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Homemade Cardboard Crafts

In the world of classic crafts, there’s just something about making things with cardboard that we’ll never get tired of! It doesn’t matter how old we get or whether we’re crafting for ourselves or with our kids; cardboard is simply a super fun, affordable, and versatile thing to work with! That’s why we’ve always got our eyes peeled for different kinds of cardboard based DIY projects that we’ve never tried before.

1. DIY cardboard pin board

Diy cardboard pin board

Are you the kind of organized person who loves hanging reminders all over your workspace, just to make absolute sure that you really get everything done that you were supposed to? Well, you could ho buy yourself a cork board, or you could simply cover a piece of cardboard in fun fabric and make a super neat DIY note board instead! Get the full details for making it happen on A Little Craft in Your Day.

2. Light up cardboard city

Light up cardboard city

If you’re going to craft with your kids, are you going to go all out to make sure that you instil a love for simple cardboard crafts in them that’s just as thorough as your own was as a kid? Then you’re going to need to make something totally awesome to really impress them! If they love superheroes even half as much as ours do, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Craftionary made this awesome painted cardboard city that actually lights up.

3. DIY cardboard playhouse

Diy cardboard playhouse

Have we really caught your attention with the concept of making buildings from cardboard but you know that your littlest kids will like the idea even better if you make it large enough that they can go inside? Then we thin you might get along a little better with something like this awesome DIY, hand drawn and painted cardboard box playhouse featured on Project Nursery!

4. Cardboard box puppet show

Cardboard box puppet show

Are the crafts that are always the most popular in your house usually the ones where your kids can enjoy the DIY process itself but also create something that they can continue playing with for hours after they’ve finished? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Handmade Charlotte create this adorable little cardboard puppet show box that has movable characters and even “stage” lights!

5. Cardboard creatures clock

Cardboard creatures clock

If you’re going to create something truly awesome out of simple cardboard, would you actually rather make it something really practical, just to impress everyone a little extra and enjoy something useful and new? Then we think you simply must take a look at the way Stitch, Craft, Create made this funny cardboard creatures clock that you can customize however you please, depending on your favourite animals!

6. Adorable cardboard box kids’ kitchen

Adorable cardboard box kids' kitchen

If you’re going to make something home themed and fully kid sized out of cardboard, would you actually rather make it something they can keep busy with alongside you while you’re doing things like cooking in the kitchen? In that case, we think you’ll find a lot of inspiration in the way Metro talks about making this ultimate and totally adorable kids kitchen entirely from glued, cut, and painted cardboard boxes!

7. Cardboard painter’s easel

Cardboard painter's easel

Like us, have you always been a fan of quick little DIY solutions for simple things that will actually help you have an easier time with another kind of craft you’re often making, like an awesome creative cycle? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Art Bar used a piece of cardboard with a good bend in it to make a homemade easel for when your kids paint!

8. Cardboard mini cars ramp race

Cardboard mini cars ramp race

Besides crafting, is playing cards your kids’ absolute favourite way to spend their time? Then we’d be willing to bed that this entirely cardboard ramp setup that’s perfectly sized for the average toy card will be right up your alley! This tutorial Frugal Fun 4 Boys shows you how to measure it just right so the cards don’t get stuck halfway.

9. Pretty cardboard lanterns

Pretty cardboard lanterns

Perhaps you’re actually hoping to do a little bit of simple cardboard crafting for yourself, so you’ve been scrolling in hopes of finding something a little more decorative and glam looking, despite the fact that you still really want to work with cardboard? In that case, we’re pretty sure Etsy Blog‘s outline for making these gold and faux stained glass cardboard lanterns might be right along the lines of what you’re thinking of.

10. Durable cardboard box furniture

Durable cardboard box furniture

If you’ve ever lifted a heavy cardboard box then you obviously already know that cardboard is quite a durable thing, but did you know that it’s actually also durable and strong enough to make functional furniture out of if you layer it right and take care of all the weak tension points? We adore the way A Piece of Rainbow provides full blueprint style plants for making a low beach chair and matching short desk for when you want to take your work outside in the summer!

11. Cardboard cell phone screen projector

Cardboard cell phone screen projector

In the interest of finding even more ides that are fun to make but extra fun to use after they’re finished, here’s another concept that will help your kids familiarize themselves with how images and light can transfer! We’re totally in love with this DIY cardboard box cell phone projector from Macgyverisms (and by that we mean we’ve already helped our kids make two of them).

12. Kid sized cardboard foosball table

Kid sized cardboard foosball table

Just in case you’re still on the hunt for more DIY projects that start off as crafts and turn into games your kids can play again and again, here’s one from U Create Crafts that we actually remember making as kids ourselves too! Their tutorial walks you through the steps for turning a cardborad box, some wooden dowels, and some clothes pins into a miniature foosball table.

13. Durable cardboard floating wall shelf

Durable cardboard floating wall shelf

Are you feeling most intrigued so far by the suggestions we’ve given you that involve a bit of strength and durability? Maybe you’re just very intrigued by the idea that you can actually use cardboard to make useful structures in your home. Either way, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Instructables made this awesomely angular cardboard floating wall shelf that even has a notch specifically meant for holding your cell phone!

14. Cardboard marble labyrinth game

Cardboard marble labrynth game

Just in case you’re still not over the idea of homemade cardboard games that will undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment, here’s another awesome idea that even we had a fun time using when we were all done! Frugal Fun 4 Boys walks you step by careful step through the process of making a marble labyrinth game where you have to complete the little maze of cardboard walls without letting your marble fall into one of the holes.

15. Cardboard and yarn guitars

Cardboard and yarn guitars

Are kids perhaps very young but also already showing signs of a love for music? Then maybe it’s time to start at least introducing them to the concept of playing instruments while it’s still nice and early! We love the way Make It, Love It made these adorable (and rather realistic) layered cardboard guitars that actually make a soft twanging sound when you pluck the yarn, so long as you pull it tight enough when you attach them.

Have you made other super fun DIY things out of cardboard before that were a huge hit in your house but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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