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Super Fun Christmas Footprint Art

Whenever our kids are home from school for any type of holiday, we always make sure to have the crafting supplies ready and the DIY projects lined up. After all, for as much time as kids spend complaining that they’d rather stay home and play than go to school, they’re usually pretty bored within a few hours if there aren’t fun activities available for them to do. Especially in the winter, when it’s often too cold to just send them outside to play, that means they’ll be in your road while you try to prepare for Christmas celebrations. Since the holidays are a special occasion, however, we always like to set our kids up with something a little bit unique; maybe even something that makes a bit more of a mess than their usual crafts. Heck, why not let them get right down to business and do some crafts using both their hands and their feet?

Check out these 15 awesome Christmas footprint craft designs that your kids will have a total blast making while you get cooking and decorating!

1. “Love” canvas

"love" canvas

Country and Victorian Times suggests getting creative with lettering and print art by transforming your kids hands and feet into the O and the V in the word “love”. We love the idea of simply painting the cursive L and E at each end to frame the prints so that the word can still be easily read even though you got a bit creative with their shaping.

2. Hand and foot print flowers

Hand and foot print flowers

One of the best ways to survive cold winter days is to think back to all the things that made you feel happy, bright, and cheerful in brighter weather! We like to stay connected with those things throughout the colder seasons by using them as themes in our crafting and DIY projects. This hand and foot print flower idea from Domestic Superhero is the perfect example of what we mean!

3. Footprint butterfly and bee towels

Footprint butterfly and bee towels

Do you want to really give your kids a DIY treat above and beyond getting to paint with their fingers or toes? Instead of just printing their feet on paper or a paint canvas, why not get them some strong fabric paint and help them make cute tea towels for your kitchen? We love the way Creative Green Living transformed their kids foot prints by using black paint on a brush to create funny little bumble bees and butterflies.

4. Salt dough Olaf

Saly dough olaf

Have you ever seen those newborn baby imprints of a child’s footprint and thought about how adorable an idea it was both for decorative but also sentimental reasons? Well, it’s never too late to start keeping imprints of your children’s feet! I Heart Arts and Crafts shows you not only how to imprint the foot, but also how to make your very own salt dough for successfully molded drying. Paint it like Olaf from Frozen or find your own design that you like better!

5. Footprint Christmas tree painting

Footprint christmas tree painting

By now, you might be sensing a theme: there are essentially unlimited things that I think one might transform a simple foot print without some level of creativity. Well, sometimes keeping things simple is the best policy! Pinkie Pink says they used nothing but the paint they’ve covered the bottom of the foot in, making an exception just for the yarn than runs down the “front” of your tree.

6. Mistletoes canvas

Mistletoes canvas

What’s better than a cute DIY craft that transforms your foot print into real and true art? Well, the answer is a DIY tutorial that’s funny, of course! Just in case you didn’t like the idea of turning your feet into a free, Pinkie Pink has a whole bunch of good suggestions for you.

7. Hand and foot print Christmas wreath

Hand and foot print christmas wreath

Do you have a very large family that has many nieces, nephews, or grandchildren attending Christmas dinner? Maybe you simply have quite a few children on your own and want to put them to DIY work. Have each child or person print their hand print on a piece of paper. Later, when you don’t have anyone waiting on you, check out this adorable foot print wreath. See the whole idea in better detail thanks to Lisa Loves John.

8. Footprint penguins

Footprint penguins

Are you ready and prepared to give someone in your family they might have ever gotten at Christmas? Then you’ve got the perfect opportunity for a little but of paint smeared foot printing. Make a big card (or just make sure your little ones’ feet really are small enough to fit on the front of a traditionally sized greeting card. Fun Handprint Art Blog shares more information about it for you.

9. Washi tape footprint Christmas card

Washi tape footpring christmas card

Perhaps you’ve already got your footprint down and even turned it into a magical looking little Christmas tree using glitter glue, but now you need a design for the actual card? This is where we’re pretty sure washi tape is going to save the day, yet again! I Heart Arts and Crafts guides you through the process of sealing the spine of a DIY card with some super fun patterned and brightly coloured washi tape.

10. Hand and footprint Santa sleigh canvas

Hand and footprint santa sleigh canvas

Don’t get us wrong, we firmly believe that this little foot print Santa sleigh was created with some caring and a lot of joy, but our real favouite part about this picture is the reindeer. We love that the way the thumb on your hand print angles down makes it look like the reindeer has stopped to lean down for a snack. Glued to My Crafts shows you how it’s done.

11. Name and footprint Christmas tree

Name and footprint christmas tree

Sometimes when your kids finish a DIY project it’s nice to put the finished results on display and see what guests and other family members think of your child’s lovely handwriting have to say about the impressive homemade art. You can make them feel extra important, however, by asking them to add their name to the piece, as though it’s a collector’s item that you’re trying to have autographed. To start off, however, take a look at how the footprint design is made on

The Celebration Shoppe.

12. Footprint snowmen with ear muffs

Footprint snowmen with ear muffs

Are snowmen your childrens’ favourite thing about Christmas and winter time besides all the holiday food? Well, between their love for snowmen and their inevitable love for messy crafts like hand and foot painting, your kids will be all over the idea of printing their feet onto a real canvas and then adding the details to make an adorable snowman, just like House by Hoff did here.

13. Baby footprint Christmas holly

Baby footprint christmas holly

Do you remember when we were talking about baby foot prints being saved forever in stone? Well, just in case you loved the idea but weren’t sure about how much an Olaf pattern was going to bother me, so you need something a little bit classier? This cute little footprint ornament is also made by doing a clay imprint but the clay is different. We adore the way these little clay feet have been dressed up for the holidays . We can get enough of those big bells on the side of the sock project. Those make for such pretty things!{found on Family Crafts}.

14. Footprint and felt snowman

Footprint and felt snowman

Crafty Crafted guides you through the process of making your painted footprint even more useful than it already is. Rather than turning it into something glamorous, they’ve developed a tutorial that shows you how to make not just a footprint snowman, but one that looks like he’s completely melting! We love the added felt details in this project.

15. Mini framed footprint penguin

Mini framed footprint penguin

Are you such a big fan of the idea of foot print art that you’re actually feeling a little bit nostalgic from it since it’s your kids’ adorable little feet each of these crafts documents. You can make the finished projects look a little bit classier and more decor appropriate, though, by adding a pretty frame like Crafty Crafted did here. Your kids will like the idea that the foot print penguin is safe. This might be the cutest little foot print creature or thing on our entire list!

Do you know someone with little kids who usually love “hands on” Christmas crafts? Share this post with them so they can get their feet in on the fun for once as well!

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