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Beautiful DIY Shed Plans For Backyard

Spring hasn’t quite spring yet, but we’re still excited for the weather to warm up so we can start enjoying our yard again! There’s just something so calming about having a private sunny place to relax in, so we’re always altering and adding to the space until it feels perfect. This year, we think we’d really like to make ourselves a shed! We’d use it for all kinds of things but we haven’t found a store bought version we like, so we’ve been combing the Internet for DIY plans and solutions instead.

Just in case the idea of making a DIY shed once the spring comes appeals to you just as much as it did to us, here are 15 of the best plans, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Open sided DIY gardening shed

Open sided diy gardening shed

Are you actually looking for something very simple indeed in your shed design and something that’s easy to make because you’re a bit of a beginner when it comes to woodworking and building structures? Then we just might have found the best idea for you right off the bat! Check out how Morning Chores built this open sided garden shed in surprisingly few simple steps.

2. DIY farmhouse style wooden shed

Diy farmhouse style wooden shed

Do you actually have a lot of experience in woodworking so you’re looking to make something a little more detailed, and you might even like it to double as a bit of a decor piece in your picturesque yard as well? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Davidegg22 made this cute little shed that looks just like a vintage inspired farmhouse!

3. DIY modern lean-to shed

Diy modern lean to shed

Are you quite intrigued by the simple shanty style of the first shed plan we showed you but you live in a place that gets a lot of wet weather so you’d prefer that it actually does have a front side so your things will stay dry? In that case, we think perhaps you’ll get along a little better with something like this simple but modern angled lean-to shed featured on DIY Atlanta Modern.

4. Small DIY lawn mower shed

Small diy lawn mower shed

Are you intent on the fact that you could really use a shed and you would much prefer to make it yourself but your yard is very small so you don’t have a lot of space to work with? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Ana White made this skinny, half-width shed that’s perfectly sized for keeping a lawn mower in to free up space in your garage!