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10 Best Storage Sheds for Organized Outdoor Spaces

As summer approaches, so does the time to start thinking about your outdoor space. Whether you’re overhauling it entirely or just trying to add a few new things here and there to take care of some things, it’s worth thinking about investing in a storage shed. No matter what kind or size of shed you get, having one in your yard gives you a way to declutter, organize, and make the most of your yard and garden space.

Best Storage Shed

Many people prefer to buy larger pieces like garden sheds in person, but we actually like doing that kind of shopping online because it affords us the time to really consider the details. We always feel better about a purchase when we’ve had the time to compare and contrast the different options well. That’s why we’ve been gathering the links to the best storage sheds we’ve found from across the Internet.

What are storage sheds used for?

How you use your storage shed really is entirely up to you, but there’s definitely a standard sense that sheds are purchased to store the tools and supplies you’d generally use in your garden and yard. This might include things like rakes, watering cans, and other garden supplies. The shed is where some people store their kids’ outdoor toys or the family bikes. Others use their shed as a place of escape outside of but still close to home! Sheds make great clubhouses for kids or things like “she sheds” for busy adults who just need a private place to unwind. Obviously, the size of your shed will determine how it’s used to an extent.

What are storage sheds made from?

Just like there are all different shapes and sizes of sheds, there are also all different materialities, and each has its perks. You’ll most often find sheds made out of:

  • Weather-proof plastic
  • Durable metal
  • Natural wood

How much is a storage shed?

In hopes of making your search a little easier, check out this pros and cons style outline of the ten best storage sheds we found online!

1. Suncast horizontal outdoor storage shed

Suncast horizontal outdoor storage shed

If your backyard is quite small, or you need the shed to be able to sit on your patio, then Suncast might have the right option for you right off the bat.

Rather than being a full-sized shed that you can actually enter, this piece is designed to just store some basics in a nice, neat way that helps you declutter and keep them from damage, especially since this weather-proof plastic won’t leak or heat up. It’s a great place for your garden hose and gardening tools that you want to keep accessible.

Keep in mind that because this shed is a little shorter, it won’t necessarily keep things out of the reach of your children unless you put a lock on the top, which is possible to do.

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2. Keter Manor 4×6 resin outdoor shed kit

Keter manor 4x6 resin outdoor shed kit

If you’re looking for a full-height shed, but it’s actually width space that you’re a little more pressed for, then we think you’ll appreciate the layout of this durable shed from Keter. This shed is tall enough to stand in but much thinner across than most designs. That’s made up for by how deep it goes towards the back.

The door has durable metal hinges and has a spot for a padlock in order to keep your things safe during the night or when you’re not home.

The biggest consideration here is an organizational one. Because the shed is long towards the back, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t pile too many things at the front and accidentally block your own path of access to the things stored behind that.

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3. Kinying horizontal storage shed

Kinying horizontal storage shed

If you’re still thinking about how much you like the shorter horizontal style of the shed because you’re working with less space than some people, but you want one that’s slightly wider than what you saw before, consider this design fromKinying instead. This shed is designed for easy access in two different ways.

You can open the front-like doors if you’d prefer not to lift heavy things or need to roll something out, or you can lift the top and fill the box like a trunk instead.

Just make sure you remember how you’ve filled this shed and with what. If you’ve stacked things in the top like a trunk, using the sides as support, and then you open the doors at the front, everything inside might come tumbling out.

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4. Suncast cascade storage shed

Suncast cascade storage shed

Maybe you’ve gotlots of width to work with, but you need something more shallow because it’s the depth that you’re a little more strapped for? Then this full-height shed from Suncast might be a little more suited to your space. Despite the fact that it’s got less depth, its generous width makes up for it.

We also appreciate the cute cottage aesthetic that its faux-shingle peaked roof, door windows, and old-fashioned handles give it.

This shed presents the opposite issue to the longer, deeper one you saw earlier. Be sure to keep the inside organized so you don’t block access to or forget about the things at the very far sides to the left and right.

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5. Keter Factor large resin outdoor shed

Keter factor large resin outdoor shed

In case you’re still on the hunt for something that’s simply a lot larger than the things you’ve seen so far because you’ve got both the space and the need, here’s a durable resin design fromKeter that will give you a lot more storage.

This lockable shed gives you nothing but free space on the inside, making it a good fit for either larger lawn tools like lawnmowers or shelving that will help you keep all kinds of things more efficiently organized.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to add shelving in a shed like this, you’ll need solid-standing ones that can support themselves. The resin walls of this shed should not be mounted into.

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6. Lifetime double wide outdoor storage shed with shutters

Lifetime double wide outdoor storage shed with shutters

Are you actually looking for somethingvery large indeed, but you’re still working primarily with width in terms of available space, so you need somethingmuch wider than you’ve seen so far while still keeping the depth modest? Then Lifetime hasjust what you’re looking for in the form of this double-wide sized cottage shed.

It’s even a little bit higher than average, giving you plenty of vertical storage space and the ability to stretch fully upright while you organize it without bumping your head on the ceiling.

The width of this shed is undeniably a perk, but you’ll have to practice even more care than the previous wider design that you don’t bury things that you need and use too far to either side by filling the central space in too solidly or cluttering it.

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7. Suncast vertical outdoor shed

Suncast vertical outdoor shed

This particular shed fromSuncast is for those who are still working with a lack of depth and need something that will fit against their fence but without protruding too far into their little yard.

This time, however, the lack of depth is made up for by increased vertical space; this shed is made slightly taller than average for good piling or stacking.

Just make sure that you don’t taketoo much advantage of the vertical space if you’re doing something like stacking bins on top of one another. It won’ benefit anyone to have all of your piled belongings come tumbling out all over the lawn when you open the doors.

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8. Rubbermaid small horizontal shed

Rubbermaid small horizonal shed

Have you actually had a smaller storage shed in your yard before, but the top of it was very flat, and you found that it caught snow, pooled rainwater badly, and generally cause problems due to that surface, even though it was otherwise very useful?

Then we think you might get along a little better with something like this short horizontal shed fromRubbermaid that has an angled top instead. This encourages weather run-off rather than pooling.

Of course, this little shed still opens like a trunk thanks to a hinged top andalso like a set of doors on the front side, so it still bears the same considerations for how you fill it as the others we’ve already shown you.

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9. Suncast vertical, space-efficient outdoor storage shed

Suncast vertical, space efficient outdoor storage shed

Except for a couple of square feet, is vertical space actually really the only kind you have to work with, but you’re really in need of a place to store your garden tools? Then we think this idea from Suncast might be ideal for you.

It’s tall enough to house carefully leaned upright yard tools like rakes and snow shovels, with enough width and floor space for something to next to their bases on the other side. The doors are lockable to keep your things safe at night or when you go out of town.

Because of the limited space within this design, it’s another one that requires some pretty decent interior organization in order to stop things from tipping and falling out when you open the doors.

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10. Pataku jumbp steel backyard storage shed

Pataku jumbp steel backyard storage shed

Just in case you’re still in the market for something extremely large and also very durable, here’s a slightly more industrial-styled shed courtesy of Pataku. This shed features a sliding door, which actually saves you space on the insideand directly outside the opening.

The height of the shed gives you decent vertical storage space, but the way that the roof stays relatively flat actually prevents weather damage in stores with strong wind.

Be aware that the sides of this shed might actually heat up a little in the hot summer sun since they’re made of steel. Most garden tools will be fine with this, but you might not want to store heat-sensitive household products there. We’d also suggest cautioning your children against leaning on it in the summer since the metal can become hot to the touch.

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Setting up your storage shed

The best part of buying a pre-fabricated storage shed versus making your own from scratch is that yours will come with full instructions and probably a visual guide. It’s still usually a pretty DIY process requiring some assembly and a few tools, but most sheds are quite simple to put up, getting you organized and making the most of it quickly. If you still feel like you need a little more guidance, there all kinds of DIY video tutorials about shed setup on sites like YouTube and WikiHow.

Next level organization

Once you’re finished your shed, there are actually additional steps you can take to organize your outdoor space even more! There are all kinds of workbenches, gardening stands, tables, wall racks, and gardening tool supplies that are made to fit inside spaces like storage sheds in order to help you take better advantage of the space you’ve added there. Try it out as-is for a few weeks, and then consider whether you might like to invest in upgrading the inside a little further.

Do you know another home improvement enthusiast who has been thinking of investing in a new storage shed but who feels like they need some guidance? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider!