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Make Your Own Stylish Cinco De Mayo Centerpiece

With Cinco De Mayo just around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about some colorful decorations to celebrate the popular Mexican holiday. So today we have a super easy centerpiece that you can most likely assemble from things you already have at home (and maybe from a quick trip to the craft store). So let’s get started!

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Here’s what you’ll need for your Cinco De Mayo centerpiece:

  • 18×60″ runner or piece of fabric (dimensions don’t have to be exact… use what fits your table)
  • Assortment of cacti of different heights
  • Assortment of clear glass vases or small jars
  • Colorful artificial flowers
  • Colorful votive candles

Step by step guide to craft a colorful centerpiece:

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Step 1: lay the table runner

Begin by laying out your table runner. For best results, make sure it is a bit longer than your table.

Cinco de mayo centerpiece diy 2

Step 2: place cacti

Begin placing your cacti on the runner. Put the tallest one in the middle, then arrange the others around the center point. Leave some space in between for other items.

Cinco de mayo centerpiece diy 4

Step 3: artificial flowers

Next, put an artificial flower in each clear glass vase. Place the vases amongst the cacti, spreading out the colors so they aren’t all in one place.

Step 4: add votives

Nowplace your votives throughout your centerpiece, making sure there is one in each empty area. That way, once you light the candles, they will spread the warm light throughout the whole tablescape. If you only have plain votives, you can add color to them by painting brushstrokes on the sides using acrylic craft paint.

Cinco de mayo centerpiece diy 5


Now just light up the votives, andyour centerpiece is complete! It has a beautiful, bohemian sort of vibe, thanks to the lack of tacky plastic accessories and store-bought decorations. It also helps if you use a wide array of colors that aren’t primary… placingmint green next to magenta and pumpkin orange has a classier feel than using just bright red, blue and yellow.

Cinco de mayo centerpiece diy 7

One thing to note: be sure to avoid putting any faux flowers directly above the candles – we don’t want to have any fiery disasters! Have fun creating your centerpiece, and we hope you have a great Cinco De Mayo!

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