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The 10 Best Barn Door Kit to Install Yourself in 2023

In recent years, the idea of a “rustic chic” aesthetic for homes, events, and businesses have trended like never before. All of the old-world charm found in historic countryside buildings with wooden rafters and handmade furnishings has held center stage in the worlds of DIY and decor in a big way, and we totally support it.

Within that category of style, of course, you’ll also find descriptions like “repurposed modern” and “farmhouse comfort.” The latter is our particular favorite, especially if blatant farm inspiration pieces like barn door features are included.

Best Barn Doors

That’s part of why we’ve been gathering links and information about the best barn door kits we could find for sale online. Purchasing a kit might simplify things a little when it comes to totally changing the door styles in your home, but it’s still quite an undertaking, particularly if you’re new to home improvement. Comparing and contrasting the features of high-quality kits can help you choose the barn door that’s right for you and your space a little better.

What Is a Barn Door Kit?

It’s actually pretty simple and self-explanatory, really! A barn door kit is a DIY installment kit that gives you what you’ll need to change a door in your house from a standard swinging door into a rustic-chic sliding door that looks and works just like the door of a barn.

In fact, in some more authentic cases, the wood has actually been repurposed from a very real old barn. The kit will also give you brackets and thorough instructions to ensure your success.

How Do Barn Doors Work in a Home?

Have you ever seen a home with a sliding patio or kitchen door? Well, an interior barn door works much like that.

This time, however, the door is attached above the opening on a visible sliding bracket, rather than being inset in to runners at the bottom and top. The setup, though installed with contemporary tools, is much more old-fashioned and homey.

Best Barn Door Kits

Evaluating the pros and cons of something before you buy it is a great way to help yourself make the best choice. We’ve tried to make it even easier for you by making a whole list of options and their features so you can see them in one place. Check out these ten great barn door kits to learn more.

1. Smart Standard 36in x 84 in sliding barn door

Smart standard 36in x 84 in sliding barn door

This barn door kit fromSmart Standard helps you install a barn-style sliding door that is the standard width of a single interior doorway.

The door itself is made of beautifully textured spruce wood and comes in a range of painted or stained finishes and colors. The brand opted for extra easy installation by pre-drilling screw holes into the door, so you have a little less work ahead of you.

Although the door and its durable brackets are sized to most modern standard doorway measurements, some owners of very old houses found their differing dimensions required adjustment. If this happens to you, you might still have to drill your own screw holes in the door.

It will still be usable, solid, and stunning in its finish since the holes won’t show, but be aware of this potential need for extra work if your house is more historic.

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2. Belleze unfinished knotty pine wood sliding barn door

Belleze unfinished knotty pine wood sliding barn door

If you’d prefer an even more natural rustic finish than the soft painted grey you saw above, check out this kit from Belleze that gives you a sliding barn door made from knotted pine finished with a smooth stain.

This kit contains everything you’ll need to make the door itself, which arrives in slats that are extremely simple to put together thanks to a strong wooden sliding peg system that helps the slats rest snugly against each other.

Be aware that this particular kit containsonly the door itself andnot the sliding rail or bracket.

This is sold separately by the same company (or you can use the door with another brand’s kit of compatible size).


  • high-quality product
  • modern, slick design with a smooth surface
  • 100% Natural Knotty Pine
  • the barn door is pre-cut
  • longevity


  • Putting it togethermaybe a pain, depending on how good you are at crafting things.
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3. Winsoon 6ft super mini cabinet barn door

Winsoon 6ft super mini cabinet barn door

Before you go installing an entire sliding barn door on the wall of your home, would you rather try out the process and look on a smaller scale? Then check out this barn door cabinet kid offered byWinsoon.

This kit provides you with carbon steel sliding racks and wheeled brackets that are durable, smooth and easy to use, and rather simple to install. The doors, which are made of pine, can be purchased individually or in pairs and work to cover more than just cabinets, depending on the width you select (they offer three options).

Keep in mind that this kit containsonly the doors, brackets, and sliding tracks and not the entire cabinet. This is made up for by the versatility of things you can affix the doors to for covering.


  • Made out of carbon steel with frosted black surface.
  • Hardware for two doors, spanning 6FT.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions.


  • Users complained about bolt durability.
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4. Haha Emall steel and wood sliding cabinet barn door

Haha emall steel and wood sliding cabinet barn door

Are you actually the kind of handy person who prefers to do their own woodwork, so you want to make the door yourself, but you still need the brackets and track? Well, so long as you’re still in the market for miniature and cabinet-sized pieces, then Haha Emall has you covered.

Their easy-to-install carbon steel pieces are durable and smooth moving, and they support an impressive weight.

Keep in mind that you areonly purchasing the sliding track and wheeled brackets in this kit. You willnot receive the cabinet or the doors. Instead, these brackets are made to work with all kinds of other diverse pieces, making them nearly universal.


  • Sliding barn door hardware kit for two mini 5FT doors.
  • Works for TV cabinet, mini cupboards, doghouse, closets, and so on.


  • The instruction manual is lacking.
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5. U-MAX 6ft sliding barn door hardware kit

U max 6ft sliding barn door hardware kit

Are you definitely interested more in the hardware that it takes to turn a wooden doorinto a sliding barn door, rather than to purchase the door itself at this time, but you want a full-sized set and not one suited for cabinets and TV stands? Then U-MAX has a better-sized set for you.

Their siding bar and wheeled brackets are made from durable, high-quality steel. You can choose a variety of lengths for your main support bar in order to suit your space, but all of them are impressively weight-bearing.

Remember that, once again, you are purchasingonly the sliding bar and wheeled brackets for your barn door. The door itself can be either purchased separately or made from scratch by you; the kit with work equally well on either of those options.


  • Strong hardware for a full-sized door.
  • System works smoothly.
  • Good price.


  • Top bar is split, which may inconvenience some users
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6. Smart Standard 6ft double rail sliding door

Smart standard 6ft double rail sliding door

In this kit fromSmart Standard, you’re once again receiving just the brackets and sliding track and not the door itself, but that’s part of the point with this here.

You’re investing in a good, strong base for when you eventually find or make your ideal door. In this case, the base is actually a little longer than usual, just in case, the structure of your house requires the door to be able to pull back a little extra far to clear the doorway.

Even with a properly measured door with dimensions that perfectly fit the opening, some scenarios require a sliding track that gives you a little more clearance past the door’s edge. This bracket kit would therefore work well in a home where a person uses a wheelchair or other mobility device, for example.


  • Good price.
  • Very easy to install.


  • Top rail is in two pieces.
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7. Homlux heavy duty sliding barn door kit

Homlux heavy duty sliding barn door kit

If you’re in the market for barn door hanging kits only, but you need something a little more durable than average because you plan to make the solid wood door yourself, then you’ll enjoy what Homlux has to offer.

Their sliding track and wheeled brackets are made of high-class, industrial-grade steel that’s capable of holding the highest weight of any kit so far. The wheels on the brackets are also specifically designed to be extra quiet, reducing any chance of squeaking or clacking with use.

This bracket set is available in different lengths, so carefully measure your space in advance and choose the one that really suits its dimensions best. Some of the sizes are slightly adjustable, but it pays off more, to be precise.


  • Easy install of the barn door.
  • Great price and works with large doors for multiple rooms inside your home, including dressing rooms.


  • Mismatched predrilled holes.
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8. Smart Standard 3ft barn door track kit

Smart standard 3ft barn door track kit

Just in case you’re still on the lookout for a miniature barn door bracket kit rather than a full-sized one, but the doors you’ve built yourself as extremely solid and heavy, here’s a heavier duty option fromSmart Standard.

Of the smaller kits you’ve seen so far, this high-quality steel set has the highest weight-bearing capacity and, like the full-sized design above, the quietest bracket wheels.

Once again, however,do keep in mind that this kitincludes only the sliding track, wheeled brackets, and the screws necessary for installing it all correctly. You’ll use these universally fitting pieces with a separately purchased, repurposed, or homemade door.


  • Mini cabinet barn doors.
  • Works with TV stands, closets, or windows.


  • Some users complain about the metal quality.
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9. Homlux extra smooth barn door kit

Homlux extra smooth white barn door kit

Many of the barn door kits that are capable of bearing the most weight tend to catch a little and slide very slowly because of the downward pressure that the weight they support causes. If you’re looking for a design that’sspecifically built for smoothness, however, then we’d suggest checking this kit by Homlux out.

In addition to being made of carbon steel, these wheeled brackets and sliding tracks are treated to be anti-rust, keeping them smooth for longer.

Once again, you’re purchasingonly the bracket and track kit and not the door itself when you buy this bundle. As with most, however, it’s intended to fit most standard designs that suit its measurements. Just be sure to check the dimensions well before purchasing the door you want.


  • Barn door kit for large doors.
  • Easy to install and reusable.
  • Fits 36 inch wide doors.


  • Predrilled holes don’t line up with studs on some kits.
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10. SmartxChoices 12ft double sliding barn door kit

Smartxchoices 12ft double sliding barn door kit

If you’re in the market for a hardware rail kit, but the doorway you have in mind is double-wide, then you’re going to need a double-long sliding rail, too, right? That’s precisely what SmartxChoices is here to offer.

The high-quality steel-wheeled brackets and sliding track of this double barn door kit are reinforced with a carbon coating and made a little extra thick to counteract weak points that come naturally with increased length. This lets them support the weight of two doors as they slide smoothly across the track and back again.

Like before, remember that you’re purchasing only the brackets and installment kit in this bundle, and not the door themselves. The point here is to secure the strongest support system that you can, to enable you to pick or create whichever doors you please. This versatile kit is nearly universal.


  • Kit is easy to install.
  • The kit works with two doors.
  • Great price for the set.


  • Some people find the instructions difficult to follow since they’re diagrams.
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Installing Barn Doors With a Kit

In most quality barn door kits, you’ll receive essentially everything you need to get the door set up right there in the box. You will, of course, require your own basic tool kit, but the brackets and necessary screws come specifically with the door you purchased.

You’ll also receive detailed instructions to make it as simple as possible. If you still feel like you need a few pointers, however, the trending popularity of interior barn doors has caused a wealth of surprisingly useful DIY YouTube tutorials that you can also follow at your convenience.

Safety at home

If you have small children at home and they’re used to your house having standard swinging doors, you might want to introduce them to the characteristics of this new sliding piece.

That sounds a little funny, but showing kids how the barn door works can save you tears over jammed fingers and run-over toes. These doors are very easy to work, but they’re often made of solid repurposed wood and can be very heavy to open and close, especially for little ones.

Do you know another home improvement enthusiast who wants to invest in a barn door kit but feels like they could use some guidance when it comes to choosing the best one? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider.