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These Are The Best 10 Double Sleeping Bags in 2023

If we’re being completely honest, there’s only really one thing we start to feel preoccupied with the moment that spring starts to raise its head a little. That’s camping! We love camping with friends and family more than just about anything and the tiniest rise in temperature gets us not just thinking about our first trip of the year, but sometimes even preparing for it extremely early. We get almost as excited about the process leading up to camping as we do about the camping itself!

Best sleeping bags

We’re already looking at the things we might need to purchase and invest in this year to make our next trip the ultimate experience and we’ve decided that it’s time to invest in a double sleeping bag. Besides reducing the number of sleeping bags we need to carry on a trip, these are also a cozy option that can help you keep warmer with a loved one on slightly chillier nights in the tent.

Best Double Sleeping Bags

Naturally, we did our usual routine and researched just about as many options as we possibly could. Even once we’d made our decision, we realized we had quite a decent list of options compiled so we thought we might as well share them! Check out the 10 best double sleeping bags we came across in our search.

1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Sleepingo double sleeping bag for backpacking

Are you solid in your need for a sleeping bag but you’re also trying to carry as little as you truly can without leaving essentials behind? Then we think you might find this double sleeping bag design fromSleepingo to be rather appealing indeed!

Although this bag is designed to stretch out equally to the size of a queen sized bed, it’s also made with warm but not bulky materials. This ensures that it stays as cozy as possible without being large once it’s packed in or rolled. The design is meant to give you as much sleeping bag as possible without having to carry something extremely heavy. It even comes with two little pillows made of the same materials.


  • Spacious enough for two adults.
  • Can even be used as two individual sleeping bags.


  • Not the best when used out in the open.
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2. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

Teton sports mammoth queen size double sleeping bagå

Has your least favourite part of using any size of sleeping bag always been rolling it up and fitting in back into the bag in the morning because it never seems to go in quite the same? Then we think you’ll find this double sleeping bag fromTETON Sports rather intriguing!

The materials this sleeping bag is made of were specifically chosen for their ability to stay warm and dry, but mostly for their tendency to squish down very well. The description you get with this bag quite literally tells you to stuff it back into the bag from the bottom end so it can compress well, nice and light, making itextremely easy for you to carry.


  • Massive sleeping bag, about as wide as a queen size bed.
  • You can combine multiple Mammoth sleeping bags via zippers.


  • Rolling it back up can be difficult, and it doesn’t fit in the bag anymore.
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3. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu double sleeping bag

Is your biggest priority when it comes to investing in a sleeping bag absolutely its warmth, since you’re the kind of person who tends to get extremely chilly and that’s part of why you’re investing in a double sleeping bag in the first place? In that case, we’ddefinitely suggest taking a look at this design fromOhuhu!

Besides being wide enough for two people, this sleeping bag is made from materials that were very specifically chosen to guard against chilly outdoor nights and trap the body heat that you generate inside to keep you warm. In fact, this sleeping bag is advertised as being toasty warm down to temperatures as low as 32F or 0C.


  • You can use it as a single sleeping bag or split it in two.


  • Zippers aren’t very sturdy.
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4. Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Big and Tall Double Adult Sleeping Bag

Coleman tandem 3 in 1 45 big and tall double adult sleeping bag

Have you actually slept in a wide range of sleeping bags before and always found that you’re actually a little bit too tall? Then this next sleeping bag fromColeman is practically made for you!

In fact, this sleeping bag wasliterally developed for people who simply find that they tend to be a little too long for snuggling cozily into the average camping sleeping bag. Its got a larger than average length to make sure you don’t have to choose between your toes and your shoulders when it comes to keep all of your extremities snug at night. It’s also a little extra wide in case you or whoever you’re sharing with need some more width than the average smaller sleeping bag, which tends to be on the narrow side.


  • Super comfy.
  • Great for tall people.


  • Stitching can unravel for some.
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5. Grizzly by Black Pine 2-Person Sleeping Bag

Grizzly by black pine 2 person sleeping bag

Do you find yourself to be ever so slightly picky when it comes to the lining of your sleeping bags, because you don’t necessarilylove the feeling of that windbreaker material, even though you know that’s often on the outside for warmth and waterproofing? Then we’d urge you to give this next piece fromBlackpine Sports some consideration.

Rather than having an inside layer that’s hardly any softer than the shiny stuff on the outside, this sleeping bag boasts a soft layer on top of that insulation that’s a little more inviting. Their flannel plaid interior keeps you both toasty and content, rather than sliding around unable to get comfortable all night.


  • Well insulated.
  • Big enough for two people, with room to spare.


  • Not the best in low temps.
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6. Outdoor Vitals Explorer 25°F Rectangular Down Sleeping Bag

Outdoor vitals explorer 25°f rectangular down sleeping bag

So long as you’re able to buy some kind of warm sleeping bag that will suit both you and your partner, are you quite unbothered as to whether you’re actually encased together as one like in a classic individual bag, only double wide? Then maybe you’ll consider this alternative fromOutdoor Vitals!

Rather than simply widening a single pod to make a double sleeping bag, this company offers you two individuals sold as a set for the way they zip together along their sides so that you’re sleeping in tandem. This helps stop anyone from rolling away from the party if you’re sleeping under the stars and it also does conserve warmth, even if you’ve got your own little pod, since you’re still in close proximity.


  • Super light and compresses to 8×8 inches.
  • You can interconnected multiple sleeping bags.


  • Packing the sleeping bag isn’t the easiest process.
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7. Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag for Camping

Winterial double mummy sleeping bag for camping

Are you planning on camping a little earlier in the season than most people like to so you’re looking for a design that will help keep you even warmer than what you’ve seen in most of the things we’ve shown you so far? Then maybe this double sleeping bag fromWinterial will be a little more your speed.

Besides being designed for maximum body heat conservation with a high top to reach the neck and little hood pieces to keep the head warm, this sleeping bag also is also specifically designed and lined to keep you cozy even in winter camping scenarios. In fact, its waterproof outer lining will insulate you together down to 20F!


  • Queen sized sleeping bag that’s waterproof.
  • Roomy enough for two adults.


  • Rolled up bag is a bit large.
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8. Famous Juggle Double Sleeping Bag & unzipped into 2 Individual Sleeping Bags

Famous juggle double sleeping bag & unzipped into 2 individual sleeping bagså

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about a transformable sleeping bag that’s intended to be either individualor double but now you can’t help wondering whether there isn’t another version of that basic idea out there besides the one we showed you earlier on? Then we think you simplymust take a look at this version from Famous Juggle!

Rather than being two sleeping bags that zip together as one unit down their sides, this brand offers you two individual bags that not only unzip entirely around three of their own edges to turn into a flat blanket, but that also them zip together long their tops and sides to make a single sleeping bag that’s double wide! Itis a slightly less insulated design, though.


  • Can be zipped into two individual sleeping bags.


  • The sleeping bag isn’t very thick, so not the best for colder weather.
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9. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

Teton sports mammoth queen size double sleeping bag

Were you very tempted indeed by the idea of a sub-zero sleeping bag that even comes with its own little hood because cold weather camping is actually something you plan to do, but you’re still shopping around? Well,TETON Sports has another design for your consideration.

The shape of this particular design is a little more conventional like the previous one, which had angled sides. Besides keeping you extremely warm, it’s also available in several bright colours. That might not be the most important consideration for you, but it might make your kids take more of an interest!


  • Compact when rolled up, so it’s great for backpacking.
  • Comes with dual zippers.


  • Putting the sleeping bag back in the case is extremely difficult.
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10. Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Kelty tru comfort doublewide 20 degree sleeping bag

Are you still feeling like you haven’t quite found the precisely unique double sleeping bag design you have in mind that would be the perfect thing to cozy up with another person in under the stars (or in a tent) in cold weather? Well, if you’re willing to invest a little more in the piece, then we think you might get a real kick out of this piece fromKelty.

This double sleeping bag is truly shaped more like a pod than a bag. Upon opening it, you’ll see that it has another set of zipping blankets built in. It also features a shared hood part like we described before, but higher to protect you from the wind. It’s a bont that such a piece keeps your pillows in place while you snooze! This is certainly the option for those who want more thorough insulation.


  • Wider than a queen size bed.
  • Fits two adults and even a child.


  • Pretty pricey.
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Do you know another camping enthusiast who has been feeling keen on investing in a double sleeping bag for their next trip but who feels like they could use a little bit of guidance? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of options and information to choose from!