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8 Best Watercolor Markers in 2023 for Pros and Hobbyists Alike

Since we were quite young, we’ve been avid painters. In particular, we’ve always beenhuge fans of painting with watercolor paints because we love the way they spread and layer to make stunning patterns and images.

Best watercolor markers

We’ve had quite a number of years of practice with watercolor paints, but we’re always open to trying new things and experimenting with unique twists on our favorite art techniques. That’s why, the moment we discovered the trend of watercolor markers, we were hooked and just knew we had to pick up a set of our own.

10 Best Watercolor Markers

Like we do with just about anything, we decided to do a little bit of research into our options before we settled on a watercolor marker set, just to make sure we really invest our money in the right spot. We like to bookmark the options we liked the best in our search and then go back to them, but this always means that we’re basically making an awesome recommendations list as we look. Why not share such a thing if we have it, right?

Check out these eight awesome watercolor marker kits that we came across in our search.

1. Editor’s Pick: ARTEZA Real Brush Pens

Arteza real brush pens

We’ve tried several different kinds of watercolor markers before, and our personal favorite kind has always been the kind with brush tips. That’s why we loved the look of this kit from ARTEZA so much!

In this flat, easy-to-store box, you’ll receive 24 markers, all in different colors and shades. The tips of these markers are flexible, pliable, and very pointed, mimicking the shape of an actual paintbrush but without the continuous need to dip the tip back into your water and paint. These markers take a moment to get used to but, once you’ve got some practice, they’re actually reviewed as allowing more control than a brush, making this awesome for painting, drawing, and freehand calligraphy. We also appreciate how affordable the kit is despite how many markers are offered.

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2. Budget Pick: Winsor & Newton Water Colour Brush Markers

Winsor & newton water colour brush markers

Are you feeling somewhat interested in the brush ends that you saw on the markers we showed you above, but you’re also an avid drawing enthusiast, so you’re just not sure that you want to be working with a super flexible endall the time? Then we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like this watercolor marker kit from Winsor & Newton!

Rather than giving youjust a brush end on your markers, this brand has actually made their markers double-ended so that you can choose how you want to use each color! One end is a brush end while the other is a harder, denser classic felt tip, like a regular marker but with specialized watercolor ink rather than the kind that’s, say, inside the markers, you used as a kid. These markers are comparable in price to what you saw before, which makes their double ends even more awesome, but you only get 12 rather than 24, so you’re getting about half the colors.

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3. Premium Pick: Artist Watercolor Brush Pens Set of 26

Artist watercolor brush pens set of 26

Are you still thinking about how much you like the idea of brush end watercolor markers, but you’re also a first-timer with them, and you’re lacking on the other art supplies you feel you might need to use them properly? Then we think you might have some better luck with this full beginner’s kit offered as a full bundle by Crafts & Colors!

Besides a pack of 25 colorful watercolor brush markers, this kit also provides you with a brush tip marker that has no ink; this is a water brush pen that can be used with actual watercolor paints for a blended art effect. You’ll also receive a zipping canvas case with elastic bands inside in which you can organize the colors however you please, store them neatly, and keep them from getting lost. Finally, you’ll also get a pad of art paper that’s perfectly porous for using watercolor paints and the ink in watercolor pens, just to ensure you’re all set.

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4. Gift Box of 48 Premium Watercolor Brush Pens

Gift box of 48 premium watercolor brush pens

Are you actually quite practice in using watercolor markers already because you’ve had a small set for a while now but, because you love using them so much, you’ve decided it’s time to expand and give yourself a better color range? Then we’d like to direct your attention to this wonderfully thorough kit available on Dab and Dot Markers!

In this kit, you’ll get an impressive total of 48 colors and shades for a wonderfully affordable price. These particular pens are the perfect step for beginners who want to get a little more professional with their skills because they’re simple to use, but they’re capable of a lot. These markers and the ink inside were specifically designed to be easily controlled, good for layering and blending, and free of streaks.

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5. Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Watercolour Pens

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolour pens

Did we hit the nail on the head for you when we talked about a 48 shade range because that’s precisely the kind of kit size you were looking for, but you’re the kind of shopper who always makes sure to look at more than one version of the same style of thing before you make your decision? Then here’s another pack of 48 watercolor brush markers for your consideration, this time from Kuretake!

Now, the first thing you might notice is that this kit is quite a bit more expensive than the first even though they both offer 48 colors and shades. This is because of the quality of the tip and the ink inside! In particular, this watercolor ink in these markers is specifically designed to be layered, giving you more pigment the more you layer, just like with other watercolor paints. Another perk of this pack is that the markers come in a neat little plastic case that keeps them organized and makes them easy to store!

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6. Ohuhu Set of 6 Aqua Painting Brushes

Ohuhu set of 6 aqua painting brushes

Are you actually a lot more interested in the construction of the brush style marker itself than in purchasing any quality paint or ink that will stay loaded in them? Perhaps you’re just a bigger fan of classic watercolors, but you’re also more experienced in drawing than you are with painting, so you like the idea of working with a pen more than a brush and still getting the same effect? Then we think you’re going to love whatOhuhu has to offer!

Rather than giving you a range of colors in their own pre-paint loaded markers, this brand offers you six empty brush style “markers” that are empty but that you can fill with water. This way, you can release the water at whatever speed you need to get the wash and pigmentation you want and use the brush tip dipped in your regular watercolor paints, rather than having the paint itself seep from within the pen. We love that these watercolor markers can be used as often as you like with any color so long as you clean and take care of them!

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7. Arteza Artist Pencil Case Organizer

Arteza artist pencil case organizer

Have you actually been looking for a kind of watercolor marker that’s a little more kid-friendly because it’s really your children who are budding artists rather than yourself, and they’ve been getting enthusiastic about drawing and painting all at once? Then we’re convinced that you’re going to love this complete art kit fromArteza!

Inside this super colorful, handled zipping kit, you’ll find watercolor markers in the outside flaps and pencil crayons lining the inside ones, all held together by little elastic rings that keep them organized. The shades that you get are complementary between the sets, meaning you have the same colors in both the markers and the pencils. The markers themselves, however, very a little bit from the others you’ve seen on this list; they’re a little more ink-based rather than being quite so realistic to regular watercolor paint. They’re still a great introduction to the tool for young artists, but they’re a little easier to manage, both in terms of ink flow and in the fact that they have a slightly denser tip.

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8. Watercolor Brush Pens by Genuine Crafts

Watercolor brush pens by genuine crafts

Have you seen quite a number of features and details so far in these kits that you’ve really liked, but you haven’t quite found them in the combination you’re really hoping for so far? Well, just in case this might be it, here’s another awesome alternative option offered by GenCrafts!

These 20 thin-tipped watercolor brush tip markers come in a range of bright colors that layer well and don’t streak. You’ll open your bundle to find all of these markers organized in a neat, space-efficient plastic case that snaps shut and is also home to a color-free water marker that you can use with actual watercolor paints. You’re really getting a combination of everything you’ve seen so far!

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Do you know another artist or DIY enthusiast who loves painting but has been looking to expand their skills, so they’re hoping to invest in a set of watercolor markers to perfect their technique with? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of information and options to consider before they choose!