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9 Best Glasses Repair Kits for the Money

Have you ever felt your glasses sift on your face only to reach up and realize, as you’re fixing them, that one of the little screws has fallen out, and the arm is now loose? Perhaps you wear the kind of glasses that have nose pads, and you always wish you could adjust them for better comfort. Well, not everyone realizes how affordable and useful at-home glasses repair kits can be, but the simple tools that you need to get the most out of your glasses without having to visit your optometrist too often are out there.

Glasses Repair Kit

We’ve long been thinking of investing in our own glasses repair kits, so we’ve been gathering the links to the best options we could find across the Internet. Hopefully, comparing and contrasting what we found and liked best will help make your own decision a little easier.

What are glasses repair kits?

Usually, no matter the kind, the whole point of a repair kit is to provide you with everything you need to fix something nice and easily at home. This is intended to save you money in the long run and make things more convenient. Glasses repair kits give you all of the specialty sized screws, screwdrivers, and other features that you need to fix your glasses right away, rather than wearing them damaged until you can make it to the optometry office for repairs.

Do glasses repair kits work?

Precisely what you’ll get in your glasses repair kitdoes tend to depend on which one you get, but there’s still some kind of standard in the good quality options. Glasses repair kits usually include miniature screws of various commonly used kinds, specialty sized extra small screwdrivers and sometimes angled tweezers to make gripping the little pieces easier. Some kits even come with small LED pen lights to help you see your tiny work area a little better.

Best Glasses Repair Kits

Check out this pros and cons style outline of the nine best glasses repair kits we came across in our search below.

1. Kingsdun eyeglass repair tool kit

Kingsdun eyeglass repair tool kit

This fully stocked glasses repair kit comes with literally everything you’ll need for adjustments and quick fixes all thanks toKingsdun.

Besides a range of screwdrivers in six small sizes common to different kinds of glasses, you’ll also receive angled pointed tweezers that are also magnetic, a pen light, a lens cleaning cloth, and an organized plastic case filled with different widths and lengths of screws and washers sized for various glasses styles.

Although the magnetic tweezers undoubtedly making lifting the tiny screws out of the kit easier, keep in mind that placing them into the hole in the glasses can take some practice. The magnet adds precision in that you won’t send screws flying across the room, but it takes a certain small flourish to free the screw from the magnet into the right spot for repair.

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2. Bayite sunglass and watch repair kit

Bayite sunglass and watch repair kit

Are you quite interested in the idea of a fully stocked kit with screwdrivers and a light, but you’re just not sure you need as many screwdrivers as you saw above? Then you might prefer this kit from Bayite that gives you diverse screw sizes but only two different shaped drivers, measured to work on all the different screws provided.

Once again, these curved tweezers are magnetic for easy lifting and screw placement.

Although the tweezers are magnetized, bear in mind that the screwdrivers are not. This might require extra care as you first begin screwing, just to make sure you don’t knock the screw out of place.

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3. SYR Supply sunglass repair kit

Syr supply sunglass repair kit

Do you wear the kind of glasses that uses nose pads to support them on your face? Then no kit will be “fully stocked” for your needs without the kinds of supplies you see in this bundle fromSYR Supply.

This size efficient kit contains one screwdriver that reveals two adjustable heads, a range of essential screws, a cleaning cloth, and flexible plastic pads for both your nose and the contact point behind your ears.

You’ll also find a pair of easy-grip tweezers in this kit, but it’s worth noting that these ones arenot magnetized. This means your actual squeezing pressure is responsible for keeping the screw gripped and getting it into place.

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4. Smart Top clear eyeglass nose pads

Smart top clear eyeglass nose pads

Are you actually hoping to make an alteration to your glasses rather than adjustment, just to make them slightly more comfortable to wear? Then something like this clear eyeglass nose pads kit fromSmart Top might be more along the lines of what you’re looking for.

These soft pads are made from flexible silicone, letting them adjust perfectly to the bridge of your nose. They’re applied with a strong, non-slip adhesive that’s already on the folding flap of each one by the time you receive the pack.

These pads are intended to be an essentially universal addition to glasses that don’t have nose pads of their own, but their need to fold around a protrusion for grip makes them less suited forsome brands. Evaluate the resting pieces of your glasses before you order.

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5. Dailisha 3-pack anti-slip silicone eyeglass nose pads

Dailisha 3 pack anti slip silicone eyeglass nose pads

Perhaps your glasses have standard nose pads that simply need replacing, but you’re still feeling enamoured with the idea of purchasing a more fully stocked repair kit too? ThenDailisha has just what you’re looking for.

This kit, which comes organized in a little plastic box, gives you a range of arm screws, a small screwdriver, tweezers, a cleaning cloth, and six replacement nose pads.

The pads in this kit are made of the same comfortable silicone you saw above, but they arenot universal for adding to all types of glasses. These pads require the classic stands between the edges to hold them in place.

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6. Teckman fully stocked eyeglass repair kit

Teckman fully stocked eyeglass repair kit

Just in case you’re looking for a glasses repair kit with the kind of wider tool variety you saw in our first suggestion but you’dalso like replacement nose pads, here’s a more thorough option provided byTeckman.

Besides the screws, silicone pads, and cleaning cloth, you’ll get six specialty-sized screwdrivers and even a keychain penlight so you can see your work better.

These angled tweezersare magnetic, which is a good perk but essential to know about for effective use. Keep in mind that, like the ones above, these silicone nose pads only fit on glasses with bridge stands.

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7. YR soft silicone air chamber eyeglass nose pads

Yr soft silicone air chamber eyeglass nose pads

Are youprimarily looking for nose pads to replace your old ones but you also thing having at least a few glasses sized screws and the right screwdriver on hand would be a perk? Then you might appreciate this miniature kit from YR.

Its emphasis is really on the ten air chamber nose pad replacements that feel light and comfortable but you’ll also get ten small arm screws and a little keychain style screwdriver for tightening them in place.

This kit is extremely affordable, which is a huge perk, but it’s also much more limited in its quantity. If your whole family wears glasses and tends to damage them often, this option might be too small for you.

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8. LifeNGXU clear silicone nose pads and full repair kit

Lifengxu clear silicone nose pads and full repair kit

If you’re looking for a screwand nose pad repair and replacement kit that’s sized somewhere between the larger and smaller ones we’ve shown you, then we think this option fromLifeNGXU might be a good compromise!

Compared with the one above, this kit gives you the same number of nose pads,double the number of screws, two different miniature drivers with different shaped heads, and a lens cleaning cloth. It all fits together in a convenient plastic case.

Although these silicone air chamber nose pads are very comfortable and durable, theydo require nose bridge stands once again. They’re also of a size that some people find a little smaller than they’re used to.

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9. SE classic eyeglass and watch repair kit

Se classic eyeglass and watch repair kit

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more basic and practical but also somehow more diverse, then we’re pretty sure this kit fromSE has you covered.

The bundle comes with everything you need to repair and adjust different types of glasses but some of the screws and tools arealso well-sized for fixing your watch as well! This makes it a multi-benefit investment.

Although the it is well stocked, it doesnot come with a larger case to keep all of the pieces together at once. Only the screws and nose pads are stored. You might want to get a small box or zipping bag to organize the features into all together in order to avoid losing them.

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How to use a glasses repair kit?

In most cases, your glasses repair kit will come with full written and illustrated instructions. Brands include these to give you guidance for not just temporarily fixing your glasses to the bare minimum, but actually repairing them correctly. If you still feel like you need more help after reading the instructions, though, there are all kinds of useful video tutorials for using standard glasses repair kits on YouTube.

Properly storing your glasses repair kit

Usually, the pieces for your glasses repair kit come organized in a convenient case. In some instances, however, only the screws and tiny pieces are encased and the rest of the tools free float. Because the tools are pointed and the other pieces are so tiny, we’d suggest bagging or boxing them all together and storing them somewhere kid-proof and dry. This will stop your little metal pieces from rusting, getting lost, or becoming a choking hazard.

Do you know another DIY enthusiast who has been thinking about investing in their own glasses repair kit? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider.