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7 Of The Best Industrial Quality Vacuums To Buy

We really are all about showing you the best of the best in every category, especially when it comes to prepping and maintaining your home. Whether you have hardwood floors or need to budget on your next buy, we love sharing different ways and tools to keep your space in the best shape possible.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Today, we are talking about vacuums again, but there’s a bit of a twist thrown into the mix. Instead of just sharing the best handheld models or high-pile carpet extraordinaires, we are going business side. Here are the 7 best quality vacuums to buy!

Do I Really Need A Specific Vacuum?

Firstly, a vacuum is a home necessity no matter which angle you look at it because as long as you have a floor, you will need a way to clear out the excess junk that settles into all the nooks and crannies. But, not every home has the same type of floor. There are hardwood floors, tile floors, carpeted floors, floors covered in shaggy area rugs, and there are even some marble floors out there. And they all need to be kept clean, but they can’t all use the same kind of vacuum.

When it comes to high pile carpets, you need a device that works well with the thickness of the material. And there are a variety of vacuums designed specifically for those plush styles.

Different Types of Vacuums:

Here’s a quick rundown on the basic, different types of vacuums and what you may need them for.

Canister:These vacuums do not look like your traditional, standard model. Instead, they come in a connected, two-piece design that includes a canister unit and a handle. They’re easy to move around the floors and work best on hard surfaces such as hardwood.

Upright:When we think vacuum, most of us immediately go to the image of the upright design. It is the most traditional and has some of the most versatile variations. They are used mostly for carpeted floors, including thick, high pile materials.

Robot: One of the funniest picks on the list comes in the form of the robot vacuum. They are one of the more luxurious options as well because you can just schedule your quick cleaning while never lifting a finger. They do not do as well as the manual devices, but they will help to keep your hardwood or carpets from getting too dirty between deep cleans.

Handheld/Portable: For the smaller jobs comes the handheld or portable vacuum options. These are great for cars, stairs, or harder-to-reach areas of the house.

Pet Vacuum: Othervacuums are specifically designed to deal with pets – and their hair. The difference in design from atraditional vacuum comes with its beater brush which cansometimes detach or technology that makes hair tanglesimpossible.

Stick Cleaner:These designs are known as the “in-between” model. They give you what you need in the realm of the upright model and the handheld vacuum. Usually, they are lightweight in design and used for quicker cleanups such as kitchens or apartments.

What To Look For When Buying A Vacuum?

There are several clear specifics you should be looking into when you are on the hunt for your next vacuum purchase. Depending on your needs, it depends on what variation to go with. Pay attention to these categories throughout your shopping:

Type of Floor: As we mentioned previously, there arespecific models designedspecifically for certain types of floor or certain problems your space may face. You must take this into account whensearching for a new device to fit the needs you have in your home.

Size & Weight: Honestly, this has less to do with the hair and more to do with your needs. If you have to carry the vacuum around an extra-large home or a variety of floors, you may want to focus on finding a design that is easily mobile and lightweight. Who wants to carry a heavy, clunky vacuum around anyway?

Bag vs. Bagless: When shopping for a new vacuum, this is a feature that always needs to be considered. There are so many different models out there and so many different preferences in terms of bagged versus bagless requirements. In terms of hair, it really does not matter! Again, this is all about personal preference and how you want to be able to clean your vacuum when the time comes.

So, What Exactly Is An Industrial Vacuum?

When you hear the term “industrial,” you may think business, and you’d be right. Industrial-specific devices and products are usually created to take care of industrial environments such as hotels or hospitals. These models need to be able to hold more dirt and go at mess with a bit more verve. These vacuums typically have a capacity of 50-100 lt. and include multiple motors. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have one of these beauties for your own home; you’ll just be looking at a higher price tag, more power, and more function too.

Best Industrial Vacuum

If you’re ready to check out the best industrial vacuum on the market, we can start looking into some of the best we found.

1. Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum
Hoover commercial lightweight backpack vacuum

First up on the list is the Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum. Yes, you heard that right; this one is industrial grade but with an ease of mobility that you’ll be hard-pressed to find within this category. In fact, it weighs less than ten pounds; perfect choice for getting the power of the industry within your home! There’s even a harness to provide less strain on your back when you are in cleaning mode – which is such a genius feature that we have never thought of before!

Another great feature of this model is its noise level. A lot of times, vacuums can be loud and annoying, but this one will not disturb as it has one of the quietest of operation modes. With purchase, you’ll receive an accessory pack to make cleaning every nook and cranny even easier, including: 6″ crevice tool, 11″ turbo floor tool, 2″ dusting brush, and 4″ upholstery tool


  • Lightweight design
  • Harness included
  • Full accessory pack


  • No storage for attachments
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2. Vacmaster Beast Steel Tank Wet/Dry Vacuum

Vacmaster beast steel tank wet:dry vacuum
Next on the list is the Vacmaster Beast Steel Tank Wet/Dry Vacuum coming in at half the price of its Hoover predecessor. This price point is actually really rare in terms of industrial-quality vacuums, so you’ll want to take a second look here. It is known for its best-in-class suction power with airflow that makes tough jobs a cinch to clean up.

In terms of construction, it’s a durable model made with a stainless steel tank and cart that provides extra stability, storage, and maneuverability for users. You also get an integrated hose with accessory and power cord organization provides space saving, convenient, and hassle-free storage. Notice that the power cord is 20 feet long with a 7-foot house for extra cleaning reach!


  • Lower price-point
  • High suction power
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Cheaper quality accessories
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3. Stanley 5-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

Stanley 5 gallon wet dry vacuum
We love a good wet/dry vacuum that does double the job for our readers, and that’s what this Stanley 5-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum will help you all accomplish! It is versatile, it is powerful, and you can use it to clean up any space of your life, including your car, office, basement, shed, garage, house, and more! What’s great is that it includes a larger capacity for cleaning with over 18.5 L of bucket space.

One of the best features is its 3-in-1 function. What does that mean exactly? Well, you can vacuum up wet spills, dry dirt, dust, crumbs, and more. You can also use the vacuums as a leaf blower for when autumn comes to call. How cool is that? Included in your purchase:Super Flexible Hose, 3 x Extension Wands, 1 x Gulper Nozzle, 1 x Floor Nozzle, 1 x Crevice Nozzle, 1 x Foam Filter, 1 x Dust Bag, 1 x Reusable Dry Filter, 12-Months Warranty


  • Lower price point
  • Includes 12-month warranty
  • 3-in-1 function


  • Shorter life span
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4. Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Vac

Vacmaster professional wet:dry vac
We have another wet/dry model that may be the right choice for you! The Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Vac is a bit more expensive than its sister vac above, but it is worth it, we promise. The model features a high-performance motor, on-site storage for accessories, and an extra-large drain port for easy clean-up!

Again, this is a device that you’ll be able to tote around to get every part of your life clean and tidy. From the house to your car to the work shed to the office, it can take care of any nook or cranny that needs a pick-me-up from the elements (both wet and dry, to be exact!).


  • High-performance motor
  • Onsite storage for accessories
  • Wet & dry clean up capabilities


  • No warranty included
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5. DeWALT DXV069P 6 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

Dewalt dxv069p 6 gallon poly wetdry vac

Straying away from the Vacmaster brand, we have the DeWALT DXV069P 6 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac. This, too will be able to take care of your wet and dry clean-up jobs while blowing all those leaves off the front sidewalk throughout the fall season. Yes, you read that right, this device has those 3-in-1 functions as well!

It features a 6-gallon bucket, crevice nozzle to make those awkward, small jobs a bit more doable, an on-site cord wrap, and 360-degree rotation ability, which makes maneuvering around any space so much more convenient! The price point for this industrial quality vacuum isn’t too shabby either – it is less expensive than most traditional models!


  • 3-in-1 function abilities
  • Crevice nozzle included
  • 360-degree maneuvering


  • Broken parts in delivery
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6. Stanley 6-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Stanley 6 gallon wet:dry vacuum
Let’s take a stroll around the details of the Stanley 6-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum. Again, it is a design that has the ability to clean up both wet and dry messes; we know how convenient this type of function is for family homes and businesses. Clean outside, inside, in the car, in the house, on the porch, at the office, or even the upholstery! And it is one of the most user-friendly of designs on the market, which is perfect for sharing responsibility with the rest of the family.

This model features a large holding capacity – 6 gallons – and its 4.0 horsepower gives it a powerful push for getting the harder jobs accomplished. Another great feature is its longer-reaching ability. With its 16 foot hose, you’ll get the ease of mobility and ways to get into those awkward nooks and crannies that desperately need your attention and tidying up.


  • Lower price point
  • Wet & dry clean up capabilities
  • Powerful suction


  • May jam up
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7. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet/Dry JM773

7 industrial vacuum cleaner wet:dry jm773
And finally, we finish our list of the best industrial quality vacuum cleanings with this simple Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet/Dry JM773. Although it has one of the higher price points on the list, you will soon learn why it is okay to shell out the extra for this investment. Some of its best features include its larger capacity tank and waterspout, its flexible trolley frame handle, stainless steel tanks, powerful suction, and longer runtime – to get the harder and tougher jobs done in one sitting!

It is also a heatproof machine with anti-cracking features, making it solid, durable, oh, and it is also waterproof! The accessories included are multi-functional and made of high-quality material that is made to last just as long as the vacuum itself.


  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Flexible trolley frame handle
  • Powerful suction


  • Higher price point
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Choosing an industrial vacuum may be overwhelming, there seem to be so many more features and functions to explore! But with this list, we have truly done some of the dirty work for you by providing you some of the best options. Now all you have to do is narrow down which one fits your needs and your wallet in the most comfortable way. We may have swayed toward the wet and dry vacuum models mostly, but that is because when you are buying for industrial jobs, you want to utilize your resources. And if there is a device on the market that can take care of more than one chore, snag it!