Living will also show you how to do a bit of etching on your bottles. Check out the details after the jump and get creative!

12. Mermaid Scales

Diy mermaid water bottle

We’re loving this fun, mermaid scales design! It goes along nicely with trending themes and easier than you think to recreate. Check it out at Rachael Rice.

13. Numbers

Diy numbered water bottles

DIY Network shows us how to put some numbers on our bottles. This is great for personalizing or using for different recipes throughout the week.

14. Teacher Appreciation

Diy water bottle teacher gift

Show your favorite teachers an extra bit of appreciation with a gifted water bottle. Crystal Co. has all the easy details to pull off with the kiddos.

15. Waterproof

Diy water bottle labels

Simone Made It shows us how to make out bottle labels waterproof. It’s easy and perfect for when the kiddos are out and about for the day.

16. Marbled

Diy marbled water bottle

Hop on over to Redbook and learn how to recreate this snazzy marbled water bottle. You’ll want to bring this beauty everywhere you go.

17. Stickers

Diy sticker water bottles

Rattles & Heels added a bit of sparkling stickers to her water bottle for extra motivation. Give yourself a phrase that keeps you going all day!

18. Fabric

Diy fabric water bottles

A bit of fabric scraps could make your water bottles so much more adorable for your next bridal shower, baby shower or birthday! We love these favor ideas! (via)

19. Easy Labels

Diy easy water bottle label

Some easy labels can transform your bottles too. Learn how to personalize for all kinds of events over at Blog Her.

20. Simple Personalization

Diy personalized water bottles

The Pinning Mama shows us how to make some personalized water bottles too. Names, nicknames or even sports numbers can help with these!

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